Monday, February 2, 2009

Round 3 begins!!!

Round 3 begins!! This will be the final qualifying matchup before we start the playoffs! Here are the current standings (Points explained below):

Player Points
Sarsy 10
PuzzleLover1 10
Tarlanon 10
Timerunner 10
TheDarkMuse 9
SgtDroopy 7
Galexan 7
Kittysune 7
Blakezo 6
Trogdor0 6
Tuul 6
GloriousKnight 6
Bunniesrck31 5
Dacomb 5
ldmacdonald 5
kikimomojojododo 3
anniethenanny 2
Zil_ 1

You'll notice there are two players missing. While we shall all greatly miss Evers and Flops unique presence in the tournament, they both had to drop. We all wish them well in their travels!

Before playing this round, please review the rules and regulations. Because round two is finished, there will be NO NEW ENTRANTS allowed. The begging to be added is still permitted.
  1. All games will be 3-card matches. You can choose from a random selection of cards or use your own pre-made decks. Your choice. Your opponent may also choose to use a random deck, or one of their own pre-made decks.
  2. To play a match, check the chart (below) to see who your opponent is. Then simply greet them in chat and decide when you want to play out your match. Please whisper your opponent if you have trouble finding them in chat to set up a good time to play.
  3. During the match, record how many of your opponents cards you kill, and how many of your cards are killed. This is needed when reporting match results.
  4. When the match is over, one of you will make a comment in this post with the basic match details. These will include who won, who lost, and how many cards each of you killed. If you choose to include more detail of what went on in your match, please feel free to include the blow-by-blow details!! We lieks us some stories!
  5. Limited trash-talking is permitted, but if the other person says stop you stop immediately. Harassing your opponent beyond that point will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. If you plan to trash-talk, keep it clean and respectful.
  6. Anyone caught H4xx0rz1ng a game will be immediately disqualified from the tournament, and reported to the admins.
  7. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD CONNECTION BEFORE STARTING A MATCH. A match lost to a timeout or disconnect will still count as a loss to you. There will be no do-overs.
  8. Ties are acceptable in this portion of the tournament. However, if you and your opponent both agree to a rematch to determine a clear winner, that is acceptable. However re-playing a decided match is not.
  9. If you have trouble finding your opponent online, PLEASE whisper me your desire to change opponents (for this reason only). Don't just pick someone else from the list and square off, then tell me about it later. I Check my whispers regularly, so I will get back to you soon.
  10. Matches are scored in the following manner. Win = 2 points. Tie = 1 point. 1 additional point is added for each card you kill. This will be used later when seeding the brackets for the single-elimination playoffs.
  11. Any discrepancies or disagreement should be brought before me (Tarlanon) for arbitration. Whisper my Kong profile or catch me in chat if you need to discuss something.
  12. This tournament will consist of a 3 round qualifier (currently in round 2) followed which will seed a single-elimination playoff round. Seeding for the playoffs will be based on total points, then by Skill rank if there is a tie.
  13. If there are any questions about a match, the tournament, it's rules, etc. PLEASE whisper my kong profile with any questions. I check them fairly regularly, so I will get back to you soon.
Good luck!

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  1. kikimomojojododo vs Zil_

    kiki's cards:
    Helene the Swordmistress
    Ambrosia Thorn, the Blood Worshiper
    Juju the Shaman

    Zil's deck:
    Yoshiro the Student
    Ubuntu the Elder
    Popo the Younger

    Zil_'s losses, three cards
    kiki's losses, zero cards

    basically, Zil_ was creamed

  2. Timerunner V Puzzlelover1

    Timerunner's cards: Zina

    Puzzle's cards: Higashi
    Marquis le Mort

    Higashi swept Zina off her feet. He was too rough though and killed her.

    Higashi picked on Juju and suffered some long lasting damage, as Puzzle swapped him for the Marquis le mort poor Higashi drew his last breath.

    The Marquis in his anger burned and drained the life out of Juju.

    Timerunner sent in Helene, a formidable and extreemly tough warrior. Braun mixed with beauty she dealt some heffty blows and Puzzle started to fear for the life of the Marquis. The Marquis fought back eventually his vampire touch proved too much for the beautiful Helene.

    Poor Yoshiro was a bit miffed, he wanted to get close to Helene but alas it was game over and Puzzle stood victorious.

  3. sgtdroopy-Helene, Cain, Yoshiro
    ldmacdonald-Helene, Amaya, Phoebe

    The match started with dueling Helene's. sgtdroopy's killed ldm's without taking any damage, then fled the field when ldm sent out Amaya, leaving Yoshiro in her place. Yoshiro killed amaya, taking only minor damage from his/her/its ninja port, and then left Phoebe crippled with a chi blast as he gave his life for the cause. Then Helene stepped in and finished off Phoebe without breaking a nail. Cain never even saw battle, the lazy bum.

    sgtdroopy-1 card lost
    ldmacdonald-3 cards lost

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  5. It had been a furious first two rounds and everyone was looking for the round 3 ball that was planned. Pheobe, Yoshiro, and Andromeda got to the ballroom first and practiced their steps, sure that they would stun everyone with their well coregraphed routines. However, once Cornelius, Tafari, and Higashi showed up they were informed that they would not be allowed to dance with their partners.

