Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why Sloth Is the Best Deadly Sin

There are seven deadly sins out there: pride, wrath, lust, envy, gluttony, greed, and sloth. For ages, these sins have done battle to see which of them can claim the most lives. Now, with only five sins remaining on Kongregate (lust and envy bit the dust a while back,) the war rages on...

While the war may continue for many eons to come, we all know who the winner will be: our beloved Sloth. But what makes Sloth so great? How could it possibly win when laziness and lack of motivation are two of its key features? The answer: you, our beloved room members. You make Sloth great, and this post is dedicated to you.

The following are some questions you can answer so we can all get to know each other a little better. Feel free to answer only the ones you feel comfortable with, and feel free to expand on them as you see fit. Answer the questions by posting a comment about this post.

1)What is your username on Kongregate? How did you come up with this name (is there a story behind it)?
2)How did you find Kongregate?
3)How did you find Sloth? What made you stay?
4)Are there any other rooms you frequent or are you not a faithless low-life?
5)What badge are you most proud of?
6)What is the most unpleasant badge that you've earned.
7)What are some of your favorite lesser-known games?
8)Who was your first friend on Kongregate? (In Sloth, or out)
9)What is something you love about Kongregate. What is something you hate about it?
10)Do your friends in real life (it does exist!) know about your relationship with Kongregate? Do they now that you love us more than you love them? (Admit it, it's true!)
11)Do you like cats or dogs better? Do you like them equally? (Notice that there is no option to dislike them both, all you heartless people out there. )
12)Is there a picture of yourself that you would be willing to show us? If so, post the link!
13)What are some of your most irrational fears?
14)For all you old farts out there, what is your profession or major in college? And for all you younguns, do you have any future career goals?
15)What is something about you that it is interesting and most of us don't know?

Can't wait to get to know you all better! Thanks for being part of what makes Sloth great!


  1. So here goes! I figure that since I was a big part in coming up with this, I might as well be the first victim.

    1) sgtdroopy. I actually came up with this several years ago when trying to think of a nick name for my sloth pokemon vigoroth. I loved it so much that I have used it for most usernames ever since.
    2)Through Jay Is Games. Yes, I contributed to their ridiculous number of points.
    3)I found sloth on my first day of joining Kong. I saw the "Change Rooms" button and thought I'd use it. I saw one of the seven deadly sins and though "That's an interesting name for a room, I wonder if the other six are here too. And they were! But since sloth is my most expressed sin, I joined sloth. I haven't regretted it.
    4)I stay in Sloth for the most part, though I occasionally visit The Castle. Everlovely and her minions are good people.
    5)The imp badge for Max Mesiria Chapter 2 RPG
    6)Yech...I hat too many badges/games to just pick one that I find particularly unpleasant,
    7)You can see them in the list to the right of the blog. Most of those are mine since you guys have failed to contribute so far. >:(
    8)My first friend on Kong was FelixGenesis. Sadly, he has since been consumed by WoW.
    9)I love the achievement and the chat. I hate that Kong seems to be totally understaffed in terms of people that work directly on the site itself.
    10)They know I play games online and chat with people...they don't get it though.
    11)Both! There is just so much to love about them.
    12) There are a couple pics of myself in the forums, but my photobucket account is as follows...
    13)I am absolutely convinced that some day I will get into a driving accident with an invisible vehicle that will subsequently become visible and there will no way to prove that it wasn't visible when I hit it. Every time I go into reverse, my heart beats faster.
    I am also scared that I will wake up one day and find that the majority of my lif has just been a dream.
    14)I am a psychology major in college, It is still unclear as to what I will be doing with my life.
    15)I am the child of a pastor and it has been a major part of defining me as a person. I swear, you can't be the child of a religious leader and not come out odd and/or in need of therapy.

  2. let me begin by saying this is a great idea, and now let me answer.
    1) Username: Faerinaal, it's a very obscure elven character in the Silmarillion that I've sometimes used for roleplaying. Being very obscure it's usually available.

    2) I used to play at and wanted to try the full version of Protector

    3) find it? random luck, destiny, lol, no idea, I just happened to be put there once. I stayed because it was the first time I actually felt compelled to participate in the chat in any gaming site I've ever been to. You have zil and others to thank for that.

