Saturday, January 17, 2009

And so it begins.....

Let the 1st Sloth Kongai tournament begin!!! We start with our 3-round Round Robin portion of our tournament, before moving to the single elimination playoffs. This begins Round 1 of the Round-Robin.

First, let us cover the rules that shall govern the round robin portion of the tournament(the phase we are in now) :

  1. All games will be 3-card matches. You can choose from a random selection of cards or use your own pre-made decks. Your choice. Your opponent may also choose to use a random deck, or one of their own pre-made decks.
  2. To play a match, check the chart (below) to see who your opponent is. Then simply greet them in chat and decide when you want to play out your match.
  3. During the match, record how many of your opponents cards you kill.
  4. When the match is over, one of you will make a comment here with the basic match details. These will include who won, who lost, and how many cards each of you killed. If you choose to include more detail of what went on in your match, please feel free to include the blow-by-blow details!!
  5. Limited trash-talking is permitted, but if the other person says stop you stop immediately. Harassing your opponent beyond that point will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. If you plan to trash-talk, keep it clean and respectful.
  6. Anyone caught H4xx0rz1ng a game will be immediately disqualified from the tournament, and reported to the admins.
  7. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD CONNECTION BEFORE STARTING A MATCH. A match lost to a timeout or disconnect will still count as a loss to you. There will be no do-overs.
  8. Any discrepancies or disagreement should be brought before me (Tarlanon) for arbitration. Whisper my Kong profile or catch me in chat if you need to discuss something.
After everyone has played their matches, I will re-match you against a different opponent and round 2 will begin. If you have any questions regarding the tournament, it's rules or your matches, please either track me down in chat or shout/whisper my profile. And now, your 1st round match ups :

Good luck everyone!!!


  1. I am dreading this I have to go buy special pads for when Gal thrashes me.

  2. Ok so round 1 Everlovely versus Anniethenanny.
    Everlovely 1 - 0 Anniethenanny

    Ever's cards killed: Rumoko; Cornelius Constantine
    Annies cards killed: Onimaru; Ubuntu; Zina.

    The match started well, for Ever, onimaru died - defenceless against the might of Tafari. So Annie introduced Zina to the match hoping her tiger would do some damage. Tafari ran away and Ruminoko came in to take over. Ruminoko is actually quite hard and killed Zina and her tiger *sigh*

    Ubunto ran in to take on the dastardly ruminoko and gets his own back, and killed him - HA! then Tafari came back and killed Ubunto - i think he was tired after killing Ruminoko. At some point during the fight Cornelius Constantine died but i forget when.

    Good job Everlovely!!

  3. So by some sort of miracle, I actually beat Gal. Do I really need to put as many details as miss overachiever annie did? :P

  4. Zil has demanded details, so here they are >.>

    So it started with helene and yoshiro. A frenzied strikes took out 36 of yoshi's health, and an open palm did basically nothing. A short range war, and sgtdroopy sent in cain. They traded blows and yoshi went down. Then andromeda came in and took out cain. Then yoshi came in and took out andy. Then phoebe came in and took out yoshi. Then helene came back and took out phoebe.

    Happy now? >.>

  5. dacomb's deck

    Helene, the Swordstress
    Rumiko, the Ninja
    Vanessa Voss, the Daywalker

    Kittysune's Deck

    Zina, the Beast Mistress
    Ambrosia Thorn, the Blood Worshiper
    Cain Solomon, the Quarterback

    dacomb vs. Kittysune

    dacomb wins just barely.

    Game opens

    Helene vs. Zina

    Helene takes Zina

    Kitty brings in Ambrosia

    Helene hurts Ambrosia but Ambrosia wins out

    dacomb brings in Rumiko

    After a few range changes by Rumiko with Ninja-Port Rumiko succeeds in taking out Ambrosia but not before taking some damage.

    Kitty brings in Cain

    Cain changes range to Close.

    Rumiko makes mistake and tries slow Ninja-port but Cain Tackles. Luckily for Rumiko the Ninja-Port still works and range changes to Far.

    Rumiko has just enough life left to Shuriken Barrage. Cain is hurt.

    Cain's Rush of Bats finishes off Rumiko

    dacomb brings in Vanessa Voss

    Range remains far. Cain doesn't have enough focus to change to Close.

    Vanessa fires Ray of Light and game over for Cain.

  6. Very Happy Droops!

    My own harrowing tale against bunniesrck31 was being battled out as Droops and Gal dueled.

