Saturday, January 24, 2009

Round 2 Begins!

Round 2 begins!! Here are the current standings (Points explained below):

Player Points
Everlovely 5
Sarsy 5
PuzzleLover1 5
SgtDroopy 5
Timerunner 5
Tuul 5
Tarlanon 5
GloriousKnight 5
Dacomb 5
TheDarkMuse 4
Trogdor0 4
Galexan 2
ldmacdonald 2
anniethenanny 2
kikimomojojododo 2
Kittysune 2
Blakezo 1
Flops 1
Zil_ 1
Bunniesrck31 0

Before we start this round, let's review the rules and regulations since there was some confusion in the 1st round. THERE ARE SOME CHANGES, so please read through them all fully.(changes/updates are bolded) Because round one is finished, there will be NO NEW ENTRANTS allowed. The begging to be added is still permitted.

  1. All games will be 3-card matches. You can choose from a random selection of cards or use your own pre-made decks. Your choice. Your opponent may also choose to use a random deck, or one of their own pre-made decks.
  2. To play a match, check the chart (below) to see who your opponent is. Then simply greet them in chat and decide when you want to play out your match. Please whisper your opponent if you have trouble finding them in chat to set up a good time to play.
  3. During the match, record how many of your opponents cards you kill, and how many of your cards are killed. This is needed when reporting match results.
  4. When the match is over, one of you will make a comment in this post with the basic match details. These will include who won, who lost, and how many cards each of you killed. If you choose to include more detail of what went on in your match, please feel free to include the blow-by-blow details!! We lieks us some stories!
  5. Limited trash-talking is permitted, but if the other person says stop you stop immediately. Harassing your opponent beyond that point will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. If you plan to trash-talk, keep it clean and respectful.
  6. Anyone caught H4xx0rz1ng a game will be immediately disqualified from the tournament, and reported to the admins.
  7. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD CONNECTION BEFORE STARTING A MATCH. A match lost to a timeout or disconnect will still count as a loss to you. There will be no do-overs.
  8. Ties are acceptable in this portion of the tournament. However, if you and your opponent both agree to a rematch to determine a clear winner, that is acceptable. However re-playing a decided match is not.
  9. If you have trouble finding your opponent online, PLEASE whisper me your desire to change opponents (for this reason only). Don't just pick someone else from the list and square off, then tell me about it later. I Check my whispers regularly, so I will get back to you soon.
  10. Matches are scored in the following manner. Win = 2 points. Tie = 1 point. 1 additional point is added for each card you kill. This will be used later when seeding the brackets for the single-elimination playoffs.
  11. Any discrepancies or disagreement should be brought before me (Tarlanon) for arbitration. Whisper my Kong profile or catch me in chat if you need to discuss something.
  12. This tournament will consist of a 3 round qualifier (currently in round 2) followed which will seed a single-elimination playoff round. Seeding for the playoffs will be based on total points, then by Skill rank if there is a tie.
  13. If there are any questions about a match, the tournament, it's rules, etc. PLEASE whisper my kong profile with any questions. I check them fairly regularly, so I will get back to you soon.
Good luck!

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  1. Kiki Vs. Kitty

    Kiki's deck: Ambrosia, Helene, and Juju

    My deck: Yoshi, Ambrosia, Popo

    I'm not writing a extremely detailed story this time.

    Yoshi uses Rising Dragon on Helene. Helene counters with a Frenzied Strike. Yoshi changes range to far and rests. Helene enchants her blade with light. Helene changes range to close. Yoshi uses Chi Reflect and Helene uses Frenzied Strike. Unfortunately, Helene's plan didn't go too well because she enchanted her blade with light and Chi Reflect reflected it back at her. Kiki switches Helene out and sends Juju out. Yoshi uses Rising Dragon and Juju uses Curse of Juju. Yoshi gets hit hard and is knocked out. I send out Ambrosia and she chokes and spike boots Juju to death. Kiki sends out Helene. Helene uses Frenzied Strike and Ambrosia also chokes her to death. Kiki sends out Ambrosia Thorn which shocks me... I decide to not risk it and send out Popo and switch range to far.But it is countered Ambrosia's switch to close and she tries to spike boot Popo, but Popo dodges it while resting. Popo knee bashes Ambrosia which interrupts her vamp kiss. Ambrosia kicks her with her spiked boots. Popo switches range to far. She rests while a Bleeding Ritual is cast upon her. Popo then fires a powerful shot with her slingshot that leaves Ambrosia at 1 hp. Ambrosia switches range to close and I have no choice but to use poison dart which does nothing to Ambrosia. I switch out Popo for Ambrosia. Both Ambrosias kick each other. And Kiki's Ambrosia is down for the count. I won.