    4)I never escape sloth

    5) I'd probably have to say the Monster's den imp

    6) pandemic... argh, the pain

    7) not sure if it's lesser known, but I'm in love with zilch right now. Also, Drunken Masters, great game, needs badges

    8) mmmh, I'd have to say zil

    9) love: games, people, environment, the chance to play random (sometimes crappy) new games every week
    hate: trolls! Beware of the trolls! (on that note, love: my mute button and ninja mods)

    10) my ex used to get angry, especially one time I wasn't talking on msn, but she noticed I was on Kong :S (we need a "hide from user" button, lol)

    11) I love dogs, I also really like cats, but dogs are a step above (and horses are above dogs)

    12) In Facebook my pictures are! Search for them you will. Juan Iwasaki my name is. (yes, that was Yoda-talk for no apparent reason)

    13) trolls? actually, just heights, then again, I like para-sailing, that's what makes it irrational I guess

    14) graduated with a bachellors in math in may 2008

    15) I play rugby, we won our national championship this year (though I must admit, I'm a sub), I do theatre, teach math, listen to metal, play dungeons and dragons, quite the odd package.

  3. ldmacdonald@comcast.netNovember 6, 2008 at 10:04 AM

    1) Ldmacdonald, I screwed up and left my email as my username :P
    2) Flash game hunting. Achievements are a weakness
    3) 1st room I dropped into, it seemed nice so I stayed
    4) NO, NEVER!!!!! Zil would beat me ;)
    5) Hmmmm….. Tough One…. Hexiom Connect’s Hard. Took me several months of lunch breaks
    6) Balance the Balls, HATE that one
    7) Still working on this one, but the gladiator games are fun
    8) Zilflap, which contributed greatly to becoming her minion ;)
    9)Love the achievements and Sloth. Hate, not so much. I’m a slothian, too lazy to find anything to hate!
    10)A few, none that I know of play though….
    11)Dogs, I was once held hostage by a scared kitten. Wrapped it’s claw around my neck and everything.
    12)Maybe, I’ll have to think on that one ;)
    13)Being useless….
    14)Computer Systems was the major, currently in Tech Support for a software company and wondering why I had to go to college for this.
    15)Mystery only adds to my charm so I’ll leave this lie for now…..

  4. 1)What is your username on Kongregate? How did you come up with this name (is there a story behind it)? aliasmajik is my username. It's been a forum name I've used for years, and it's one that is never in use, so I use it as a username almost everywhere these days.
    2)How did you find Kongregate? Google searches for flash games.
    3)How did you find Sloth? What made you stay? It was my default chat room when I started at Kong. I tried to change rooms once but came running back. Sloth is superior.
    4)Are there any other rooms you frequent or are you not a faithless low-life? I am loyal and true.
    5)What badge are you most proud of? Honestly? The 99 Dead Balloons badge for BTD3, but only because it kept eluding me for stupid reasons for like two weeks.
    6)What is the most unpleasant badge that you've earned.
    7)What are some of your favorite lesser-known games? the Tactical Assassin games and the Visitor
    8)Who was your first friend on Kongregate? I think chrishopper, but I'm not sure.
    9)What is something you love about Kongregate. What is something you hate about it? I love the variety of games and the badges. Sometimes I hate chat for the childish trolls.
    10)Do your friends in real life (it does exist!) know about your relationship with Kongregate? Do they now that you love us more than you love them? (Admit it, it's true!) They do. Even my boyfriend knows. That's okay though, he loves Kong more than me too.
    11)Do you like cats or dogs better? Do you like them equally? Cats are far superior creatures. This question is insulting to the master race of feline.
    12)Is there a picture of yourself that you would be willing to show us? If so, post the link!
    13)What are some of your most irrational fears? I'm afraid of being unable to move my arms >.>
    14)For all you old farts out there, what is your profession or major in college? And for all you younguns, do you have any future career goals? I'm graduating with a BA this year. My major is English Lit. Next year I'm headed to grad school to study Medieval Studies.
    15)What is something about you that it is interesting and most of us don't know? I just recently become a godmother for the first time. Also, my godson came home from the hospital today. <3

  5. 1) my username is: "lunaticlycaner"
    i deided 2 take this name bcause i like werewolves (also known as lycans) and im pretty crazy UEBAB!! (c?)

    2) i came 2 kong by the game: protector i played it there bcause i wanted 2 have full access 2 all features of the game

    3) i didnt find sloth, sloth found me
    and i stayed in sloth bcause the people r all very nice (the people who actaully talk) and im 2 lazy 2 change rooms

    4) no

    5) im most proud of my "hall of fame" badge on amorphus+
    it makes me proud bcause it took ages but i didnt give up

    6) the medium and the 1st hard badge on z-rox

    i only got them by checking the walkthrough
    7) dunno

    8) my very 1st friend was jomar0619

    9) i love the games and as a kong-member u can actually lvl up with them. but the best feature there is chatting with friends
    the only thing i hate on kong r trolls

    10) no and no

    11) i prefer cats

    12) im srry, but no
    i just want 2 safe u from being blinded by the perfectness of me

    13) ZOMBIES!!!

