Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kongai Playoffs Begin!!!!!!111one!!eleven!!

*** Updated as of 10:29pm CST, 03/27/2009. If your next matches are set, feel free to play them when you want! =) Good luck to all the remaining combatants!

Wow, what an exciting round-robin! THANK YOU to all the participants! Not only for participating, but for the excitement, the chatter, the camaraderie and for the OUTSTANDING battle reports. Here is how the round-robin ended :

  1. Sarsy - 15 points (wins by skill rank)
  2. Puzzlelover1 - 15 points
  3. TheDarkMuse - 14 points
  4. Galexan - 12 points
  5. Trogdor0 - 11 points (wins by skill rank)
  6. Timerunner - 11 points (2nd by skill rank)
  7. Tarlanon - 11 points (hopeless n00b, should have fixed it from the start!)
  8. ldmacdonald - 10 points
  9. sgtdroopy - 8 points (wins by skill rank)
  10. Tuul - 8 points (2nd by skill rank)
  11. kikimomojojododo - 8 points
  12. blakezo - 7 points (wins by skill rank)
  13. anniethenanny - 7 points
  14. dacomb - 6 points
  15. Zil_ - 1 point (She's lying in wait. I just *know* it)
As a result, here is the view of the playoff bracket :

Sadly, we lost Kittysune, GloriousKnight, Everlovely, Bunniesrck31 and Flops along the way. We miss them all, and wish them luck, love, and prosperity in all their future endeavours.

Now...To the nitty gritty. Playoff rules. PLEASE READ.
  1. All games will be 3-card matches. You can choose from a random selection of cards or use your own pre-made decks. Your choice. Your opponent may also choose to use a random deck, or one of their own pre-made decks.
  2. To play a match, check the chart (above) to see who your opponent is. Then simply greet them in chat and decide when you want to play out your match. Please whisper your opponent if you have trouble finding them in chat to set up a good time to play.
  3. When the match is over, one of you will make a comment in this post with the basic match details. These will include who won, who lost, and how many cards each of you killed. If you choose to include more detail of what went on in your match, please feel free to include the blow-by-blow details!! We lieks us some stories!
  4. Limited trash-talking is permitted, but if the other person says stop you stop immediately. Harassing your opponent beyond that point will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. If you plan to trash-talk, keep it clean and respectful.
  5. Anyone caught H4xx0rz1ng a game will be immediately disqualified from the tournament, and reported to the admins.
  6. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD CONNECTION BEFORE STARTING A MATCH. A match lost to a timeout or disconnect will still count as a loss to you. There will be no do-overs.
  7. There can be no ties in this portion of the tournament. If you end in a tie, please re-play your match until a clear winner is decided.
  8. If you have trouble finding your opponent online, PLEASE whisper me your desire to change opponents (for this reason only). Don't just pick someone else from the list and square off, then tell me about it later. I Check my whispers regularly, so I will get back to you soon. This should be done only in EXTREME circumstances, as the playoffs are ranked for a specific reason.
  9. Matches are SINGLE ELIMINATION. That means if you lose, you are done. Great having you. Kthxbai.
  10. Any discrepancies or disagreement should be brought before me (Tarlanon) for arbitration. Whisper my Kong profile or catch me in chat if you need to discuss something.
  11. If there are any questions about a match, the tournament, it's rules, etc. PLEASE whisper my kong profile with any questions. I check them fairly regularly, so I will get back to you soon.
With that out of the way, let me tell you what you all are playing for. *evil grin* For the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place the following will be awarded :

For 1st place :
  • Custom Kongai avvy of your favourite character
  • Blog post declaring your awesomeness, /w custom made Kongai e-trophy
  • The presteige of being the best of the best of Sloth
  • $60 gift card
For 2nd place :
  • Custom Kongai Avvy of your favourite character
  • The prestiege of being the 2nd best Sloth ever to have a account
  • $30 gift card
For 3rd place :
  • Custom Kongai Avvy of a Kongai character you most often used
  • $10 gift card.
So...Let the games begin! =D


  1. woah, there's money? i'm in next time!
    so... the 3rd place person doesn't become thrid best sloth? hmm...
    do you guys have the trophy made? i'd like to try to make it...
    good luck all! i can't wait to see who wins... and Zil_'s going to come back, i can feel it ;)

  2. Holy crap! There are prizes now! Thanks a lot for exponentially increasing the pressure, Tarl. >.>

  3. sgtdroopy vs. ldmacdonald

    Thanks to a crit and a low health cain+tantrum, sgtdroopy wins the fight.

  4. TheDarkMuse vs. dacomb
    After a close match (which was very luck-ish), TDM won.

  5. Zil_ beat out Puzzlelover1 by a whisker!!

  6. After a long after-party with the same fighters from the first three rounds, I had begun to weary of their same jokes and conversations. Luckily, late one night, news finally came in of the next pairings. My team had all went off to bed, so I snuck off, planning to pick up any warriors I could along the way. I had to pack light, so a random assortment of the closest items was the best I could do.