  2. tuul vs timerunner

    winner: timerunner
    card kills: timerunner 3
    tuul 1

  3. And to go with timerunner's post:

  4. TheDarkMuse vs. GloriousKnight (TDM 2, GK 0)

    TDM's alive cards: Ubuntu, Rumiko

    Its started off Cornelius vs. Yoshiro. Yoshiro brought Cornelius down to 3 HP before death, and Voss came in. Corny moved far and Voidstreamed Voss, who killed Corny right after. Rumiko came out, and Shuriken'd Voss. Voss Radiance Burst, but was unfortunately struck with a Poison Dart. Cain Solomon walked in, started sending out a Rush of Bats while Rumiko threw some shurikens. But everyone knows Rumiko is scared of bats, so she ran away from them, leaving Ubuntu with the dirty work. Spirit Assistance then KO'd Cain after a one turn stall.

  5. Posting on behalf of Bunnies :

    We walk to the Kongai battlefield both shaking with anticipation...The Floppy One against the Fluffy One.

    The match began with Phoebe battling Ubuntu. Phoebe lashes out with a Hamstring while Ubuntu throws out the Tiger Claw.

    Immediately afterwards, Popo was switched in. Phoebe was quickly demolished with the fatal slingshot manuever.

    Ambrosia Thron took the place of her dead comrade. Unfortunately for Popo, she is immune to poison. As Popo does some Herbal Preparations, Amrosia hits him with a Bleeding Ritual. Next, she beats him down with a Spectral Choke while deflecting a Poison Dart. Another Poison Dart is delflected while an interpcept fails.

    Popo is switched out and Ubuntu is back in. Ambrosia does the as she does with Popo, Chokes Ubuntu Spectrally. All Ubuntu is able to Dance...for the Rain. He immediately strikes her with tiger claws next, while she fails to intercept his escape. Again, Ambrosia is danced for, and she gives him a Spectral Choke in return. While Ubuntu rests, she brings her Spiked Boots down on him. IN the end, he killed himself by using a Staff Strike.

    Higashi runs in, leaps over Ubuntu, and resumes the fight. Ambrosia Spectral Chokes him, and is struck by a Sweep. She quickly escapes from the field, pushing Juju in.
    Juju puts a hex over Higashi, and is met with a Dashing Strike. Shortly after, a Chi Blast throws Juju to the ground, gone.

    Ambrosia dashes in, and performs a Bledding Ritual on Higashi, taking away his single health point.
    Popo comes in, and he knows right away, he's doomed.

    Popo's Herbal Preparations fail and the Bledding Ritual begins. The Necronomic Tomes deflect the Poison Dart as the bleeding goes on. Ambrosia's Spiked Boots finish him off...and BunBun is teh Winneh!

    In short:

    Flops: Higashi, Ubuntu, and Popo
    Bunniesrck31: Ambrosia Thorn, Juju, and Phoebe

    Flops: Killed 2 cards
    BunBun: Killed 3 cards...Winner!!!

  6. Zil vs Blakezo
    The Great Floor Wiping!

    Zil's Ubuntu falls to Cornelius.
    Zil's Popo falls to the Trapper.
    Zil's Yoshiro falls to Higashi

    Zil: 0 Blakezo: 3 !!!

  7. The harrowing tale of Gal V. Dac
    Galexan: Pheobe, Yoshiro, Andromeda
    Dacomb: Helene, Rumiko, Vanessa Voss(Daywalking since '05)

    Winner: Its all in the story

    The run-up to the fight was intense, things were hectic in a time when each player should've been resting, composing themselves for the trial ahead. But no, badges had come out, instead of thinking five moves ahead they were too busy dreaming. To complicate matters, Gal was called away to punish naughty trolls. This was the how the battle was set. Dacomb joined cautiously to find a battered Gal, with troll blood still dripping from him, he raised his head. The game was on.