    14) not yet

    15) i went 2 gymnasium after the 4th class bcause i was 2 smart 4 the 5th class on the elementary
    i accepted 2 help all the poor teachers with their life and make it shorter... very much shorter

  6. 1) StPeteDude. It is the city I am from St. Petersburg, Fl not Russia ;) The story is that I am a dude from St. Pete....

    2)Randomly searching google for a decent flash game site.

    3) Sloth was one of the first rooms I entered just because the name kind of fit the mood of playing flash games no? I stayed because it was the first room I entered where the chat wasn't about retarded shit.

    4) S4L mofos lol

    5) ummm my favorite would probably be monsters den and last stand badges. If I could ever get the pandemic Impossible badge I would be proud of that but madigascar rapes me hard....

    6) I dunno I don't play games I hate for badges... this would explain my 15 level lol

    7) I have no idea I just kind of bounce around randomly...

    8) I think it was Zil followed by Gal and droop... but not completley sure.

    9)The sense of accomplishment you get for completeing certain games/badges. I hate having saved games randomly deleted has happened to me on amorphous twice...

    10) Yes they all play games too lots of Second life and WoW addicts so by comparison Kong i lite weight... besides my true crack is CS:S woot CS for the win BOOMHEADSHOT!!

    11) dogs ftw give me an animal that will eat my enemies and love me and I am down for the cause.

    12) uhhh I dunno dont take a lot of pictures will have to rummage...

    13) being date raped by Zil and droop lolz. no really I hate spiders and I am non to keen on heights either...

    14) I just graduated college and I am going to be an RN...

    15) I am way smarter than I appear in chat. Chat is an outlet for douchebaggery I harbor inside myself in person I am much more likeable... Oh who am I kidding I'm kinda a douchebag all the time it's just how I roll...

  7. Hey there! I know you have all been waiting for this with bated breath so here it is, the much anticipated fake self-conducted interview with YuriGolovin, aka Snugglekins!

    1) The name is an abbreviated version of my full nickname that I occasionally use on various creative writing assignments at school. The full version is Yuri Tivrusky Golovin III. This, itself, is an admixture of the names of various characters in the media: Yuri from the first name of the titular character in Dr. Zhivago, Tivrusky from one of the names of my favourite character in Cowboy Bebop (Edward Wong Hau Pepalu Tivrusky IV), Golovin from the last name of the titular character of The Death of Ivan Illyich by Tolstoy (everyone needs to read this, btw) and III because I wanted to be pretentious. Anyway, this has become my standard interwebs username and pseudonym.

    2) The first time I found Kong I was searching with Google for Chronotron, which I had played elsewhere but couldn't remember where. The first return was Kongregate and, being ever the adventurer that I am, I decided to click blindly and have been enamoured ever since.

    3) About two weeks after I joined Kong I was randomly placed in a room. Up until that point I had virtually ignored the chat and had yet to actually say anything in it. I saw Zil's name and a couple others come up repeatedly, and their occasionally intelligent conversations gave me the courage to actually speak up, eventually.

    4) I don't think I'd be able to look myself in the mirror if I ever cheated on Sloth.

    5) Hmm... The BI imp? Or maybe the Pizza Psychopath one. Yes, yes, I said it, I'm proud that I had enough time to waste grinding on silly flash games.

    6) See above.

    7) Well, Tri-Achnid, of course. And though they're not so much 'lesser known' Aether and Areas aren't talked about that much anymore. I love all those. Basically if a game has compelling visual imagery, awesome soundtrack and innovative movement it has stolen my heart.

    8) Trixah! I wubs mah Trix. We met late one night over the corpse of a homophobic troll by the name of KingofSpam with which we had just done battle. The kvas flowed heavy that night.

    9) Obviously I love the people, and by that I mean I love both the community as a whole and the individuals therein. I suppose the flip side of that would be that I hate the community as well, or rather the potentiality for stupidity, inanity and bigotry.

    10) The last time I mentioned the interwebs to my friends I was trying to explain a rick-roll. Their conclusion was that I was the biggest nerd in the department. I know being a nerd is not inherently bad, but I'm not going to risk ridicule unless it actually comes up explicitly in conversation.

