Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Poetry Competition!

Ok. So the blog has been sorely lacking for any content whatsoever for a long time, so what the heck, why don't we give this a try. We are going to have a poetry competition! It will have multiple rounds, with the top poets from the previous round submitting a new poem each round, according to the subject. Rules are as follows.

1) You may submit any kind of poetry, even haikus (though it's your funeral if you choose to do this.)

2) Get your poem in by the deadline, or I wont accept it.

3) Only one entry per user.

4) Please submit your entry in a comment on this blog post.

5) You will probably get to vote multiple times, depending on the number of entries, though you may not vote more than once for any single poem. More on this, when the deadline has come and gone.
5-a) All votes will be whispered to my account. The whisper should have the name of the poem, as well as the author of the poem.
5-b) All votes made should be in one whisper, not a separate whisper for each vote. You are not required to use all of your votes.

6) The poem must be associated in some way, with the subject. If the subject has been completely ignored, the poem will be disqualified.

7) Please wait to vote until a blog post featuring all the entries has been made.

Unfortunately, there are no prizes for this, so I doubt it'll get much attention. All you win is the title and the bragging rights. Maybe I'll be able to con Tarlanon into making a special avvie for the winner. We'll see. :P

The subject for this first round is "Kongregate!" (I bet you didn't see that one coming.) Please have all entries in by Friday, July 17. Good luck, everyone! I can't wait to see your creative writing in action!