    It took some adjustments, and nobody's costumes would match, but Pheobe and Constantine came to party and they were out on the floor as soon as they locked eyes. Pheobe was a bit put off by the undead smell coming from CC so she stepped back gracefully, moving her arms in a move she liked to call rapid lashes. Mr. Suave was affronted by her quick movements and revealing garb, taking his first opportunity to switch out.

    Higashi, the Master Waltzer, came out to take a spin with Pheobe. Pheobe was in a dilemma, she had waited so long to dance, but she hated that lecherous look in Higashi's eyes, she wanted to switch out, but decided to stay...knowing that he would look at her butt if she switched out now. She stompped her heel, sending a deafening crack throughout the hall. The Master, took his opportunity to shine brightly for the ladies, using a mighty chi blast. Pheobe would not be shown up though and came back with her most splendid move, a powerful lash that sent Higashi all aflutter. He tried to counter her by striking out dashingly, but being deaf to the music still, missed the beat.

    Pheobe was drained, tired and sore she took her seat and let Andy have the floor; Higashi tried to sweep her off her feet as she left with a dashing strike, but he was too slow. Higashi started to feel his years as he looked upon a fresh partner, ultimately deciding to sit this one out. Andromeda rained down insults at him as he left the floor, and they pierced his ego like arrows. He knew he could not go back out there.

    Constantine the Suave wanted another shot at the prime time, and was glad to partner up with Andromeda. His smell still put off the Amazonians though and Andy chose to stay far, going so far as to launch a crippling shot at him to keep his breath at bay. Constantine's blood was burning by this point, would no one dance with him? On the next turn he was determined to get close to this beautiful archer, he would not let her get away, he would intercept her. But Andy didn't try to run, she was too busy waiting around holding her breath. She tried to get away as soon as possible, but Mr. Suave stayed close and sent out void-streamers from his sleeves. Flashy, but not impressive to Andromeda. After awkward turns of uncomfortable smells, Andy retreated to a distance and took a deep breath. However, in her rush she was caught up in more of his streamers and tripped, hurting herself badly. She shot off a lighting quick glare of disdain, sharp as an arrow.

    A bit dazed from her fall, Andy took to the tables and let Yoshiro step in. Having too much pride to dance with a man, Corny swithed out, avoiding the blinding light of Yoshiro's blasting Chi. Tafari stepped in to take his place. Yoshiro certainly didn't want to dance with this guy, but the Trapper was known to keep a partner on the floor for as long as he could dance. Tafari wanted to dance up close, and Yoshiro was too tired to say no, so he showed off a move he likes to call the rising dragon while Tafari darted around him, surrounding him in a mist of what might have been poison. Out of good ideas, Yoshi decided to wait and see what came next, and what was next was a new partner in the form of Cornelius!

    Yoshi got far away, but not before the void-streamers hit him in the back. He took some time to rest after that and, wanting to end this dance quick, Corny got close. Yoshi slapped him with an open palm, not sure if Mr. Suave was trying to get fresh with him, but only got tied up in streamers. CC thought Yoshiro was leaving and went to keep him around, but Yoshi had to break out the rising dragon again to get the streamers off him and keep himself alive on the floor. He then slapped Corny one last time, telling him he was not that kind of boy. Even though he was suave, Cornelius couldn't take this kind of treatment, and left the floor in tears, for good.
    Only Tafari was left now, and even though Yoshiro was beat he had to stick around. If Yoshi was going out, we was sure to raise the roof first, and raise the dragon. He then passed out, letting Andy catch him and bring him back to lay down.

    In the meantime, that left Pheobe to dance with Tafari, she got far right away, and with two very rapid lashes she had tired Tafari completely. Walking over to him afterwards she had to come up with a proper witticism to end the night.

    "Killer Party" she said, and gave him a peck on the cheek before running back to her group.

    Gal V Blakezo
    End Result:
    Gal- 1 card lost
    Blakezo- 3 cards lost

    Gal Wins!

  6. Gal, you make my write up look beyond lame.... *pouts*

  7. No kiki! Yours was to the point and informative! It is just what the masses wanted.

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  9. ggamer(mr. awesomesauce)February 6, 2009 at 2:47 PM

    :o buns has a blog o: :p >:( I want a blog!!!

  10. It took several hours, but I finally managed to get the video up! Silly youtube and time limits...

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  11. I still expect a write-up Tuul! A totally awesome one!

  12. Herein lies the tale of Sarsy the Destroyer, killer of men...

    The group of Sarsy's scout headed out east from the Land of Kong early that morning. They were going to need to hurry if they were to make it to Tarlonia by dawn. The message they carried was critical to everyone's survival. It was on the long dark road through the forest of Slothia that they were attacked!

    Materializing out of the fog and brush, the agents of Lord AzzA appeared. He wished those secrets for himself! Luckily for Sarsy's men, the road was narrow. At best, only one fighter from each side would be able to do battle. Juju for Lord Azza, and Higashi for Sarsy were the first to square off.