    11) I have had both cats and dogs in my life. In fact my cat just died last week. I have asked myself if I would 'do it again'. That is, would I ever get a cat or dog again. I certainly enjoyed the time I had with my cat, as well as my mom's dog, but I honestly don't believe I would ever get a fur-lined pet again. Maybe a snake, or I've thought about a bird, too. But nothing mammalian (sorry ferretferret).

    12) Um... short answer is that if you haven't seen a picture of me yet you have lost all opportunities to do so :P

    13) Rational and irrational is subjective. There are some who believe that phobias are biologically engendered, others who believe they are culturally constructed. Either way, at some point in Human history they served a purpose in certain circumstances. If I were to list those which I possess, whether you believe they're rational or not, I would have to say, in this order: Public speaking, crowds, ants, bats.

    14) I am currently a Senior in Anthropology, with an emphasis in Archaeology. Basically all that means is that I like digging holes and digging them well. As far as career goals go, I would like to go into higher education, so I don't get to stop after my bachelors degree... I'll be in college 'til I'm 40 -_-

    15) Interesting... interesting... umm... I was two months away from being born in Egypt? Does that count? I dunno... I've lived a rather boring life, really.

  8. 1. TheDarkMuse. I love poetry, and I generally write about depression, dark romance, and sadness.
    2. On PR2, there was an ad saying that visiting Kong got you the hat. Once I learned about PR2 getting badges, I decided to check this 'badge' thing out. And Voila, motivation.
    3. Ever came to AAA (my starting room) and said she was 'saving the kittens'. I decided to see where someone who did such an honorable deed hung out, and after the Castle, Sloth!
    4. I am too slothy to answer this question or talk about the other rooms I visited pre-Sloth.
    5. Hexiompossible :D
    6. Although I haven't earned it, the Warbears badge sickens me (the game does, actually), but the one I have that sickens me is Band-Aid Fetish. I'm proud of it, but it was kinda easy and the game is... you know.
    7. Grapnel, PlantWorld, Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG (because it's getting hidden by these new games you kids love these days)
    8. Zcollvee. My best friend ATM is either Zil or Ever... I refuse to make any further judgements and therefore plead the fifth.
    9. I love how the badges give you motivation to play a game, even though the points are kinda useless. On the contrary, the badges make me not want to play a lot of games that don't have them.
    10. Yes they do. For both of them. Though they tease about my Kongfriends...
    11. CATS! Cats symbolize Sloth, fools. Anyone saying Dogs is a Wrathy fool!
    12. No... I look kinda nerdy and short.
    13. The fact that someone may climb into my bedroom and shoot me.
    14. My dream job is a poet, but I'll probably be a scientist or mathematician.
    15. I have written lyrics to the song. It has a tune. Now just to work out the guitar and drum parts... also, my favorite animals are hummingbirds. Favorite sport is cricket :P

  9. 1 My username is puzzlelover1 I have used the name for years on numerous sites.. I like puzzle games.

    2 I found Kongregate by accident whilst looking for new games to play.

    3 Think Sloth was the first room I entered. Did not pay much attention to chat at first. The people grew on me.

    4 I never felt the need to go elsewhere.. why knock a good thing.

    5 Most proud of white board tower defence badges. First time I played that type of game. the characters were cute.

    6 zrox badge was the most unpleasant coz I had to use a cheat. In my defence I did not go for all the badges coz I felt guilty.

    7 Loved the submachine games. Good old point click and use your brain.

    8 1st friend I think was good old (or not so old) Zilflap

    9 I love the chat and often spend time between games catching up with what's going on. Always check to see if there is a potential troll lurking. Hate people putting others down. People may not have your knowledge or be able to do what you can do, but, do you know everything they know or able to do what they can do?

    10 Must admit I have been selfish and not shared my love of Kongregate (note to self.. share)

    11 Love Cats, dogs, all animals (wasps don't count they are evil and vindictive)

    12 Not sure if there are many pictures of me in circulation, I usually duck the camera

    13 Not sure if I have an irrational fear (except for wasps.. not irrational) pretty level headed

    14 I'm a customer experience manager, guiding and nurturing my little seedlings

    15 Very tolerant, easy going, good listener, can keep a confidence and good at reading between the lines.

  10. 1)My last name is "Maguire". My friends started calling me "Magooush", "MoQuash", Ect.. But Magooush always stuck. :)
    2)Looking up achievements for the Xbox 360.
    3)Sloth was the first room I was placed into. The community kept me there. It was one of the only rooms that didn't just have a "1337"crew....
    4)No. Sloth ftw.
    7)Tri-rachnid, Idle 2 :o, Basically any puzzle, strategy, or point-n-clicks. :P
    8)I believe my first friend was either Galexan or Zilflap.
    10)I luffs you all. :) Obviously Yodeath knows about you guys. :)
    11)I like them equally. I own a cat.
    12) On the Left is Yodeath. :)
    13)Spiders. :O
    14)I'm a youngin'! Yay! I would like to become an engineer of sorts.
    15)I find most things interesting. I like random fact/knowledge.

