Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The New Big Thing

Hello Friends!

I've been hinting about an group art project for us creative Slothians, and now everything is in place.

I am pleased to announce that KongSlothArts is up on deviantArt and ready for our submissions. If I haven't already told you about this project, let me explain now.

What it is-
KongSlothArts is a group for regulars and friends of the room Sloth on Every two weeks the room is given a theme intended to inspire and challenge the creativity of our members. It is a place to showcase our varied talents, admire each other's work, and get positive, constructive feedback.

What it's not- A competition. Although there might be things the group votes on in the future, the main goal of this is just to create for the sake of creating and to have fun.

How it works- Every other Friday, I will post the current theme on this site. Then all members have two weeks to draw, paint, photograph, compose, potato sculpture, make flash videos, write, etc something that pertains to that theme and put it up for the group to see. deviantArt supports most graphic file types, and text, so those will be submitted there. If you are creating music or have video of yourself doing interpretive dance, you'll need to link it under the Topic Blog post here.

How to Join- The dA group is by invite only and you will need a deviantArt account if you plan on uploading pictures. Please send a whisper to
and let me know what your account name is on dA so I can send you an invite.

The rest of the specifics for submission are on the KongSlothArts main page.

I'm super excited to see/hear/read what everyone will come up with. Hopefully you are too!