Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Three Line Thang

I have been asked about, and am told other Sloth mods and regs have had to defend in their modcalls or wanderings.. the Three Line Thang. So let me explain here the philosophy behind it so that all may know, and hopefully fewer people will freak out about it.
The Three Line Thang: Sloths are anti-energetic. If there are more than three consecutive chat entries from a single user before another user speaks the offending user may be beaten with a wet noodle and teased mercilessly depending on Mod discretion. Three is fine. Four crosses the line.
The Three Line Thang was created when I was newly modded and we had a few clueless spazzes in the room who needed clearer guidance. (And I needed some way to draw a line.) I never imagined it would live on so long. The regulars adore it. They share it with everyone who comes in. It keeps chat at a readable pace, and encourages folks to be a bit more thoughtful about what they say and how they say it. It also allows the room some control on who gets to ramble - if what you are saying is something they like - they will respond. If it isn't - they will all be quiet - leaving you stranded on the third line. That said - the only time I have ever silenced someone is when they were spamming up a storm or are pushing the line intentionally to antagonize the room. Mod discretion is a key part. :) So while there are those who hear it and freak out - it really isnt as bad as it sounds. Has become a rather useful tool really. The room polices it far more than the mods do. And it has become a key part of what makes Sloth Sloth!


  1. I think what other mods don't understand about it is that they probably think that people are constantly being silenced in Sloth simply for typing four lines. They don't realize that the best thing about the rule is how it doesn't need to be enforced, because police themselves, and realize that four entries is really just unnecessary in most cases.

    It is more of a guiding line that keeps our chat nice, clean, and readable, than a constant fear inducer.

  2. what about the kiki clause?

    you know, any rule breaker is subject to a whomp with either doom, despair, or both. it's very important to the order of sloth.