Monday, February 22, 2010

Elements Tournament

Hello all,

So with popular interest growing in elements or at least about the badges, I have decided to attempt to start an Elements tournaments.

So this is how it will work, send a whisper to my kong profile and I'll add you to the tournament.

The tournament will start off with a round-robin. Basically you will face off against 3 opponents, a win is a point. At the end of this round, the first will face off against last, second with second to last etc and the winner moves on in the rankings.

To attempt to minimize the effect of a "oh no my first 20 cards are pillars" each match will consists of 3 games and the winner of the match is best 2/3.

some Ground rules: Decks can only have ONE rare card
Decks cannot have any upgraded cards
no hacking/cheating allowed obviously
Participants can only use one deck
Participants will send a screenshot in advanced (the person to send it to will be determined shortly). The screenshots will only be used to make sure that people only have non-upgraded cards/do not use multiple decks and only have one rare card.

that's it, I wish you all luck

comments/concerns? leave a comment, thanks!