Friday, March 27, 2009

I am.. overwhelmed.

Oh my Slothies! I just received the most amazing present a Room Owner could ever receive! Thank you! You touched my heart, you made me cry, and you reminded me why I give my time to our community - because it is made up of such amazing people! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (now someone please pass me more tissues!) Love you guys!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kongai Playoffs Begin!!!!!!111one!!eleven!!

*** Updated as of 10:29pm CST, 03/27/2009. If your next matches are set, feel free to play them when you want! =) Good luck to all the remaining combatants!

Wow, what an exciting round-robin! THANK YOU to all the participants! Not only for participating, but for the excitement, the chatter, the camaraderie and for the OUTSTANDING battle reports. Here is how the round-robin ended :

  1. Sarsy - 15 points (wins by skill rank)
  2. Puzzlelover1 - 15 points
  3. TheDarkMuse - 14 points
  4. Galexan - 12 points
  5. Trogdor0 - 11 points (wins by skill rank)
  6. Timerunner - 11 points (2nd by skill rank)
  7. Tarlanon - 11 points (hopeless n00b, should have fixed it from the start!)
  8. ldmacdonald - 10 points
  9. sgtdroopy - 8 points (wins by skill rank)
  10. Tuul - 8 points (2nd by skill rank)
  11. kikimomojojododo - 8 points
  12. blakezo - 7 points (wins by skill rank)
  13. anniethenanny - 7 points
  14. dacomb - 6 points
  15. Zil_ - 1 point (She's lying in wait. I just *know* it)
As a result, here is the view of the playoff bracket :

Sadly, we lost Kittysune, GloriousKnight, Everlovely, Bunniesrck31 and Flops along the way. We miss them all, and wish them luck, love, and prosperity in all their future endeavours.

Now...To the nitty gritty. Playoff rules. PLEASE READ.
  1. All games will be 3-card matches. You can choose from a random selection of cards or use your own pre-made decks. Your choice. Your opponent may also choose to use a random deck, or one of their own pre-made decks.
  2. To play a match, check the chart (above) to see who your opponent is. Then simply greet them in chat and decide when you want to play out your match. Please whisper your opponent if you have trouble finding them in chat to set up a good time to play.
  3. When the match is over, one of you will make a comment in this post with the basic match details. These will include who won, who lost, and how many cards each of you killed. If you choose to include more detail of what went on in your match, please feel free to include the blow-by-blow details!! We lieks us some stories!
  4. Limited trash-talking is permitted, but if the other person says stop you stop immediately. Harassing your opponent beyond that point will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. If you plan to trash-talk, keep it clean and respectful.
  5. Anyone caught H4xx0rz1ng a game will be immediately disqualified from the tournament, and reported to the admins.
  6. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD CONNECTION BEFORE STARTING A MATCH. A match lost to a timeout or disconnect will still count as a loss to you. There will be no do-overs.
  7. There can be no ties in this portion of the tournament. If you end in a tie, please re-play your match until a clear winner is decided.
  8. If you have trouble finding your opponent online, PLEASE whisper me your desire to change opponents (for this reason only). Don't just pick someone else from the list and square off, then tell me about it later. I Check my whispers regularly, so I will get back to you soon. This should be done only in EXTREME circumstances, as the playoffs are ranked for a specific reason.
  9. Matches are SINGLE ELIMINATION. That means if you lose, you are done. Great having you. Kthxbai.
  10. Any discrepancies or disagreement should be brought before me (Tarlanon) for arbitration. Whisper my Kong profile or catch me in chat if you need to discuss something.
  11. If there are any questions about a match, the tournament, it's rules, etc. PLEASE whisper my kong profile with any questions. I check them fairly regularly, so I will get back to you soon.
With that out of the way, let me tell you what you all are playing for. *evil grin* For the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place the following will be awarded :

For 1st place :
  • Custom Kongai avvy of your favourite character
  • Blog post declaring your awesomeness, /w custom made Kongai e-trophy
  • The presteige of being the best of the best of Sloth
  • $60 gift card
For 2nd place :
  • Custom Kongai Avvy of your favourite character
  • The prestiege of being the 2nd best Sloth ever to have a account
  • $30 gift card
For 3rd place :
  • Custom Kongai Avvy of a Kongai character you most often used
  • $10 gift card.
So...Let the games begin! =D

Sloth Philanthropy

Do you ever feel, though your life is awesome and you wouldn't change a thing, that something is missing? That your life would be infinitely happier or otherwise better if you donated a small portion of your albeit limited finances to various worthy causes around the world? Or perhaps you have a dark emptiness which can only be filled by giving all your worldly possessions to a charismatic man in Guyana who promises eternal happiness and free Kool-Aid? Well you're in luck!

So I had this idea, which is really in its infancy at the moment, that we could create a few donation groups through which we can donate to charitable organizations on behalf of the Sloth community. Specifically there are two causes. The first is an organization that lets you, the average citizen, make small business loans to people in many other countries around the world, from Tajikistan and Costa Rica to Tanzania and Nigeria. How it works is someone in, say, Tajikistan, asks for a loan of $550 to buy cattle. The organization ( puts up the loan request on their website for you, the citizen, to browse and choose the person you would like to support. You then give $25, $50 or $75 to this person through Kiva. When they pay off their loan 8 to 24 months down the line you get your money back to either reinvest in someone else or withdraw into your bank account.

