Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kongai Tournament Entry Deadline + Acrony night!!

Hey all! Just a few friendly updates regarding the upcoming epic Sloth Kongai tournament and our promised Acrony night!!

First off, Thanks to everyone for the great response to 1st Annual Sloth Kongai tournament! But it is time to set and entry deadline and get this sucker underway! The deadline for other entrants into the tournament will be this Friday, January 16th, at 9pm CST (Central Standard Time). If you are a sloth regular and want to participate in this tournament, you MUST register before this time.

To register simply whisper my Kongregate profile (Don't whisper me in chat) with your Interest in entering the tournament along with your current Kongai Skill Rank. The link to my profile can be found here :

And just because you've never played before is no reason not to enter the tournament! It's a chance to battle your favourite Sloth buddies for title of Supreme Kongai Overloard Dominator! And there is even a great 5 point badge associated with Kongai that can help you get started and learn the ropes of the game before crushing the hopes and dreams of your favourite Slothite on the Kongai field of battle! Link to the game is here :

Again, the deadline for entries is Friday, January 16th, at 9pm CST (Central Standard Time) Don't forget!

Acrony night!

Now on to the good stuff, Acrony night!! Let's try for Acrony night on Friday, January 23rd, at 8pm CST. That sounds like the time that might work best for everyone who has replied so far. This won't be our only Acrony night, so don't worry if you can't make this one! We'll have others. Unlike most Kong games, you will need Adobe's shockwave player in order to play this game. Get it here :

See you all then!

Oh, and if anyone has any questions about any of these, either leave a comment here or track me down in chat and I'll be happy to help you!

~Mr. T

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