    There was a mass of confusion to start, Gal sent out Pheobe but her whip was of little use at short range against Dac's Helene. Pheobe needed to get far and fast, and she followed it up with rapid lashes to cover her tracks. Helene was on to this plan though and was out of there before the sound barrier was broken.
    Instead a drained Pheobe was staring down a rough and ready Rumiko. Pheobe took one look at those pointy metal stars and got out of dodge right before a shuriken barrage was thrown her way. From far and wide Dac could be heard shouting "You sissy!"
    Yoshi stepped up to fight his far east foe and defend Gal's honor, but as the fight so far had been so confusing he used the wrong move, reflecting the chi attack that Rumi doesn't have. Clearly Rumiko couldn't harm such a sexy looking man, because she fled the battle instead of attacking.
    Vinny came charging in, not swayed by Yoshiro's charm. But facing an attack he could not refelct Yoshiro decided to high tail it out and got hit with a radiance burst for his trouble.
    Pheobe came back in for Gal and now the game was on! Pheobe missed once with a power lash against a retreating Voss, but nearly broke her whip on a power lash so strong that the incoming Rumiko barely managed to hit with a shuriken barrage. Times were grim for both sides, with blood flowing readily, but rapid lashes were too much for Rumiko and she finally went to the great ninja academy in the sky.
    Helene stormed in, getting close to a very tired Pheobe, but she got reckless and missed her frenzied strikes. Pheobe however was spot on, giving Helene a bloody hamstring.
    She couldn't keep getting that lucky up close though and so Andy stepped up to close Helene out. Only to be confronted with Voss again. Moving far she stopped Vinny's attack with an arrow of pure lightning. She then hit hard by raining arrows down, getting hit with a radiant burst in the process. Dac was fighting hard to injure all Gal's cards, but another rain of arrows on a fleeing VV took her out of the game for good.
    Looking lonely Helene stepped up to take on all comers for Dac. The ranges stayed far, though Helene wanted to get close, and then another lightning arrow struck down with a fury, stopping Helene from powering her attacks. After a lot of resting and range chaning on both sides, a lightning arrow did more damage, and a crippling shot attempted to keep Helene at a distance. This failed and Helene got close, only to find her opponent was now Yoshiro. Yoshiro palmed her, but got hit hard by some frenzied strikes, leaving the party just in time to avoid being knocked upside the head one too many times. Andy got in there and finished Dac with style, sending a trueshot through Helene's and Dac's heart.
    Gal wins! 3-0
    I feel obligated to say Dac took this very well, and fought bravely.

  8. Higashi stood before his full length mirror in his cell at the monastery. Master or not, He was starting to put on a little weight in his old age. He still delighted in his ability, even with his portlier size and age, to kick the butt of Yoshiro, his most promising student. He smiled to himself. But his mirror image did not smile back. Feeling an odd sense of dread about him he dropped into his fighting stance, and just in time.

    With a bone rattling hum and deafening crack, Higashi's mirror self burst through the glass and tackled him through the wall and into the courtyard of the monastery . What foul bit of magic was this? but judging by the wind which was just knocked from his lungs by his 'mirror' this fight was about to be very real. Someone wanted Higashi out of the way...

    His mirror self struck out with his trademark open palm, but the real Higashi, still winded from the initial assault rolled out of the way and sounded the monastery alarm! Ambrosia, who was out for an afternoon stroll was the first to respond.

    Finding her friend winded and trying to catch his breath, she ran forward to confront this demonic doppleganger! Ambrosia immediately grabbed the demon Higashi's throat and began to choke him, but it left her open to an Open Palm. Wounded, Ambrosia dropped back to long range. The real Higashi, now recovered, was ready to face his dark self and signaled for Ambrosia to withdraw.

    But the demon Higashi was too cunning a foe. He intercepted Ambrosia's retreat, and her soul from her body. Ambrosia's lifeless body crumpled at the Demon's feet.

    Anex, the deadly Amazon warrior and Twin to the Emperess Greer was also studying at the monastery when he heard the cries of battle from the courtyard. Her own lust for battle raging inside her, she grabbed her deadly Chakkra and rush out of her cell only to see her BFF Ambrosia fall to the Demon Higashi's attack!

    Screaming with a hateful rage, she charged the Demon Higashi and slashed him deeply across the chest. The Demon Higashi howled in fury, but undaunted turned his attentions to his new attacker. However, Anex was no fool. Even consumed by rage she was a calculating opponent. She dropped back to long range. Seemingly stunned and confused by her tactics the Demon Higashi tried to make for an exit...But Anex knew all along he was going to make a break for it, and made him pay dearly for that mistake. She could be heard screaming 'Payback is a bitch!'.

