Thursday, December 30, 2010

Even though the current theme has been extended till Monday night, I'm gonna try to keep on some sort of schedule and get up the next one for all you ravenous artists out there. Special thanks to Afrikaisi for this topic, it's a good one and gives us all LOTS of play space....


Happy Creating!

Post Holiday catch-up

Well, it seems I dropped the ball on posting the next theme on here, instead just putting something up on dA. My apologies to everyone who may have been waiting on an update. The Combination of Mr. Ever being home from playing war, and holiday stuff made my brain flitter off into the realm of egg-nog and snuggles (Great place by the way, I highly recommend a visit).

So, I'm going to extend the current theme till Monday night EST for those of you who are also catching up after the holiday madness. The current theme for those of you who haven't seen it is..

Bump in the Night

There have been some cute submissions already, and some scary ones (Lazor eyez, Loony's cats have them!). I hope more of you get inspired over the weekend to add something to the folder before the next theme is posted.

Happy Creating!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Somewhere in the world it's Friday

I felt a lot of pressure in figuring out what the first theme would be. I wanted something that would interest a lot of people and get us off on a good foot. It is tricky to find something that can be interpreted into so many different styles of art, but not be too abstract in concept.

So, without further delay, our first theme is....


The Folder will be labeled and made open for submissions right away. Have fun!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The New Big Thing

Hello Friends!

I've been hinting about an group art project for us creative Slothians, and now everything is in place.

I am pleased to announce that KongSlothArts is up on deviantArt and ready for our submissions. If I haven't already told you about this project, let me explain now.

What it is-
KongSlothArts is a group for regulars and friends of the room Sloth on Every two weeks the room is given a theme intended to inspire and challenge the creativity of our members. It is a place to showcase our varied talents, admire each other's work, and get positive, constructive feedback.

What it's not- A competition. Although there might be things the group votes on in the future, the main goal of this is just to create for the sake of creating and to have fun.

How it works- Every other Friday, I will post the current theme on this site. Then all members have two weeks to draw, paint, photograph, compose, potato sculpture, make flash videos, write, etc something that pertains to that theme and put it up for the group to see. deviantArt supports most graphic file types, and text, so those will be submitted there. If you are creating music or have video of yourself doing interpretive dance, you'll need to link it under the Topic Blog post here.

How to Join- The dA group is by invite only and you will need a deviantArt account if you plan on uploading pictures. Please send a whisper to
and let me know what your account name is on dA so I can send you an invite.

The rest of the specifics for submission are on the KongSlothArts main page.

I'm super excited to see/hear/read what everyone will come up with. Hopefully you are too!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Watch This Space for things to come

Hello my lovely Sloths,

It's been awhile since many of you have been to the good 'ol KongSloth blog but hopefully that is going to change. There is a project in the works that will hopefully appeal to many of you and get you coming back on a regular basis. That is all for now......*mischievous grin*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So it's been a long battle. Competitors grew smaller and smaller until there was only one left.

I proudly present the winner of the first Sloth Element tournament:



Congrats to everyone who participated and to Dooms.

The final battle was against Varsil and the score finished two wins for Dooms and zero for Varsil.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's True!

So Kongregate has accepted GameStop's offer of what we hope is obscene amounts of money, and so has become their [subsidiary.]

What this means for Kong:
Read and watch this.

What this means for Sloth.
Because Kong will probably be getting a lot of new users, it, in turn, means that Sloth will probably be receiving the same. This not only means more nice users who we are all going to become fantastic friends with, but trolls as well. And while I don't really know if it's my place to ask this of you, I am anyway, so deal with it. ;) Here are a few ways you could really help out Sloth's mods, normal users, all your friends, and in the end, yourself.

1) Be nice to the newbies. Recently we have been accused of being dismissive of not just new users, but any visitor to Sloth. This makes me a sad panda. It would be great if we could all try to be as warm, friendly, and welcoming as I always feel we are to any new user that comes to our room.

2) BYOM: The mute button is still your best friend. Don't get into a big argument, fight, name-calling contest, etc. with someone and then finally throw a big fit after fifteen minutes and announce that you are muting them. Mute them as soon as there is a problem. Seriously.

3) Remember that trolls don't exist. (And you know what I mean.) If you see a troll, ignore them and/or mute them. Telling a troll to shut up makes them happy. Asking a troll to be nice and stop spamming only encourages them (which I'll admit just makes it even dumber that mods are required to warn first...) Just pretend they absolutely aren't there, and everything will work out.

