Monday, March 22, 2010

Round Two

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Minor announcement: Mrd3ath has dropped out due to technical difficulties but Myrdhin has replaced him. Above is said deck, let me know if i overlooked anything

Here is the second bracket:

Varsil vs Doomsbringer

NinjaGamer vs Eragonblue19

MrDeathdeale vs Myrdhin

SicMirx vs Vegard20

Timerunner vs Kikimomojojo

Good luck and have fun

Friday, March 12, 2010

Round One

So above is a horribly cropped list of all the decks and the time of fixing decks are over.

So this is the beginning of Round One and here are a few reminders:
Matches are best out of 3
please post winner of match on the blog
It is your responsibility to find your partner and set up a convenient time to play the game
Again, no cheating

And Have fun, Below is the first round:

Varsil vs Eragonblue19

Ninja Gamer vs Mrd3ath

MrDeathdeale vs Vegard20

SicMirx vs Kikimomojojo

Timerunner vs Doomsbringer

As always, if there are any comments or criticisms or questions please leave a message here or on my profile.

Thanks and Good luck (or break a leg, whichever you prefer)