    Now mortally wounded, Anex's boomerang Chakkra made very short work of the Demon Higashi. But just as the Demon Higashi fell, there was another ear shattering crack and a demonic version of Anex stepped forth from within Anex's cell at the monastery. Taken aback by this new terror, Anex appeared shaken. But Higashi, now fully recovered from his first encounter with his demonic self stepped in for his comely comrade.

    Determined to exact vengeance for Ambrosia's death, Higashi stepped forward onto the field of battle. He assumed that this Demonic Anex would flee rather than face a different opponent. But he gravely miscalculated the Demon's intentions when he tried to block her escape and was struck by a devastating power toss. Gravely wounded, Higashi staggered back. Determined to not perish without doing some damage, Higashi focused his Chi and tried to let the Demon taste the essence of a true master.

    But he failed, the Demonic Anex escaped back into the cell as the true mastermind behind these attacks revealed herself. Rumiko appeared from a dark alley way, laughing maniacally to herself.

    So...this was to be her revenge for him turning her down at the bar that one night. He had heard from his friends that she was a psycho, but he had no idea how right they were until now. Higashi, still gravely wounded from the power toss, tried to steady himself against his fierce new opponent.

    Rumiko saw Anex standing there, seething with rage. Given Higashi's current condition, she figured he would run and hide behind his healthy companion. She moved to block his escape, but suddenly learned why he was called 'The Master' as she was struck by his dashing strike!

    Stunned that Higashi would stand and fight when he was so terribly wounded, she decided to try to poison the man who jilted her. If he wouldn't have her, then she would make him suffer. Coating a dart quickly in poison, she threw it at Higashi, only to be struck by Higashi's open palm.

    Higashi, now wounded and poisoned, rolled away. Not willing to allow her friend to take any more abuse, Anex stepped between Higashi and Rumiko to allow her friend to escape. Anex dropped to long range.

    The two women, in true cat-fight-like fashion started exchanging blow after blow. Anex with a boomerang Chakkra, was responded to by Rumiko's shuriken barrage. Rumiko hoping to make Anex suffer the way she suffered on those lonely nights hit Anex with a poisoned dart. But in her arrogant rage, was struck down by Anex's boomerang Chakkra.

    The demon Anex was still around. At the death of it's master, it howled in rage and stormed onto the field of battle. Completely fresh and facing two wounded opponents, the hungry look in the Demon Anex's eyes took on a victorious glint.

    Anex, Kneeled to try to rest herself from her exchanges with Rumiko, only to be hit by what seemed to be her own boomerang Chakkra. The Demon charged in close, and both Anexs slashed with their Chakkra's. But sadly, the real Anex already gravely wounded by her previous exchanges, fell to the blade of her own weapon.

    Resolved to end this, The gravely wounded Higashi stepped forth. The demon, looking upon his weaken foe, laughed in arrogant victory. That's when Higashi made his move.

    Demon or not, it was in human form and Higashi took a chance. Using his open palm, he hit Anex in a cluster of nerves in her back. The Demonic Anex froze..stunned with agony and confusion at what just happened. That moment of hesitation was all Higashi needed to finish off the demon with another open palm.

    Higashi, wounded but victorious, collapsed onto the ground of the courtyard and began to mourn the loss of his fallen comrades...

    In the end :

    Tarlanon : Higashi, Anex, Ambrosia
    Trogdor0 : Higashi, Anex, Rumiko.

    Final tally :
    Tarlanon 3 kills (winner)
    Trogdor0 2 kills

    Was an awesome match. Me hitting that 30% proc with the open palm at the end was literally the only reason I won. If it missed, Trog had me. Good match!

  9. So the match between ldm and annie...'twas indeed a whitewash!

    Annie's cards: Cornelius, Zena and Andromeda.

    ldm's cards: Helene, Amaya and Pheobe.

