Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post Holiday catch-up

Well, it seems I dropped the ball on posting the next theme on here, instead just putting something up on dA. My apologies to everyone who may have been waiting on an update. The Combination of Mr. Ever being home from playing war, and holiday stuff made my brain flitter off into the realm of egg-nog and snuggles (Great place by the way, I highly recommend a visit).

So, I'm going to extend the current theme till Monday night EST for those of you who are also catching up after the holiday madness. The current theme for those of you who haven't seen it is..

Bump in the Night

There have been some cute submissions already, and some scary ones (Lazor eyez, Loony's cats have them!). I hope more of you get inspired over the weekend to add something to the folder before the next theme is posted.

Happy Creating!

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