Monday, January 5, 2009

Thine Muse has spoken!!!

Whatchoo talking about fool? What I am talking about is our very own LazyMuse, talented artiste and Sloth Hall of Famer, is looking to put together some ideas for our very own, custom made, Sloth T-Shirts!

Yeah, you heard me. T-Shirts!!!! =D

But, our lovely Miss Muse requires your help! She needs ideas as to what the design should be. Text, pictures, whatever you think would look great on our own custom Tees. Please comment this entry with whatever your ideas are. This is your chance to be a part of creating Sloth history! Get to it peoples!

(and while you are at it, sign up for Acrony night and the Kongai Tourney! -- details below in the omfgitsanewblogentry post)

~Mr. T


  1. My really bad idea: We have these five lines of text on the shirt:


    Yes, I suck at being creative :P

  2. Actually... scratch that; that's a horrible idea for many reasons.

  3. TDM, not a bad starter, but how about a shirt with the three line rule spelled out?

    Minions of Zil
    Sloth, We're kind of Slow ;)

    I'll let y'all know if I come up with anything else

  4. ahem, my modest submission

    Sloths...too lazy to think of a motto


  5. ideas :

    1) Sloth...The Best Sin on Kongregate!

    2) We are Sloth! Hear us snore! (then have a pic of a sloth sleeping on the back)

    3) All your base are belong to Zil. (with a piccie of Zil in the background)

    4) A grey shirt with just the word 'Silenced' on it.

    5) A shirt /w the pic in ZilSnark's avvy with the words 'Sloth : Beware of Snarks!'

    I'm sure I'll have others, but those are mine for now. =)

  6. Shirts in green or grey, front of the shirt will read "She slimed me!". Back will have something about Sloth, Kongregate, and my referral link... >_>

  7. a picture of zil on the front that says

    WE NEED YOUtobelazy!!!

  8. Not sure how we'd be getting the pic, but a silhouette of a sloth hanging from a tree in a ninja costume would be too awesome. I'd prefer it be on the shirt back.

    Also, I like the idea of Uncle Sam Zil, but does Zil want her likeness all over the Kongverse?

    On a different note, could we have a dropbear pic with *snuggles* as the caption under it?

  9. I actually love TDMs three line rule idea. I think it is hilarious, and it would be perfect for a little mini-logo over the left breast of a shirt. (My one request is that if we ever actually do this, we wait until I have money to buy one.)

  10. There should also be a short lymeric (sp?) or something dedicated to lazymuse about how she saved us from the darkness or somesuch.

  11. i love gal's idea about the sloth in the ninja getup, like a sloth silhouette with a red ninja headband

    and droop, did you mean the kong "K" for the logo, or a costom Lazy Muse logo?

    ok now for my ideas
    (no caps at all)

    1. front: sloth...
    back: ...

    2. front: i'm not paralyzed
    back: i'm just lazy (or) i'm just a sloth

    3. front: *the person's screenname*
    back: you can find this in sloth

    4. front: sloth... (silhouette of a sloth underneath)
    back: ...beware of snarks (bite taken out of the silhouette's butt)

    i'll post more if i think of any, but if it is not limited to shirts i like the idea of a three toed slipper...

  12. I Love Tarl's number 2 suggestion of * us snore

    and Hempknights number 4
    Sloth...beware of snarks

    AWESOME. I'll take one of each