  11. 1.My username is xXScrapheadXx, becaaause…. I’m scraphead. That’s why.
    2.I found congregate on the internet. =D Okay, I really don’t remember exactly how I found it, but before kongregate I was gaming on many other sites.
    3.Sloth wasn’t the first room I encountered. I was checking out some Norwegian rooms too, but they all sucked. Sloth was the most descent room I could find.
    4.I’m not a faithless low-life.
    5.I have 3 imps, but the badge I’m most proud of is the hard from Loops Of Zen, because I really sucked in that game and gave up first time after level 4.
    6.I have kind of avoided all the unpleasant badges till now :P But one I really didn’t enjoy.. hmm.. I seriously can’t think of any.
    7.Lesser-known? How would I know if the games are known or not? Anyways, one of my favourite games is Luminara.
    8.My first friend on kong was a friend of mine irl (andymaniwxe)
    9.I love badges, achievements, games and chat (Sloth). I hate some of the games that get badges (may they forever burn)
    10.Yes, they do. Some of my friends irl play on kong but without an account.
    11.I’m a dog person. Used to have one, but she is dead. Now I have a cat :P
    12.I have already posted a pic. I think it was on page 175 of that pic thread.
    13.You fear me. (you do! mwahahaha!)
    14.I’m not an old fart (only 16 years), and I have no future goals. Except from being rich of course, insanely rich. Without doing to much. It’s gonna happen!
    15.I just watched a commercial about a pizza. Now THAT’S something you didn’t know about me! :D

    For the record, I'm a 16 year old boy from Norway.

  12. 1)bug9513 it's a combanation of a random word, my birth-year, and m gaduation-year as longas i dont end up like my bro.

    2)dont remember, it was a while ago

    3)it's the room i was put in when i joined, there are nie people here

    4)no, the onl time i have been out of sloth is the first 10 seconds seconds after i log in before i get to chane ack to it

    5)dont really know

    6)havent gotten it but went nearl insane tryin for the pandemic 2 badge

    7)dont really know, maybe last canopy


    9)everthing but trolls; trolls

    10)not really; never comes up


    12)cheeck out my myspace

    13)not irrational, but my biggest faer is falling out of a tree and being impaled on a branch, but it doesn't keep me out of the trees:)

    14)after navy im gonna go to cooledge and then, who knows

    15)not really

  13. 1)Zifiden. umm not to sure how I came up with it.. I hate numbers in my name. I started using it on Warcraft 3 and have continued on all my games since
    2)Through Free world games
    3)Well I'm about a lazy as the day is wait.. I think i'm even more lazy to be honest.. because I love it here
    4)Can't say that I do
    5)My minovian hero badge
    6)again the minovian hero badge.. what a pain in the ass
    7)Factory balls 1 and 2.. I love that game.. and also gemcraft
    8)umm.. i'm not sure.. I think it was zilflap.. probably was. she's such a sweetheart
    9)the badges and challenges.. I hate that ummmm... i'm not sure.. maybe how easy some of the challenges are
    10)lol i've got my wife playing on kong now... her game of choice is bloons
    11)I love dogs.. but we have cats. so I guess its a 50/50
    12)I'd show pictures.. but sadly I don't have a link.
    13)ummm... I don't really know I'm afraid of being abitious one day..
    14)currently I work for a company building melting furnaces and heat treating equipment.. basically if you look at something metal around you at some point between when it came out of the ground and when you bought it.. it probably went though one of our furnaces
    15)not that I can think of

  14. 1) Shagie - a less common spelling of my nickname at work (given when there were 3 people with the same first name).
    2) Desktop Tower Defense by way of LoLCats.
    3) Chat room I found myself in when I started, didn't see any reason to leave. Yep, I'm lazy.
    4) Nope.
    5) Umm... lets say "Doomed Heroes Badge"
    6) Umm... lets say "Supreme Cthulhu Badge" because I haven't gotten Necronomiconquerer Badge.
    7) Lesser known? Hmm... I'm a junkie for Monster's Den, but not sure if that counts as lesser known.
    8) I think that would have been the magnificent Zilflap.
    9) Best part - neat games. Worst part - the crap in new games.
    10) Nope.
    11) Cats by far, though I like some dogs too.
    12) Go poke at Deviant art for my photos. I even get in front of the lens once or twice.
    13) Too many to iterate.
    14) Web programmer (backend of customer facing website). It has been 12 years since I graduated from college with a BS in CS.
    15) If you haven't followed #12, I am an avid photographer.