    I made haste from the house, sneaking in order to avoid the alarms we had set to warn off intruders. After successfully scaling the outer wall of our property I figured myself to be in the clear, but Phoebe was waiting there for me.
    "You thought you could leave me?" She looked hurt, but not out of breath at all.
    "How in the world did you get here so fast?" The Valkyrie Charm she held in her hand made it clear how she had beat me to the gates.
    "Fine, you can come with me then, but we'll need to find two others." She made to speak, but a piercing cry shook the night, sending freshly wakened birds aflight.

    We ran to the scream, a fair woman was being accosted by the notorious vampire Cornelius Constantine. Phoebe put a stop to that with rapid lashes, but in his anger Cornelius set her blood boiling. Phoebe, exhausted, let out a roar of what I thought to be terrible pain.

    However, it was in fact a rallying cry, as her sister in arms Anex came rushing to her defense. Constantine rushed in to hypnotize her, but was critically hit with a slash across his chest, shredding his fancy shirt.

    Now in trouble and shirtless, Cornelius performed a dark ritual, summoning the Ancient vampire The Marquis LeMorte. Unsure of how to handle this new threat, Anex got far away, leaving herself open to a blood burn as deadly as Phoebe has been hit with.

    Luckily, A traveling shaman had been having visions of this vampire after drinking from a Mindreader's Chalice. Juju took the full effect of the curse that flew towards Anex, and sent his own curse at LeMorte. Not on the winning side of the curses, The Marquis chose to get close, but Juju was ready with his most deadly power, the Touch of Doom! A spell this powerful would be able to kill even this legendary vampire. As he touched him, he could feel the life essence drain from his body. It was a necessary pain, as the Marquis's fate was now sealed. Drained, Juju chose to wait and restore his energy, while LeMorte burned his blood mercilessly.

    Juju was in a bad way, and seeing an opportunity to repay her debt, Anex jumped in to the fight and was surrounded by darkness. She was familiar with this style of combat, it had to be Amaya. Listening closely, she lunged with a chakkra slash that found its mark. Amaya conjured a bitter darkness, unleashing his wrath on all the fighters. With this deeper night upon her, Anex needed to light her way, enchanting her blade with light magic while Amaya sent a shadow curse to blind his foes. No longer under the influence of his dark powers, Anex slashed Amaya, while the shadows again drained the team. Being locked out of using her Chakkra by Amaya's ability, Anex once again lit her blade with magic.

    Facing a very lethal attack next turn, Amaya retreated to the shadows, letting Cornelius go to work on Anex. Anex was prepared for him though and dealt a devastating slash of light magic, turning the original offender into dust.

    Amaya returned to the battle, ready to destroy Anex. Beginning to tire Anex swung away at Aamya, but missed, allowing him to port away from her. Having no more energy she retreated, letting Phoebe take the field, while avoiding a powerful dark chi blast. Phoebe finished things off quickly with a burst of rapid lashes, ending the chance encounter and saving the young lady.

    It was only after the battle that the wildly beautiful woman was revealed to be Annie, the very person I had set out to fight. Wishing to repay me for the daring rescue, she conceded her position in the tournament.

    Gal wins! 3-0

  7. It was a Battle for the ages. A battle of the two Big 'T's of Sloth. Tarl "The Terminator" Anon versus "Tyrannosaurus" Tuul. Always a fan of the ladies, Tarl brought Phoebe, Anex and Anromeda. Tuul, Bold as ever chose a random set of allies. Jumping to the fray for his cause were Onimaru, Ubuntu and Yoshiro.

    Phoebe and Onimaru were the first to step onto the field of battle. Phoebe, fearing Onimaru's bulk would crush her, tried desperately to get away. Despite his size, Onimaru proved to be a more challenging opponent to avoid. Time and time again he intercepted her escape attempts, and each time cut her down a little more. Rather than die a coward, Phoebe turned to face her attacker. If she would die, she would die hurting this giant man so her sisters could more easily bring him down. After a stinging whip to his hamstring, Phoebe absorbed enough blows to get to range. Near death, Phoebe tried one last time to escape. But with Onimaru so exhausted from chasing her around, he was unable to stop her.

    Andromeda entered and wasted no time in raining down arrow upon arrow to the exhausted Onimaru. Onimaru however was a LARGE man. And his armour proved an invaluable defense against the incessant Andromeda. Absorbing the blows as he rested, he took advantage of a now tired Andromeda to close the range. Without the energy to maintain her distance, Andromeda was caught in close range, and Onimaru made her pay for her carelessness. Or was he the one who was careless. Stuck in close range, Andy decided to absorb the blows to regain her stamina. Exhausted again by his pursuit and attacks, Onimaru was unable to keep the fleet-footed Andromeda from retreating to bow range. Sense his impending doom, Onimaru turned to flee, but not before Andromeda landed a few arrows into his back.