    The battle begun on a crisp autumn morn at a Chinese temple. Tarlanon, electing for a traditionally safe warrior, put Higashi onto the field of battle. Bunnies, embracing her inner Xena, deployed Helene.

    Fearing Helene's close range sword, Higashi dropped back and began dashing strike attacks. While not devastating, the were beginning to slowly weaken Bunnies's powerful warrior. But, consumed by battle rage, Higashi forgot to monitor his power...and left himself too close to Helene without the energy to escape. Helen made him pay dearly for that mistake, even though she herself was wounded.

    Stuck in close quarters against a superior close range fighter, Higashi attempted to escape! But as if having Jedi Powers, Helene intercepted his escape attempts...Twice.

    But in her now vastly weakened state, Helene was no longer able to keep up with the fleet footed Higashi and he escaped the battle, bringing in the ally Cain.

    Exhausted from the epic battle with Higashi, Helene was no match for Cain's bats as she slipped quietly into the night....

    Bunnies then sent Cornelius into to battle Cain. Fearing one of his own kind, Cain retreated to long range as Cornelius began to burn Cain's blood. Not enjoying the blood burning, Tarlanon retreated Cain from the battle, and replaced him with Anex.

    Already at her ideal range, Anex buffed her chakra while Cornelius debuffed Anex against his impending dark magic attacks. But in the next round, Emily_Greers' mean Anex's power toss struck first, winding him and knocking Cornelius out of battle.

    In desperation, Bunnies deployed her remaining fighter, Ambrosia Thorne. Ambrosia struck out with a bleeding ritual, and was hit herself with a boomerang Chakra, still enchanted.

    With renewed fury and power, Anex slammed home her Power Toss again, seriously wounding Ambrosia and knocking her from battle. When the already weakened Cornelius re-entered the area, Tarlanon put Cain back in to 'finish the job'. Two tackles later, and it was all over.

    Final results : Tarlanon winner with Higashi, Cain, Anex and killing 3 cards (Helene, Cornelius, Ambrosia), Bunniesrck31 killing 0 cards.

  7. heh, sounds like I missed out... and MAN I need to get a blogspot... but until mah momma approves, I shall use name/URL.
    might make it to acrony night>.>
    and what exactly is acrony?
    droops, dont get thrashed:( (and have fun being a mod! you too sarsy!)

  8. GloriousKnight vs kikimomojojododo

    I had Yoshiro out and kiki had pheobe out and i used chi reflect.

    kikimomojojododo had Pheobe out and did hamstring.

    We passed.. stayed at range

    I used chi blast doing a big effect.

    kikomomojojododo used hamstring.

    We passed and stayed at range.

    I use chi reflect once more.

    She retreated her Pheobe and brought Ashi to play.

    We passed. Stayed at range.

    Kiki used ferinzed strikes destroying my Yoshiro.

    I bring out Cain Solomon.

    Using tackle i hit her and she immunes the stop attack effect.

    She used ferinzed strikes once more.

    We passed and stayed at range.

    I use tackle once more and the effect worked.. she was stopped from attacking.

    We pass and stay at range.

    I use tackle again but she retreats her card and brings out Helene.

    We pass and stay at range.

    She used shield bash but i retreat my Cain Solomon bringing out Cornelius Constantine.

    I use tantrum and hitting her also stunning.

    We pass and stay at range..I use my rush of bats but she uses shield bash.. both cards dieing..

    Our last cards are brough out. Cain Solomon and Ashi.. both at low health.

    We pass and stay at range.

    I use tackle and kiki's card is destroyed. Leaving me with the victory! I won Vanessa Voss the daywalker! :D

  9. Practice Match:

    Kittysune Vs. Dacomb

    The duelers eagerly shook hands and the match soon began.

    Dacomb sent out Cornelius. And I sent out Yoshiro.

    Cornelius started off with a fierce blood burn while Yoshiro ran at him fearlessly with his Rising Dragon... Which slowly drained Cornelius health. Yoshiro had his share of pain, too. Cornelius eventually fled as if he was fearing his demise.

    Phoebe took his place. Yoshiro got hit by a deafening crack that decreased his hit rate. Luckily, he valiantly held up his origami crane that negated the effects of that whip. Phoebe soon realized her mistake and tried plan b. She tried hitting Yoshiro with her rapid lashes... Unfortunately, Yoshiro read her thoughts and threw up a Chi Reflect sending her attacks back at her face. This didn't last long though... As Yoshiro got tired and rested.. Phoebe took advantage of this and wounded Yoshiro badly. Yosiro decided that it wasn't his time to die and fled.