The Sloth community can collectively participate in this by joining a 'lending group' I created called KongSloths. It will keep track of how much has been loaned by the members as well as various other statistics such as gender of recipient, industry and region. Additionally, if this idea is picked up by anyone, I'll keep track of the loans made by slothites in a downloadable .kwz file from Google Earth including pictures and various other information. You don't even need to lend money to participate. You can join Kiva then join the group and watch all the other sloths lend money! Come on! It'll be fun!

The second idea is by way of Zil_. She suggested that Sloth adopt a sloth. After a little looking into it I found a sloth rescue center which lets you donate $100 to adopt a sloth, receiving a picture, biography and certificate or, as a group, to each donate $10 (minimum $150), receiving a picture, biography and certificate as well as personalized wallet-sized cards with the picture of your sloth. The distribution of these cards as well as the collection of the money would be a pain since there are various privacy issues involved as it would require me (or Zil... but probably me) knowing your addresses and receiving payments through paypal. It would still be really cool, though, to have a Sloth sloth :)

These are just ideas. Nothing is set in stone, there is no obligation and I don't expect a great deal of interest, especially considering many of you don't have paypal or disposable income. Even if you don't donate money, though, I encourage you all to join and the KongSloths lending group and to tell your friends and loved ones about all the wonderful opportunities to be a part of the greater sloth community.

Thank you, and remember:
Zil_ made you special, and she loves you very much.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tale of the TrollSlayer™

As written and told by Zil_ live in chat:

Once upon a time.. not so long ago there was a chatroom where the people were chatty and pleasant and happy. Until one day a mysterious stranger came...

His name was... Stanger.

And he oozed danger, and intrigue, and smelled faintly of the dark places under bridges He observed them all silently, noting their likes and dislikes, jotting the little details they dropped.. one after another like precious pearls into his waiting greedy hands. He salivated watching them frolic.. so unaware.. so playful..

And plotted into the dark recesses of the night..

A few days later, the playful crowd were introduced to a "new" character. Lovely and fair, smiling graciously with just the faintest whiff of dark places under bridges. But no one seemed to notice. The new person always seemed to know what to say.. how to make everyone feel special. And the innocents of the chatroom gladly enfolded the newcomer into their snuggley midst.

And then one day, just when they thought they were safe, that person told a story which began "Once upon a time... not so long ago..." And the happy chatroom settled in to listen the fair creature.. named Zil_ .. so trusting .. so pleased...

No one smelled the darkness rising from beneath her robes. Dank and dark and sucking the light and the air until they slipped into sleep, one by one. Then, with a maniacal laugh, the fair Zil_ discarded her robes and stood revealed! Growing to giant troll size with glaring red eyes, the rotten smell of old flesh and the dark places beneath the bridges rolling purtid and cloying from his fur. And Stanger fell upon them all, licking and slurping and nibbling the small pieces in wicked delight!

With a thunderous CRACK! the door crashed open! Sunlight flared from behind the figure in the doorway and the giant troll scurried away from the light, dragging the nearest body into the darkest corner with him. A man stepped into the darkness wrinkling his nose at the odor. "I know you are here..." he called.

But Stanger stayed silent, waiting for his moment. He narrowed his eyes and calculated his chances.. this man would be no challenge. Suddenly, an eerie metallic ring echoed through the deathly silent room. Brilliant rays of light reflected off the perfectly polished blade as the imposing man pulled the The TrollSlayer™ forth from it's scabbard. Stangers eye widened in fear!!

It couldnt be!??! This man was a myth.. whispered to naughty trollings late at night! But oh no! He was here!

Tarlanon's laughter boomed around the room. "I smell your fear!"

Stanger whimpered with fear and abandoned his prey (a juicy morsel known as Afrikaisi). He broke for the door, desparate to be away from the mythical man. Fleeing for his life, all confidence lost, the troll lunged towards the door.


Flashing again in the sun the TrollSlayer™ swung once. Once was enough. Stanger's head rolled out the door... leaving the body behind.

Tarlanon pushed the door open the rest of the way with the tip of the TrollSlayer™ and allowed the sunlight played across the fallen troll body, now oozing ichor across the floor. As the sunlight played across the body, it began to bubble and steam, and then in sudden furious boil exploded,
strewing cookies with rainbow chips across the room!

Tarlanon grinned and sheathed his sword. Debonairly, he scooped up a handful of cookies and crossed to the ravishing young woman in the far corner. Pulling her to his chest he waved the cookie beneath her nose. Afri's eyes slowly opened, staring into his bearded face.

"Is it over?" she whispered breathlessly.

"It's over." he replied, smiling gently into her eyes.

"And now you have an endless supply of Rainbow Cookies."

Her eyes lit up with glee! "Rainbow cookies! We can never thank you enough!"
"How can we ever repay you, oh mighty Tarlanon??"

He stood suddenly, swirling his cape around him. "There is no need for payment!" he called, heading towards the door where he stopped and stooped a moment, picking something up.

"Only promise me this...The next time something fair and lovely twines its way into your fellowship..Always might be this!" And he presented the head of the troll and tossed it to roll to her feet.

The dead eyes of Stanger stared up at her... still hungry...Still red..Still inviting her to laugh with Zil_, the legendary troll in disguise. Afri gasped. And when she raised her eyes again Tarlanon was gone.

Slowly, she roused the sleeping Slothies and told them the tale. They mounted the head above the door, that they might never forget as they feasted on Rainbow Chip beware The Troll!