Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's True!

So Kongregate has accepted GameStop's offer of what we hope is obscene amounts of money, and so has become their [subsidiary.]

What this means for Kong:
Read and watch this.

What this means for Sloth.
Because Kong will probably be getting a lot of new users, it, in turn, means that Sloth will probably be receiving the same. This not only means more nice users who we are all going to become fantastic friends with, but trolls as well. And while I don't really know if it's my place to ask this of you, I am anyway, so deal with it. ;) Here are a few ways you could really help out Sloth's mods, normal users, all your friends, and in the end, yourself.

1) Be nice to the newbies. Recently we have been accused of being dismissive of not just new users, but any visitor to Sloth. This makes me a sad panda. It would be great if we could all try to be as warm, friendly, and welcoming as I always feel we are to any new user that comes to our room.

2) BYOM: The mute button is still your best friend. Don't get into a big argument, fight, name-calling contest, etc. with someone and then finally throw a big fit after fifteen minutes and announce that you are muting them. Mute them as soon as there is a problem. Seriously.

3) Remember that trolls don't exist. (And you know what I mean.) If you see a troll, ignore them and/or mute them. Telling a troll to shut up makes them happy. Asking a troll to be nice and stop spamming only encourages them (which I'll admit just makes it even dumber that mods are required to warn first...) Just pretend they absolutely aren't there, and everything will work out.

4)Don't forget to be Slothy! Sloths are polite, caring, intelligent, and friendly. I think if we all try our best to remember this, our little room with a big heart will be able to handle any influx a lot more easily.

Thank you for taking the time to humor me. I know you all know these things already (though some of you like to pretend you don't) but I feel like we may all be under a bit more stress in the chat room do to a potential sudden loss of our close-knit community, but we all help one another out if we try our best to stay the best (you know we are.)

Lots of love,
The Droopiest of Sergeants

P.S. Don't forget that if the room is "full," you can always go to your friends page and follow someone in.