Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Tale of Woe (AKA, Zil_'s New Name)

A terrible thing happened on Monday, January 19th. While Zil was wondering the wilds of Kong, simply trying to do her modly duty and protect the innocent chatters of the world, Zil was ambushed. A conglomerate of evildoers from other jealous rooms snuck up behind our beloved heroine and attacked. Zil fought valiantly, slinging her goo as fast as she could. One by one, the trolls were consumed, the list of bans grew, but Zil was slowly being overwhelmed. After many hours of battle, Zil was finally overcome by the impossible odds, and fell to the blade of one of the trolls. Zil was wounded! She banned the offender, and tried to limp away, seeking the cover of the Van. She new that there would be other mods there, reinforcements to aid her in this impossible struggle. The trolls new this too, however, and stepped up their efforts to bring down the mighty Sloth. Agonizingly slow, Zil grew closer and closer to her target, banning as she went. But her limp was slowing her down too much, she feared she would not make it in time, that the wave of trolls would crush her. In a last ditch effort for survival, Zil dredged up every last bit of strength she could muster, and dashed for the door. She leaped through the door to safety, but at the last second, a troll reached her, and hacked off her tail.

Now Zil_ is left scarred, and in need of our support. Her name has been changed, but she is still the same person. Our friend, our owner, our Zil_. So be not saddened by her makeover, but instead rejoice that she survived this ordeal, and managed to ban so many of the enemy as went.


  1. poor poor zil!

    *huggles and luffls galore*

    at least now people will finally stop asking about it.

    whenever I get asked, I just say the flap flapped away... I'll start referring them to this post.

  2. Huzzah! An Epic "Tail" indeed.
    So Glad Zil made it and is back to her slothy self. Also, good thing she wasn't in Snark form or she'd be adrift!

  3. Epic Droops. Simply Epic. *claps*

  4. Coldfire4420 From KongregateJanuary 22, 2009 at 7:37 PM

    Poor Zil_. If only the other mods had been able too help you would still have your flap. I have some people looking for it; maybe it can be returned. Until it is found or has been deemed to be unable to be found at least you excaped mostly unharmed.
    *huggles, wuggles, snuggles, snugawuggles, and luffls anyone who needs some emotional support for this terrible loss*

  5. Poor Zil :( *huggles Zil* The flap doesn't matter your our Zil! :)

  6. How dare they.. find the flap at all costs! Find IT!!

  7. nnnooo!!! not the flap!!!
    i shall kill whoevers done that! ill impale them on my staff until their...trolly...blood......(notices everyone is staring) AHEM, sorry, ima still part sith:P

  8. lol amazing alas we were not there in Zil's time of need, she is lucky