    Popo skipped in happily, slung her slingshot, and KO-ed poor Phoebe.

    Helene rushed in and slashed Popo to death. Ambrosia stormed in enraged at Popo's death and started to choke Helene. The startled and wounded Helene ran out.

    Cornelius marched in once again. Ambrosia didn't like her chances and threw Yoshiro the baton. Yoshiro tried his old trick again and slaughtered Cornelius with his Rising Dragon.

    Helene stepped in once again and murdered poor Yoshiro. Ambrosia was even more irritated and violently choked Helene.

    I had won the match.

    Dacomb said the game gave him a bad deck. "Excuses, Excuses," I smiled.

  10. stupid random deck generator! I'll be more careful next time!

    Just as added clarification... that was a revenge match Kitty asked for. She wreaked her vengeance on me!

  11. Zilflap and Sarsy

    Zil's Deck: Popo, Ubuntu and Yoshiro.

    My Deck: Higashi, Ambrosia and Cain.

    Outcome: I defeated Zil

    Cards lost:

    Zil lost all three, obviously.

    I only lost Ambrosia.

    Now, the blow-by-blow, in which I will attempt, as much as possible, to make Zil look awesome ;).

    First match-up featured Higashi from me and Ubuntu from Zil. Despite several people thinking I had the advantage, I decided to run Higashi's backside out of there.
    Therefore, Zil's vicious opening Tiger Claws narrowly missed Higashi's ankles as he scarpered.

    I had a hope that Ambrosia might be able to counter Ubuntu. Ubuntu slashed away in complete fury, with Tiger Claws again, at his last attack being dodged. Ambrosia got cut, as one would expect. And her revenge? Ah, as any vixen like her would, she started smooching Ubuntu. Naturally, for such an old fogy as Ubuntu, this was a surprise and he lost a handful of energy, which Ambrosia seemed to sadistically suck from him.

    Ubuntu was too unnerved by such an attack, and chose to get as far as possible. However, Ambrosia tried to seduce him with a sultry Bleeding Ritual. 'Twasn't to be. Ubuntu fled for his sanity's sake. Ubuntu was replaced by a young lad by the name of Popo.

    Ambrosia, obviously a fan for the older men, didn't really want to take on someone *quite* so young. The obvious evidence, incidentally, for Popo's age is the fact that he can wield that Slingshot with devastating ouch-ness. So, anyway, Ambrosia fled, sending Higashi to teach the young grasshopper the lesson of his life.

    Higashi, to prove his age is no barrier to awesome-ness, attacked with a Dashing Strike. However, this was after Popo's Slingshot struck Higashi, dealing triple-damage. Needless to say, Higashi's confidence was wounded, as well as his body, since those slingshotted rocks were doused in Deadly Poison.

    Higashi figured he'd have more of a chance in the hurly-burly close combat, so he approached Popo. (With a degree of caution, keeping an eye on that Slingshot) Higashi struck before Popo realised, with an Open Palm critical hit, which completely pwned the young grasshopper. Respect your elders is the key lesson here.

    The 'not-quite-so' young grasshopper, Yoshiro, was next. Yoshiro was determined to show that his palm was at least at awesome as Higashi's, but Higashi wasn't about to let himself get completely hammered by someone whom was actually fighting fit. Ambrosia was sent in to seduce Yoshiro senseless.

    Zil made Yoshiro keep his distance a little, catching onto the seduction plan before Ambrosia could start. Ambrosia had to content herself with a long-range seduction, which was, in all honesty, not much use. It had little effect, since Yoshiro just had a quick power nap rather than fall to the allure of Ambrosia.

    Ambrosia suddenly pounced into close range and was about to engage in sadistic boot-spiking, when Yoshiro slapped her with an Open Palm. Something about that shot seemed to knock Ambrosia completely senseless for a turn, something few men have accomplished.

    Ambrosia stood, stunned, as Yoshiro pounced with yet another Open Palm. However, Ambrosia had gotten used to the idea of physical violence and regained her senses.

    Ambrosia was finally able to Kiss Yoshiro, with sharp pointy Vampiric teeth. Although, Yoshiro's Open Palm got in first, albeit failing to even make Ambrosia flinch. Once again, Ambrosia sucked the life energy out of Yoshiro, and even seemed to hit a major artery, gaining extra life force.

    Yoshiro scarpered, possibly because he had never been kissed so passionately before. This is, of course, disregarding the fact that the kiss was administered to various vital body parts. Ubuntu, having recovered from his previous trauma was sent to administer a violent death.

