Friday, March 27, 2009

I am.. overwhelmed.

Oh my Slothies! I just received the most amazing present a Room Owner could ever receive! Thank you! You touched my heart, you made me cry, and you reminded me why I give my time to our community - because it is made up of such amazing people! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (now someone please pass me more tissues!) Love you guys!!!!


  1. i'm sorry zil, you can't have more tissues, i need them too! *starts crying* man... that was amazing.... and all those other comments made me look like an idiot.... oh well.. that is me!

    kiki. *snuggs*

  2. wow...just wow. I am mazed.
    hees my comment:
    Zil is awesomw cus even when I feel mean she is nice!

  3. awww... that's so nice... and the music was great, too... i wish i could play that...

    here'd be my comment:
    1)general niceness-she always is nice to everyone, never mean, and makes us all feel good!
    2)that said, she also works with the other mods of sloth to keep the room troll-free. and troll-free is goo-d
    3)she can make people who are new to kong who got randomly placed in sloth love it there and want to stay (thanks)


  4. Wow, I was wondering what Tarl was doing with it. I love the video, and because of, I noticed, I can't count to 3. *facepalm*