Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Round Three

Hello all,

It is now the beginning of round three and the final round of the round robin bit.

here are the pairings:

Varsil vs SicMirx

Mr Deathdeale vs Ninja Gamer

Doomsbringer vs Myrdhin

Vegard20 vs Kikimomojojo

Good luck


  1. Well, I don't remember how it went, but it was something along the lines of Varsil having bad draws, which resulted in me winning two games in a row.

    Plus, my "monster denial" as he so eloquently put wasn't helping him out at all, as it halted the brunt of his damage.


    Sic 2: Varsil 0

  2. After some Technical Difficulties, Myrdhin lost out to Doomsbringer.

  3. After finally managing to get a the match done, (and multiple technical difficulties on my part), and managing to finally be online at the same time, in two games, Kikimomojojododo reigned supreme through a bit of luck and decent draws over Vegard, though in the second game, I did fear for the outcome...