4)Don't forget to be Slothy! Sloths are polite, caring, intelligent, and friendly. I think if we all try our best to remember this, our little room with a big heart will be able to handle any influx a lot more easily.

Thank you for taking the time to humor me. I know you all know these things already (though some of you like to pretend you don't) but I feel like we may all be under a bit more stress in the chat room do to a potential sudden loss of our close-knit community, but we all help one another out if we try our best to stay the best (you know we are.)

Lots of love,
The Droopiest of Sergeants

P.S. Don't forget that if the room is "full," you can always go to your friends page and follow someone in.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Truth of Friendship

I learned a very important lesson today. All my life, I've had trouble maintaining solid, long lasting friendships, especially from a distance. One of the biggest reasons for this is time spent apart. When people are absent from my life, I don't miss them. I think it's part of my arrested emotional development. I don't really realize how much I miss the people I love until I see them again. But then we separate, and once again I fail to miss them.

I feel guilty about this. I feel like a jerk for not calling them, not visiting them, not making effort to be with them. But the very worst thing is, that even when I do miss people, I feel afraid. Afraid that if and when I do see them again they will be upset with me, that they will be angry at me for the absence. And worst of all, Afraid that things will have changed. Maybe they will have changed too much to recognize. Maybe our dynamic will have changed and we can't be friends the way we used to be.

Today I learned that I shouldn't be afraid. People don't change, friendships don't erode, and friends, true friends, will always just be happy to have you back, even if it is just for five minutes. I think my future just became a little brighter.

Thank you, Sloth, for once again teaching me a valuable life lesson, and for all the love you manage to pack into one little internet chat room. I've missed you all terribly, and I'm glad that I can come back and be with you all again.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finals-round 2-Elements

Hello all,

so the next round is:

Varsil vs Sicmirx

Dooms vs Kiki

Good luck to all

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I apologize for school and technical difficulties delaying the start of the ELIMINATION round of the tournament:

So here are the final listing:

1) Sic
2) Varsil
3) Dooms
4) Kiki
5) Vegard
6) Myr

so the first round pairings will be:

Sic and Varsil will not be playing as they get a bye for finishing top two

so Doomsbringer vs Myrdhin
and Kiki vs Vegard

I wish everyone luck and hopefully the next few rounds will be done quickly. Again, I apologize for the delay.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Round Three

Hello all,

It is now the beginning of round three and the final round of the round robin bit.

here are the pairings:

Varsil vs SicMirx

Mr Deathdeale vs Ninja Gamer

Doomsbringer vs Myrdhin

Vegard20 vs Kikimomojojo

Good luck

Monday, March 22, 2010

Round Two

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Minor announcement: Mrd3ath has dropped out due to technical difficulties but Myrdhin has replaced him. Above is said deck, let me know if i overlooked anything

Here is the second bracket:

Varsil vs Doomsbringer

NinjaGamer vs Eragonblue19

MrDeathdeale vs Myrdhin

SicMirx vs Vegard20

Timerunner vs Kikimomojojo

Good luck and have fun

Friday, March 12, 2010

Round One

So above is a horribly cropped list of all the decks and the time of fixing decks are over.

So this is the beginning of Round One and here are a few reminders:
Matches are best out of 3
please post winner of match on the blog
It is your responsibility to find your partner and set up a convenient time to play the game
Again, no cheating

And Have fun, Below is the first round:

Varsil vs Eragonblue19

Ninja Gamer vs Mrd3ath

MrDeathdeale vs Vegard20

SicMirx vs Kikimomojojo

Timerunner vs Doomsbringer

As always, if there are any comments or criticisms or questions please leave a message here or on my profile.

Thanks and Good luck (or break a leg, whichever you prefer)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Elements Tournament

Hello all,

So with popular interest growing in elements or at least about the badges, I have decided to attempt to start an Elements tournaments.

So this is how it will work, send a whisper to my kong profile and I'll add you to the tournament.

The tournament will start off with a round-robin. Basically you will face off against 3 opponents, a win is a point. At the end of this round, the first will face off against last, second with second to last etc and the winner moves on in the rankings.

To attempt to minimize the effect of a "oh no my first 20 cards are pillars" each match will consists of 3 games and the winner of the match is best 2/3.

some Ground rules: Decks can only have ONE rare card
Decks cannot have any upgraded cards
no hacking/cheating allowed obviously
Participants can only use one deck
Participants will send a screenshot in advanced (the person to send it to will be determined shortly). The screenshots will only be used to make sure that people only have non-upgraded cards/do not use multiple decks and only have one rare card.

that's it, I wish you all luck

comments/concerns? leave a comment, thanks!