Thursday, January 1, 2009

Flapping in the breeze...

What better way to ring in the new year, but with a new blog post! =D

A while ago (as Zil often enjoys reminding me), I had the distinct honour of sitting down with the current owner of our beloved room on Kongregate, Sloth. That's right, I got to sit down and ask a few questions of the legendary and talented ZilFlap herself! With the room aglow with her subtle radiance, I set about my task of learning as much about this wonderful person as I could, and now I have the distinct pleasure of being able to share some of that experience with all of you. So without further adieu, I give you Zil :

1. When/How did you discover Kongregate? What kept you coming back for more?

Feb. '08. I was game hunting, and I found Desktop Tower Defense. The next time I searched it - it sent me to Kongregate. Became obsessed with the game, and then discovered I could win achievements! Had to sign up. Although, I couldn't actually GET the badges for DTD! So my first badges are the easy on Fancy Pants and then the Pillage the Village set. (I still can't get the stinky medium and hard badges on DTD.)

2. When did you/How did you come to find Sloth, and make it your home?

Sloth was the room I was put in, and I thought the name fit. It was a sad, dead place back then. Slowly conversations started with "Does anyone know how to .." and then blossomed into a deadly combination of competition and encouragement between me, Visitant, SgtDroopy, and Galexan. (and a few others who sadly have since pretty much faded from Kong.) I was totally hooked! No way was I going to fall behind the guys. :)

We worked on badges and leveling up together - sharing tips and hints. They almost always got them before me, but every now and then I could scoop them. We were on the most at the same time, (and were the chattiest) but looking back through my fans list there are a lot of other people who more quietly or intermittently have hung around since those days!

That is how Sloth became my online home. Sloth had a few other steps on the way to me become its owner. Back those days we were a Jim Greer room. Not owned by anyone, and for about 5 months we didn't even know moderators existed! The room moderated itself through the power of the mass mute and sarcastic wit. Then one day our resident troll (who has since reformed and become part of our community - yay!) inspired a non-regular who had been stuck in Sloth to call a mod. It was a revelation! The Kong world beyond Sloth and ability to do something more than just mute the foul mouthed ones! The mod was KnightofRa and he was a regular visitor for awhile there, but he already had his own room. The Sloths were determined to get one of these magical moderators for themselves. So when the oh-so-nice Lazymuse dropped by and liked us we were very happy. :) When she adopted us we were thrilled to become owned. Sloth had graduated out of the wilds of the Greer rooms!

Thanks to KnightofRa and Lazymuse I become a mod - I was honored and pleased to be able to help out our community. And when the dreaded Real Life intruded on Lazymuse's Kong time, I was very, very happy to take on ownership and watch over our friendly online place. :)

3. Who was the first person who friended you on Kong (or who did you first friend)?

My first friend and fan was my son - Gunman123. And even that was weeks after we started playing. :) It usually takes awhile for me to friend people.

4. What are your top 3 favorite games on Kong?

Tri-achnid - because it is just so different! Pillage the Village - because who doesn't love throwing villagers into the air? And then, hmm... all the good puzzle games lumped together.

5. We all know being a mod is tough work. What is your best memory as a mod? Your worst?

My best is every time someone says, "Wow, Sloth is great!" Because, since I have been around helping to set the tone from chat room with no chat to what we have today, I am just really proud of our community. My worst goes hand in hand with that - any time one of our regulars disrupts chat I am very, very disappointed. I am very possessive of Sloth - even when I am not there I often leave myself logged on a guest and read back through the chat. I want to know everything that happens there! (lol - as I saw on someone's profile the other day.. "Big moderator is watching you!")

6. If you could change just ONE thing about Kongregate, what would it be?

I wish there was a better way to get people to the room that matches them. Like when you looked at the room list it would tell you more about the room's personality - there are rooms that love to debate, or who are looser on the language, or with role playing, rooms that are mostly younger or mostly older players, etc etc. Sloth is very ... uptight really in a lot of ways - and it's not the ideal room for everyone. People should explore more!

7. When you are not on Kong (Which is when??), what are some of your favorite hobbies?

I am always on Kong! (but when I am there and not paying attention I can be found with my family, or reading (usually fantasy or theology,) or watching science fiction TV.

8. What is an interesting thing about you not many people know?

Well, a lot of people don't seem to know that I am female. ;) But aside from that...while it's not what I do now, my degree and supposed profession is Theater Direction and Design. Especially lighting design.

9. If you could have 1 super power (any super power), what would it be, and why?

My daughter is very into Pokemon - there are some that have the attack power of "charm" Wish I had that... to, you know, balance out the snark. ;)

10. If you could change any ONE thing about this world, what would it be?

I would make everyone understand "Show up, and be nice." i.e Take your responsibilities seriously, and be there for other people.

And there you have it! Stay tuned for more exciting interviews with some of the legendary characters who make up Sloth!

~Mr. T


  1. I lol'd at your statement that you'd like to have the charm attack as your special ability. :P

  2. (lol - as I saw on someone's profile the other day.. "Big moderator is watching you!") Oooh ooh! That's me! :D

  3. Very nice interview. Even better is that I did actually learn new things about Zil. So multi-faceted she is.

    Yay For Zil, and Yay for Sloth!