Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Wow...Finally! I new blog post! wooooo

So anyway...I think it is time to kick up the joy that is being a slothite and take things to the next level. So I would like to propose a couple of things :

1. An official Sloth Acrony night! That's right, it's time to have another Acrony night(s)! If interested, comment this post with your username(if different from your Kong name) and what night(s) and times (your local time with timezone please!) you might be available to attend. If there is enough interest, we'll schedule a fun Acrony night!

2. Kongai Tournament! You've been playing the challenges, now it is time to put all those cards to good use in the 1st official Sloth Kongai Tournament!! . The tournament will consist of a 3 round, round-robin qualifier, with a bracketed playoff after. Some of the details :

- All games will be 3 card matches
- Each player is guaranteed 4 games minimum
- Round Robin matches can consist of 3-card random, or use your own Deck
- All bracket (playoff) games must use a players' own deck (No random)
- Tournament is open to all resident members of Sloth, or any honorary slothites (past or present).
- To express your interest in competing, please whisper me on my profile (not a whisper in chat) at http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/Tarlanon/ and express your interest, and current Kongai Skill rank. If we get enough players, we'll have the tourney!

The only thing missing is a top prize for the Sloth Kongai tournament champion! In addition to the obvious bragging rights and personal interview/Sloth blog entry proclaiming your excellence, I would like to entertain other ideas of something that can be given to the top tournament players. Please respond to this blog entry with any ideas you have. So, whisper my(Tarlanon's) profile on Kong if you are interested in competing, but respond here with your idea(s) for top prize.

I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. It's too bad we don't anyone who's epic at art (or do we? I can't remember :\) or we could give them a special avatar or something like that.

  2. I'm in for acrony.

    Best times for me are any night from 7-10pm (GMT -5). If I can't make it for the entire thing, I'll at least be able to make it for part of it.

  3. I am in for everything Slothy!! Ya'll can enjoy kicking my tushie at Kongai in payment for my devastating Acrony skills. ;)

    Love the idea of an Acrony Avvy for the winner to wear for a week.

  4. Sounds fun. And I'm glad someone is finally doing something about this blog. It was having trouble thinking of things to write. :P

  5. Yeah...It'll be a hoot

    And I can for sure promise a smexy Acrony Avvy for the winner of Acrony night!

  6. Go kongai night! I am all in for that hopefully you get it started soon!

  7. I'm in for sure. Best times for me are 5pm-9pm GMT on weekdays and pretty much all day on weekends.

  8. For acrony night, I'm available on most weekday evenings from 7-9 PM EST time. Weekends (magically) don't work for me, but if we have a weekend, I'll try my best to attend.

  9. I will play acrony whenever you guys say it is happening.


    "Hi, I'm Everlovely and approve this Kongai Tournament" *big thumbs up*

    okay Tarl, gimme my five bucks.