Friday, March 12, 2010

Round One

So above is a horribly cropped list of all the decks and the time of fixing decks are over.

So this is the beginning of Round One and here are a few reminders:
Matches are best out of 3
please post winner of match on the blog
It is your responsibility to find your partner and set up a convenient time to play the game
Again, no cheating

And Have fun, Below is the first round:

Varsil vs Eragonblue19

Ninja Gamer vs Mrd3ath

MrDeathdeale vs Vegard20

SicMirx vs Kikimomojojo

Timerunner vs Doomsbringer

As always, if there are any comments or criticisms or questions please leave a message here or on my profile.

Thanks and Good luck (or break a leg, whichever you prefer)


  1. dooms vs time- 2 games for dooms and one for me
    dooms is winner

  2. Dooms' deck is in violation of the tournament rules.

    Shard of Gratitude is an upgraded version of the Shard, and thus is verboten.

    Also, what're the rules for when someone has to leave mid-game? Specifically things like:

    "eragonblue19: i have a bad hand
    eragonblue19: i got to go vars sorry
    Varsil: Uhh, can we finish this game?
    eragonblue19: no, sorry"

    This coming up right as I got out my stomping stuff. Can I declare that as a forfeit, or are we stuck with having people leave whenever they're unhappy with the way the game is going?

  3. kiki vs. Sic

    The first round was pretty uninteresting. Sic ended up taking that round.

    The second round got really interesting with kiki mutating creatures into powerhouses and completely overwhelming Sic.

    Thus it was tied.

    The third match was an incredibly close match, and if given one more turn, Sic would have been done for.

    In the end it was Sic: 2/Kiki: 1.

  4. I have a problem i can't find ninja gamer i'm Mrd3ath

  5. have you tried leaving him a whisper?

  6. MrDeathdeale vs Vegard20
    Vegard20 2, MrDeathdeale 1

    Vegard20 won!

  7. Hey all :)
    I had to remove shard of gratitude. My apolgies, I won it in pvp, and didn't bother finding out if it was upgraeded. To me, all I saw was a rare card.
    So. Here is my deck, without the rare. (the Gravity element is going to be dark, i just need to change that. noticed after i uploaded the picture)

  8. how come i wasn't invited? >:(

    jk. but i think it's too late to join now, right?