    Yoshiro entered the field of battle against the weakened Andromeda. Yoshiro was confident in his victory, but Andromeda's lust for glory in death would shake his confidence in the coming rounds. Assuming Andromeda would take this chance to escape, the boisterous Yoshiro tried to intercept Andy's escape. Standing her ground in defiance, she loosed her arrows into a stunned Yoshiro's chest. Yoshiro's rage built up inside him at this puny woman's bloody smile taunted him as he pull the arrows from his chest. Rage consuming him, Yoshiro decided to not just kill Andromeda, but to blast her clear out of existence. Ever cool in battle though, Andromeda quickly loosed her lightning arrow! Striking Yoshiro in the shoulder, the resultant shock disrupted Yoshiro's focus and his attack failed! However, the attacks on Onimaru and Yoshiro left Andy drained. Yoshiro took this opportunity to close the gap with Andromeda. Both combatants stood near each other, without the stamina left to attack. While Yoshiro was angry, he was no fool and while Andromeda tried to gather her strength, he slipped away as Ubuntu entered the arena.

    Shouting in an arcane guttural language, Ubuntu began dancing and shaking in a dazzling display of carefully practiced footwork. Andromeda, bewildered by this bizarre tribal dance, took the opportunity to retreat to a range where her bow would be most effective. As she nocked the arrow in the bow, strange dark clouds began to gather overhead. Stopping suddenly Ubuntu glared at Andromeda with wild eyes as a strange, tingling sensation gently floated over her entire body. He then turned and ran, screaming like a madman as she loosed her arrows, scoring only a glancing blow. She had little time to ponder this man's strange behaviour as Yoshiro re-entered the arena. He had a smug look on his face. Andromeda was determined to tear that smug smile right from his skull. But as she nocked another arrow, a blinding flash of light raced from the darkened skies above and struck Andromeda, as a thunderous "BOOOOOOM!" announced the departure of her soul from her body. A faint, ghostly scream could be heard in the following silence.

    Ignoring her sister's advice, and enraged Phoebe rushed to administer some justice to the smug Yoshiro. However, in her blood lust she never thought about her own wounds. As she lashed away with her whip, Yoshiro's Rising Dragon made short work of his already weakened opponent. With a bone-crunching thud, Phoebe's last gasp escaped her lungs as her lifeless body crashed to the ground. Yoshiro threw his head back and laughed heartily, his pride fulfilled.

    As he lowered his head, his jaw was met by the stinging blunt end of Anex's Chakkra. Blood and teeth exploded from Yoshiro's mouth as he looked into the cold blue eyes of Death. Before he could stagger away, Anex brought her Chakkra around on the downswing and ended Yoshiro. He would smile no more.

    Angry, but not blinded by rage like her sister Phoebe, Anex steadied herself for the next attacker. Onimaru re-entered the area. Rather than retreat, Anex stood her ground. Both combatants exchanged blows. Despite her prowess with her Chakkra, Onimaru's samurai swords dealt far more damage. Anex wisely retreated to range and while Onimaru rested from his successful attack, focused her energies to give her Chakkra more of a bite. Not having the energy to close the distance with Anex, Onimaru bowed out to the Tribal Ubuntu, but not before tasting the sting of Anex's freshly enhanced Chakkra.

    As before, Ubuntu began his dark dance. Anex knew she had but one shot. With all her remaining energy, she hurled her Chakkra at the wild man who was nearing the end of his ritual. The Chakkra landed home, and blood leaked from the gaping wound in Ubuntu's midsection. But the focused tribal leader completed his dance of death. Calling forth his ancestral spirits from beyond the grave, the skies once again began to darken. Anex collapsed exhausted and dejected. She failed. They all did. In a moment, it would all be over.

    And with a brilliant flash, it was...

    Final kills tally:
    Tarlanon - 1
    Tuul - 3

    Kongrats Tuul! Good luck in the coming rounds!

  8. Sarsy vs. sgtdroopy

    Sarsy was pwning majorly, then sgtdroopy took out two of Sarsy's cards with a bit of switching and power move action, while still retaining all three of his. Then Sarsy killed two of sgtdroopy's and then a skirmish of "will this attack hit or not" occurred, which resulted in sgtdroopy's close victory. THANK. GOD!

  9. do to problems we had a three gamer, kiki won first one and i won last two

    winner: timerunner

    gg kiki

  10. In a tense, hard fought battle card after card fell.. But in the end, Tuul's Trapper was left the sole living creature on the field. Zil_ falls.. having redeemed herself ever so slightly!

    Well played!

  11. TDM lost... oh well.

  12. (against timerunner, that is)
    Mindgames, son :P

  13. Tuul vs Timerunner

    after a close battle timerunner won

    GG Tuul

  14. *taps his foot impatiently and glares in Blakezo's general direction.*

  15. indeed droops, we are allll impatiently wating for that... (and time's inevitable victory *knocks on wood, just to be sure* )

  16. well good luck to trog and sgt. and best wishes to tuul.

    P.S kiki, you win either way :P

  17. ( i know i win either way... but still... you need to do well too. you are my favorite in this tourney... i'm hoping for the best! hahah (and yeah... i'm stealing your money.. i would feel bad if you lost))


  18. Somehow...miraculously...I beat Trogdor0.

  19. uh oh.... *crosses fingers for timerunner*
    kiki *luffs*