  15. My turn I suppose?

    1 - I'm CursedHeart, the story behind the name goes back a couple years. I once met a guy and his cousin over the internet on a game, and one of their usernames was CurseHeart. I became friends with them and we communicated with each other for about 4 years. Then, one day, one of the cousins goes on and tells me that the other, CurseHeart, had disappeared. I was sad, and in his memory I use the username CursedHeart, the only difference the "d" at the end of "Curse".

    2 - I found Kongregate through the site I-Am-Bored. I was browsing through the newest addidions and I found the game Doodle Defender [Or something along those lines] and so I played it. The game was opened in a new screen on the site Kongregate, and after finding out about badges, I decided to join.

    3 - I found Sloth after leaving Lust. Sadly, Lust, my supposedly biggest and favorite sin [Ridiculous, right?] was overrun by idiots and illiterates. So then I fled to my next favorite sin room, Sloth. What made me stay was the handful of higher levels in the room, such as Gal, Zil, and Droops.

    4 - Other than Sloth, I occasionally go take a visit to The Castle, especially when nobody else is on.

    5 - The badge that I am the most proud of is the M.A.D. impossible, especially after almost getting it in one run. 300 credits short.. =/

    6 - Draw Play 2's medium badge. Enough said.

    7 - My favorite lesser known games are Aether and Tri-Achnid, although Aether became pretty popular for a while due to being on the front page.

    8 - My very first friend on Kongregate was RetroTV. I met her in Lust and I was attracted to her higher intellect [Or so I thought]. Our conversations fit the room name perfectly, but I got sick of it and left. [Now I'm afraid of her too]

    9 - The thing I love most about Kongregate is the badge system. Oh how I love those badges.. The thing I hate most is the red light of doom.

    10 - Well, one of my friends who recently signed up for Kongregate is the only one who knows that I am there a lot of the time. And no, none of my friends know how much I love Sloth.

    11 - Dogs are better. I have two of 'em anyways.

    12 - Sadly, I am not photogenic and I have no picture of myself existing on the internets.

    13 - My most irrational fear... has to be... horrible typing. Yeah, that has to be it.

    14 - I hope to become either a chef, a therapist, or a private investigator when I grow up. They all seem so interesting.

    15 - People claim that I would be an excellent actor although I consider myself horrible at acting. Perhaps it is because of my skills of persuasion during an argument.

  16. Well, here goes nothing.

    1) My username is Chaunage. I thinking of a username for a site I can't recall right now, and I didn't want all those numbers that get tagged on when you choose ione that was already picked. So I mish-mashed two french words (Chaud for hot and Neige for snow).
    2) I found knogregate by playing protector on a different site, and liking it so much I decided to see what site it came from.
    3) I found Sloth by pure chance when I signed in once. I stayed because it was full of interesting people.
    4) I'm not on too often, and if I'm in other rooms, I only stick around for a day tops.
    5) I'm most proud of my Pandemic 2 badge, for President Madagascar. It took a long time, but I finally got the blighter.
    6) The same badge as above, because it took forever.
    7) I do enjoy Xeno Tactic and Pillage the Village.
    8) Hempknight89, because he was pretty nifty to talk to.
    9) I do love the wide variety of games here, and the fact that the badges help me find new games to enjoy. I do get irritated from people trolling about political topics, as then I can't enjoy them.
    10) Actually, yes. I nearly persauded a few of them to sign up too.
    11) I prefer dogs over cats, if only because they don't don't bother me when I'm trying to sleep as often.
    12) I dunno if it'll work though.
    13) All of my fears are fully rationalised :P . The most obvious one is claustrophobia though.
    14) Apprentice machinist, working my way towards a journeyman's ticket.
    15) I have travelled abroad to England, and have many fond memories of that place.