    Since the distance between the two was larger this time, Ambrosia was unable to do much, instead completing another Bleeding Ritual, whilst Ubuntu begged the Spirits to hurry up and beat the crap of Ambrosia already.

    Ubuntu attempted a valiant withdrawal, having achieved the necessary task, but Ambrosia, obviously still wanting to... uh... stay in touch with Ubuntu chased after him, intercepting him before he could cross the border to safety. The spirits took their revenge now, causing Ambrosia to trip over Ubuntu's body and impale herself on the Elder's various spiky implements.

    Yoshiro and Cain entered to 'bring it on'. 'Twas a battle between the jock and the nerd. However, since Yoshiro was weakened severely from his first encounter with romance, the jerky jock teased the poor bloke with a swarm of freshly caught bats.

    This was more than enough to cause the student to faint in absolute shock, since the closest he ever got to bats was about 50ks away..

    And so, the battle ended, but only a victory for me by approximately a combined total of 30 HPs. So, it was actually very close, thanks to Zil's training which enabled many an awesome critical hit.

  12. Droops i feel my write up has slipped to the bottom of the class!

  13. No way Annie! Yours was the trailblazer! The one that set the stage for the greatness to follow.

  14. Flops cards:

    Puzzlelover1 cards:
    Marquis Le Morte

    Once Puzzlelover1 finally managed to get into the game (clicked a few wrong buttons and had to forfeit a couple of games)The match began.

    Ubuntu, one tough female, was kicking Higashi's butt so Puzzlelover1 swapped to Marquis Le Morte expecting him to be her strongest asset. Leaving the poor Higashi resting and close to death. The Marquis sunk his teeth into Ubuntu his vampire touch was just too much for her and he laid her to rest.

    He was then met by Higashi. Who under Flops guidance swiftly laid him to an eternal rest. A big gasp was heard from Puzz at this point as she considered him to be her secret weapon alas it was not to be.

    Yoshiro then stepped onto the scene. With his lightening blows of Chi Blast and dashing good looks finished off the weakened Higashi and made quick work of Popo.

    Puzzlelover1 triumphantly carries the day!

  15. Tuuls cards:

    Blakezos cards:

    Wow, what an intense first match. I couldn't even begin to tell you everything that happened. We had cards switching in and out furiously.

    Blake played extremely well and gave me a run for my money, switching out just as I was about to land a hard hit or, worse, using Cornelius' hypnotic stare to reflect Juju's Touch of Doom.

    I'm honestly nervous about this next match, but this one ended in a victory for me.

    Final Cards:

    Tuul: Cain, Rumiko
    Blakezo: None

  16. So, I played my second round against blakezo.

    Tuuls cards:

    Blakezos cards:

    Rather than write up a blow by blow for you guys... I give you the match itself!


    Final cards:
    Tuul: None!
    Blakezo: Higashi, Tafari

  17. Alright, so I was a little confused and this is NOT best 2 out of 3 so my above post is moot... but I've spawned something...

    Tarl has asked for complete instructions on how to create and upload these videos so here goes:

    1. Download video screen capture software. I got mine from
    [Disclaimer: While I do have a very good antivirus software and it didn't complain about this software, I am not responsible for any damage that you incur.]
    2. Install and run the video capture software and specify the record region on your screen. Then start recording.
    3. Play your game!
    4. Ok, so you're done playing your game, now you have to tell the software to stop recording and save the video.
    5. Wow, that's a huge file... You'll need to compress the video. If you're already familiar with video compression and have your own favourite software, go ahead. If not, I used Windows Movie Maker and the next steps will be for that particular piece of software.
    6. Import the video into Windows Movie Maker and drag it onto the timeline.
    7. Under File, go to Publish. You'll need to Publish to your Computer, then change the directory where it's saved to somewhere that you can remember. When given the option (it'll be a series of radio buttons), chose to compress the video. You'll be given the optimal compression size, so just use this. Proceed and wait until done.
    8. Great, you've got your compressed video! Now go to youtube and host it!

  18. ggamer(no blogger still)January 21, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    post_more_(videos) jediknighttuul!

  19. timerunner vs ldmacdonald

    winner: timerunner
    final score: timerunner : 3 card kills, idm 2 card kills

  20. I asked Trogdor about this and he didn't say anything... so I'm assuming he's fine with me reporting a 0 vs. 0 tie...

    I don't really remember much other than the endgame was Rumiko+Scroll vs. Anex+Insig at far range, full health/energy.