    The match started with Andromeda taking on Helene. well, i say taking on. It was more a case of standing around uselessly whilst Helene swiped most of her health.
    Unusually Annie reacted fairly quickly and remembered the handy switch facility and placed Cornelius into the fray. He lined up for an awesome pile bunker but grrrrrr ldm used a rebuff and it failed :(

    cornelius valianty battled on wth such powerful moves that Helene got rather scared and ran away (no, really!) to be replaced by the formiddable Amaya. Amaya's first task was to curse poor cornelius, who rsponded valiantly with a voidstream, although the second missed - pah! Following amaya cornelius picked up his pigtails and ran for the hills. Zena and her fearsome tiger took his place. Zena started her assualt with the eye of the tiger *cue 80's rock and headbanging in the corner* Amaya, who seemed to have a fear of cats swithched out and sent n pheobe - that girl can handle a whip! She attacked the poor zena and her kitty with a power lash, which I must say smarted a little. Zena returned for with a mistress commnd only to be rapidly lashed for her efforts. This also killed poor Zena and the tiger (are they not protected?) Andromeda came back in to be killed by a power shot - the wuss. This left Cornelius to replace her and be killed instantly.

    Final score Annie 0 ldm 3.

  10. Droops led off with a strong starter, Helene, whilst Sarsy sent out Higashi.
    There was a strong staring competition, to begin, before both of them chickened out and were replaced with identical twins. Interestingly, they were both called Cain Solomon. There was obviously a crossed signal with the mind reading attempt.

    Sarsy’s Cain took the initiative and backed away from his twin. Droops’ Cain pelted Sarsy’s with lots of bats. Lots, and lots. Okay, just five. Sarsy’s Cain retaliated with a stream of some Void-y wibbly-wobbly stuff.

    The twins merely repeated the before attacks, settling into a nice routine.

    And just for the sake of boredom, oops, they did it again. Well, not quite. Droops went for the trifecta, but Sarsy broke the monotony, switching back to Higashi.

    Higashi attacked with a Dashing Strike (Although, we must note that it means dashing as in fast, not as in particularly handsome. I don’t think Cain leans that way, anyway.) Cain replied with Rush of Bats. Again. Cain has a self-replenishing supply of bats, obviously.

    Higashi gets in a little closer (Perhaps just Higashi leans that way?) to Cain. Cain felt a shudder wrack his body, disturbing him severely. He ran away, but Higashi wasn’t having a bar of it. He intercepted, and in his determination, dealt a knockout blow to the Quarterback.

    Droops’ next selection was Yoshiro.

    Yoshiro was not the right choice, however, since Droops felt the need to pull him back out for now. Higashi’s Sweep hit nothing but air.

    Helene took the field for Droops, and her first move was to enchant her blade for +5 Awesomeness. Except, this required a difficult chant, which was interrupted by a +8 Rudeness Open Palm from Higashi. Chivalry is dead, even amongst those whom preach it.

    Droops didn’t like the rude treatment at Higashi’s palm, and decided that Yoshiro might be able to cope better. Higashi’s repeat performance of the previous turn failed to hit anything

    Yoshiro used his Open Palm whilst Higashi opted for a Sweep attack. Neither caused their desired effect, much to the disappointment of both Sarsy and Droops.

    Yoshiro launched a vicious Rising Dragon against Higashi, whilst Higashi went for a repeat of his Sweep.

    Yoshiro hit with one more Rising Dragon and the Dragon completely devoured Higashi’s health, sending him into the realm of unconsciousness.

    Sarsy’s Cain was sent in. Yoshiro used his Open Palm, hoping for an interruption. Which, he didn’t get. Cain was able to hit with a strong Tackle, which was the last hit needed for the Student to be knocked out.

    Helene was sent in for the last stand, but Sarsy switched to far. Since Helene’s sword is only so long, she was unable to deal any damage that turn, allowing Cain an opportunity for an unrevenged attack. Sarsy’s Cain opted for the wave of Bats, this time.

    Helene switched the range back to close and dealt a Frenzied Strikes to the Quarterback, sending him out to the changing rooms without any hesitation.

    Ambrosia was sent in for Sarsy’s last stand.

    Ambrosia was substantially lucky, since Helene’s Sword Slash missed. Obviously anorexia is good for something, if only for dodging the occasional sword attack.

    Ambrosia, similar to her battle against Zil’s characters, used a Vampiric Kiss. What Sarsy was thinking, when asking a Vampiric Lady to kiss a Swordstress, will, most likely, remain a complete mystery.

    Droops: 3 cards lost (Cain, Helene & Yoshiro

    Sarsy: 2 cards lost. (Higashi & Cain)

    Sorry for taking so long ><