  17. 1)My username on Kongregate is Visitant. I found it when I was about 16 and I’ve used it for 6 years now. I originally used it because it could refer to a ghost, a spirit. I thought that was so cool back in high school. Now? It simultaneously fits my two modes of behavior. I either lurk, acting like a ghost, or I chat and hang out like “a visitor.” No, contrary to Zil’s theory, my name has never been broken up as V I Sit Ant to mean “The fifth ant sitter.” How she came up with that I’ll never know.
    2) I was playing Desktop Tower Defense on I kept seeing links to this place and I decided to check it out one day. I saw the challenges and the badges and thought that this place looked fun. So I decided to sign up.
    3) I followed someone else, my first “friend” and rival, over here. When he left I stayed. I don’t know why. He kept moving and I wanted to find a place and get comfortable. For some reason I decided Sloth was the place to stay. Back then the room was primitive, pretty much all lurkers, and that’s how I liked it. I didn’t know anyone and I don’t make friends quickly. That can make me seem a bit anti-social in real life or on chat. Later some total noobs arrived on the scene and started shaking things up. They were called Zilflap, Sgtdroopy, Galexan, and FelixGenesis. At first I didn’t know what to make of them but they seemed to kind of look up to me (at the time) and they were friendly. I finally decided that they had were ok and that lurking wasn’t the only way so I stuck around and started to hang out with them. I inspired them to become badge addicts and we formed a new Slothian order together. I’ve kind of dropped back in recent times though. Reverted to being more of a psuido-lurker I guess. I think part of it is that with so many people in the room now I don’t feel like there’s much room or need for me to interject anymore. I guess you can’t take the lurk completely out of a lurker. Although I will point out 1 thing; usually when I’m not talking at all it’s because the window is open but I’m not really around (undeclared afk).
    4) I have almost never left sloth since coming to the room about 10 months ago.
    5) The “Pizza Psychopath” badge. Not every body can tolerate that game long enough to get that badge. I stuck it out to the end and came to understand why people would be tempted to spit in the customer’s food.
    6) The “Pizza Psychopath” badge. If you earn that badge and don’t completely hate the game by the end… well, bless your heart.
    7) I like “Rings.” Yeah it has a badge but that game doesn’t get near the attention it deserves. I’ve been the daily high score a couple of times. My all time best was 305000 points.
    8) My first “friend” was another badge fiend called JackyPop21. He was Gal before I met Gal. Meeting him started me down the achievement addict path. That ended pretty fast though. He wasn’t as fun to hang out with as Gal. That was a good month before the others arrived in sloth. My first real friend on Kong though? Who registered first? Gal or Zil? I’m pretty sure Sgt came a little later…
    9) I love the badges, the cards and high score tracking. I love bragging rights really. I don’t care for the current fan/friend system though. Too much teen and pre-teen angst leads to pointless popularity contests and “friend getting.” The first time you add someone as a friend to get them to shut up you know something’s broken with the system. I don’t do that often though fortunately.
    10) Oh yes. They know about me and Kong. Most of them are as into flash games as I am though they won’t admit it. They won’t join Kong because that would provide proof of how much time they waste on this stuff. Some of them are on Kong though. They’re mostly level 10 or lower and think it’s crazy that I’m over level 35. I love all friends equally though.
    11) Dogs are way better. Cats are crabby and fickle. Dogs are loyal without fail.
    13) I fear falling, even when there’s no reason to think that I will. I refuse to stand too close to the railing. I don’t like to stand near large windows too long… I also am always afraid that someone will break into my dorm or my house and take all my stuff including my computer.
    14) I am a Chemical Engineering major in my senior year. I hope to graduate in another 12 to 18 months and start making the big money (ChemEs get $70,000+ per year starting out).
    15) I collect coins. I like to look at them and read books about them to learn more. I can state from memory the years that most of the US coin series were minted for the last 130 years.

  18. 1. Roflolmao. Felt bored and felt like using a single letter to join two words.
    2. Found Kongregate from uhhh searching up random games here and there :D. Came here once, noticed the badge system, thought it was cool,totally forgot about it. Faintly remembered, came back, and well here i am!
    3. Found Sloth from the random room joining thing. Seemed friendly, fun, and no "OMGWTFBBQ H@X0R" type of things :)
    4. I go no where but sloth :)
    5. The End Ender Badge.
    6. Warship Destroyer Badge.
    7. The Heist/The Battle
    8. Forgot :D
    9. I love all about Kong, mostly Sloth. I hate nothing about Kong.
    11. Dogs are awesome. Cats are epic phail.
    13. A bridge I am walking on will collapse and I will fall to my death.
    14. Become rich person!
    15. Sloth knows all about me.