    Juju, summoning his dark magics attempted to place a dabilitating Hex on Higashi, but the fleet-footed master ducked into the brush just in time to avoid being hit with the Hex. Cain stepped into Higashi's place on the road, ready to show Juju the meaning of 'Superbowl half-time' show. Juju, afraid of sports since getting a soccer ball in the nose when he was 6, ducked out of the rush of Cain's bats.

    Marquis Le Morte, the Ancient, a terrifying vampire from the old times glided effortlessly onto the road. Marquis glided towards Cain and attempted to burn his blood, while Cain tackled Marquis to the ground. Attempting to regain some of his health from Cain, Marquis tried to drain Cain. Cain, not in a sharing mood, ducked back into the road to once again be replaced by the Master, Higashi

    And....I don't have much time to finish this tale. I'll try to update this more later. :/ So here is how it broke down.

    Sarsy was a switch whore the entire time. I played as best I could, but after Sarsy hit two Open Palm procs (at key junctures in the battle) as well as getting a key escape, Sarsy bested me!

    My Cards :
    Marquis Le Morte

    Sarsy's cards :

    My Kills : 1 card (Cain)
    Sarsy's Kills : all 3 of mine

    Good luck in the playoffs Sarsy!

  13. Well after days of watching Dacomb idling away we finally hooked up for an epic round 3 match.
    Dacombs cards: Rumiko, Vanessa Voss and Helene.
    Annies cards: Onimaru, Andromeda and Ambrosia thorne - not quite as tasty as the Ambrosia rice pudding available in all good supermarkets :)

    So the battle commenced with The rice pudding pummeler entering the arena and facing Helene.
    Helene attacked with some frenzied strikes, with Ambrosia fighting back with some extremely spikey boots to the shin. Ambrosia came of worst :(

    Next, Helene fearing the rath of afore mentioned stilletto boots ran for cover, inviting Rumiko to take on Ambrosia. Ambrosias bleeding ritual was wasted on the tag team pair swapping out.

    Rumiko introduced himself with a friendly poisoned dart, causing black magic damages to Ambrosia. She rallied with a bleeding ritual, which has still left stains on the arena floor.

    Next Rumiko tryed the ol' favourite the shuriken barrage, unfortunately it was mmore like a drunken barrage and missed. Ambosia helped Rumiko out by relieving him of yet more blood in a ritual srike.

    At this Rumiko went off for a half time orange, Vanessa Voss nobely stepped into the breach. Ambrosias atempt woth those spiked boots was foiled by the player switch.

    Vanessa Voss attempted a powerful double slash on Ambrosia, however Ambrosias need for a cup of tea was too strong so she swapped out and onimaru took over.

    Vanessa, disturbed by the sight of the manly onimaru swapped out with Rumiko, so she could take a cold shower. The switch caused onimaru's sword flurry to mis both opponents. Rumiko tryed some very funny ninja stuff, confusing both Annie and Onimaru by ninja porting, luckily Onimaru recorverd to battle on with a vicious sword flurry. Rumiko's shuriken barrage against Onimaru made his arm hurt a bit, so to get his own back he sent an ancestral curse over to Rumiko.
    Rumiko felt a little tired now, so switched out for Helene so he could sit down and make a few calls to his doctor and chiropractor. Helene went on to introduce herself to Onimaru with a gentle!?! sheild bash. Luckily it was bath time for onimaru (If he missed it his Mum would ground him) so he swapped with Andromeda and missed the entire event.
    Spotting the feisty Andromeda Vanesssa Voss stepped in, she had never forgiven Andromeda for breaking her nail in a previous bout and was hungry for revenge.
    Vanessa was attacked with a crippling shot, but gained ground with a radiance light burst. It was going to get ugly, so Rumiko stepped in to use her ninja wizardry against Andromeda.
    However a well aimed crippling shot from Andromeda soon put paid to this and poor Rumiko was slain, never to ninja again :( Feeling guilty about the death of her friend Vanessa stepped back in the arena to avenge her death. Bored, and with no dinner on the horizon, both Helene and Ambrosia decided to come back for a fight. Helene started with a mighty sword slash, which missed Ambrosia. Ambrosia wanted to feel the love so drained Helenes life souce with a rather juicy vamp kiss. Helene rested after this, whilst Ambrosia missed her chance to land a spiked boot attack. To cover her embarrassment Ambrosia quickly attacked with a bleeding ritual, before Helenes sword slash caused a massive amount of physical damage.
    Helene came at Ambrosia with another lethal sword slash, causing the death of poor old Ambrosia. Onimaru bravely stepped into the breach.
    Helene started with a sword slash, Onimaru answered this with a sword flurry. The sword flurry proved stronger and Helene passed away in a pool of blood. Vanessa had no choice but to come back out and fight.
    A Vanessa double slash special came Onimaru's way, causing him a little pain and some physical damage. Upset by this Onimaru decided to pay Vanessa back with a double slash - he was quite angry and Vanessa bore the brunt of his bad mood. She died.

    A brave battle from Dacomb, however Annie was victorious.
    Annie scored 3 kills.
    Dacomb scored 1 kill.