Sunday, April 26, 2009

On a wing and a prayer.... (Tarl interviews Gal)

He took a deep breath of the crisp predawn autumn air and exhaled slowly. This was it. He was going to do it. The gorgeous reds and yellows on the trees bordering the cliffs in these mountains were about to bear mute witness to unimaginable terror. He took another deep breath. Yes. He will do it. Before he could talk himself out of it, he charged ahead. Faster and faster he ran, his muscles straining to accelerate him.

If he was going to do this, he didn't want to go half-way. His heart started pounding harder and harder in his chest the closer and closer he got to the cliff. His brain begging, screaming for him to stop, imploring his common sense that this was madness. But that part of him was gone now, masked by the joyous cries of want and need, fueled by the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Soon, he would experience freedom.

As he accelerated, the echoing crunch of the autumn brush underfoot became further and further apart as he picked up speed. With that last defining crunch, he lept off the face of the cliff. For an instant there was no movement. No sound save for the pounding of his heartbeat in his ears. He was floating, weightless in mid-air. No cares. No worries. Nothing to weigh him down. Just the stark, serene beauty of the world. That moment was rapture....

Gravity took it's cruel, unyielding hold. As he quickly plummeted, a cry of terror escaped his lungs. His stomach was in his throat, his heart beating as though it was a sledge hammer against the walls of his chest. His eyes grew wide as the rapidly approaching ground smiled at his decent...

As he passed over a warm up-current, the A-frame of the hand-glider strained against the weight of his body and his rapid decent. The rigid frame creaked and groaned with the sudden shift in momentum. Again, for that brief moment he was weightless.

His rapid decent shifted to a gentle ascent. With each gentle foot of altitude gained, his heart began to soar. The land he passed over sang to him, the slow pitch of his turn cradled him like a babe. He was free! In that moment, he was as much as part of the world as a bird in the air, a cloud in the sky, or a tree reaching majestically for the sun. He was finally, at peace.

And as he crested over the top of the cliff he just jumped off, the sun broke through the mountains beyond. A new day was heralded. A new life, begun...

Galexan's life, Given anew...This is his tale....

1. When/How did you discover Kongregate? What kept you coming back for more?

It was a dark but not at all stormy night, well there were some storms, but that was coming from Stormwinds 1.5. So, to start again, it was a dark night, because I was not sleeping much and games seemed like a really good idea, I had a roommate, so I couldn't turn on a light and read. SO, it was a dark and gaming night, and maybe I should've been reading, but I was playing Stormwinds, and I discovered through a search on google that I could win badges on this nifty site called Kongregate. And I was all, that is not how you spell it! Anyways, I joined up and got my badges, and then there were so many others, it seemed pretty cool. I had a lot more long nights ahead of me, and badges took them up. I wish I could say it was the people, but it was totallly the badges.

2. When did you/How did you come to find Sloth, and make it your home?

Sloth was this little room with barely any chat that I got thrown into after making my account. I didn't really know how to change rooms, and I didn't pay much attention to the chat, in fact I muted chat for a long time. There were a few times that I didn't block it though, and during those times some very entertaining people called Felix Genesis and Zilflap...yeah...she had the flap still, anyways they were talking and I was like, what? People who might actually be nice to talk to? That seemed pretty awesome. Well...I slowly made my way into chat and we formed a pack that was mostly about muting the massive amount of trolls in our lives, oh and also we all became friends...that is important to remember too. The friends is what made it home, I cannot tell you how devestating it was to lose FG, and now we've nearly lost Vis too. But we've gained so many lovely sloths.

3. Who was the first person who friended you on Kong (or who did you first friend)?

I think I friended the first person to friend me, and they are no longer on my list. The first person still on there...Zil, I mean come on droops, you are losing this battle of who was most formative! (Is it okay that I taunt people during what is essentially a monologue?)But Yeah, Miss Zilflap the super extraordinaire of Sloth, she friended me right away, because she was a kinder person back then. Plus, she was one of the first people I thought was cool anyways, so of course I friended back.

4. What are your top 3 favorite games on Kong?

Teleporter Twins, Zunderfury, and Pel. (Pieces gets a shout because some of my first friends were made playing it.)

5. McDonalds? Or Burger King? Support your choice.

Pizza Hut! There is more variety, delicious crust, burgers don't have crusts! And I can barely eat anything at the other two, they are not vegetarian friendly. =/

6. If you could change just ONE thing about Kongregate, what would it be?

1) A personal change- I like my text in italics, have for awhile now. I'd like to be able to set my text to whatever I want...though I can see how that'd be abused I guess. I'd still like it.
2) Mod change- Whisper trolls piss me off so bad! I'd change that, yep. Actually, I'd rather change admin policy towards trolls...but that ain't happening.
3) For the betterment of Kong- Dude, I have no idea...seriously, I just gave you two answers for a one answer question, enough already.

7. When you are not on Kong (Which is when??), what are some of your favorite hobbies?

It is way more often lately, sorry lovelies! I like to read, is that a hobby when you have to for your major? I like climbing and biking, if I could swim I'd want to do one of those triathlons that have climbing instead of running. I love cards, if you know a card game I don't I will make you teach me. Also, disc golf, and...martial arts...though I don't actively train anymore, I still try to keep up with my past lessons.

8. What is an interesting thing about you not many people know?

I was pretty awesome at science and maths before deciding to go to college for writing, I was looking into MIT and Cal Tech and such...and then I decided I'd dislike my life too much if I did that. People are usually amazed that I switched so radically, but I don't really regret it.

9. If you could have 1 super power (any super power) what would it be, and why?

My superhero, if I ever get around to writing that story, has the power of corrosive healing. He can heal, as long as he has something to transfer the damage to. I like this power because it gets rid of the major flaw in healing, mainly, you are still a weak regular person, it is no longer purely defensive. If I had a power though, flying is so appealing, but I think...Animation, being able to bring things to life might be a lot of fun...given that I also had some sort of clay, metal, or wood working skills. I imagine it more as a super-villain power though.

10. If you could change any ONE thing about this world, what would it be?

More satellites, and maybe an extra Sun. Basically, more celestial bodies, it'd be cool. We'd have more interesting sunsets better nights, and the added heat and gravity would change both climate and ocean levels. The world would look completely different and would be filled with alternately evolved creatures. Yeah, that's what I'd change.


  1. Bravo!! I lurve the way your mind works :)

  2. is this aobut Tarl, or Gal? i can't tell...
    more suns, eh? are you aware of the chinese myth of the nine suns?
    nice, anyways, whoever it was. (confused)

  3. thanks for the clarification, guys!

  4. Actually Yeah, I do know about that myth, and the archer who shot down all the other crows who were holding suns...but I mean...9 is way too many...obv had to shoot them down...but one or two more...that'd be cool right? Anyways...I love it Tarl! You gots some errors on descent/decent, but at least you are rapidly becoming decent =P