  19. 1. dgtljunglist. You can look up junglist on wikipedia, but a friend had 'seakklejunglist' which sounded cool, so I went with dgtljunglist. (dgtl -> digital)
    2. Honestly don't remember, it was a really, really long time ago. I remember coming back, though, to play Chronotron, which is an amazing game. The badges made me stay.
    3. Kong put me in Sloth when I came back this last time, and the people made me stay.
    4. Kongregate tries to put me in The Village whenever I'm not logged in, but other than those fleeting seconds of adventure, no.
    5. The hardest one on Hexiom Connect took a while.
    6. Right now, the 2M point one on Music Catch is driving me insane, because I keep getting around 1.96M.
    7. This isn't technically lesser-known, but I'm a fan of the version of picross that's on Kongregate.
    8. anniethenanny
    9. Chat and badges. It's damned addictive.
    10. Not particularly.
    11. Cats. No question.
    12. Too lazy to find the link. Maybe some other day.
    13. My fears are very rational. To me, at least.
    14. I'll have a master's in CSE in two years.
    15. Um?

  20. Well... My turn, I guess?

    1) My username is Sarsy. It's a slight deviation from my regular nickname of "Sars". "Sars" results from my last name being Sardelic and my high-school classmates making the link between it and the SARS outbreak in China all those years ago.

    2) Kongregate... Umm... I was playing a game on OnlineGameSector and I was starting to get bored with the regular fare of game sites. So, I Googled online game sites and Kongregate was the first one I hadn't visited, so I thought I'd try it out. Ever since I signed up and realised there were achievements and levels, etc, I was hooked.

    3) Sloth was my second allocated room. The first was Adventure Club, if I remember correctly. Then, having forgotten to keep myself logged in, I got reassigned to Sloth the next day. And the chat was civilised! Gal and Sgt were chatting away and viola, I introduced myself into the conversation when it was about real names, and Gal said his was Alex (As is my own :))

    4) Psht, I've only ever changed rooms to watch Ban-[insert move of Mod's choice] or the TrollHammer™ of Tarl. Other than that, I'm a faithful, dedicated badge-whore. :P

    5) The badge I'm most proud of? *scrolls through the spreadsheet of badges...* Probably the Dolphin Olympics 2 Imp, since that was my first Imp ever! It took a bit of time to get too, since I started reasonably early in my time, but didn't earn it for several months after I started trying.

    6) The most unpleasant badge I've earnt...I'm going to go with the Being The Very Best (Although I did love the Pokémon reference). The first time I did it, but the chat didn't work. Then, for some bizarre reason, the saves didn't store and I had to subject myself to the hours of repetitive clicking in order to earn 30 measly points... Oh well, it's another one earnt.

    7) I... don't do the whole lesser-known games... I'm a badge whore (Although I was corrupted for a while by the evil ratings). Although, Idle 2 is pretty intense, as is Acrony, despite the lagging effect it delights in having on my computer

    8) Ooh! My first friend was Gal, mainly because he was an awesomely high level (Back then, he was early 20s which was...Wow!) And also because we shared the same first name, we got off pretty well when I first conversed in Sloth.

    9) The fact that you can get bragging rights on the games, as opposed to a mere high-score on every other site, is just awesome. It's what drives me... Sorta...That and I HATE leaving something unfinished...Which is where the downside of Kong is... The fact that I will never earn all the badges, regardless of how hard I try.

    10) None of my friends in real-life know I splurge my time on Kong. Which should probably change... But not to the point of my referring them. I'll tell them the site, I don't want no referral points. *spits on referral points*

    11) Dogs, without a doubt. I have a deep despisal of all domestic felines. Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Lynxes etc are okay, mainly because they're just awesome, whilst the domestic relatives are mere furballs.

    12) Yes, there are pictures... Although, there will be more in just a few days at *my* Formal... But to satisfy your voyeuristic tendencies, check I'm the guy, and the girl is Bec, and the photo was taken at her Formal.

    13) Irrational fears?... Well... Claustraphobia, but really only in the pitch-black dark. Every other time, I can usually cope well with them.

    14) Future career is aimed mostly at Economics, with the focus being Econometrics (High-level maths-focused area of Economics. Treasury and public sector sort of area)

    15) Something interesting, yet unknown... Umm... I've been in the top 72 out of 42,000 primary school age kids in a national spelling competition?

  21. K, I call shenanigans,I just filled this out and it didn't post, here goes one more time!

    1)Galexan is a mash up of my real name, Alex Guardiola. Galexan sounds way cooler and I have needing a college email to thank for it.
    2)I was in an off and on again relationship with Stormwinds 1.5, I just needed that extra kick to fully commit to it. Thats when I found badges and Kong and love.
    3)I didn't find Sloth, it found me. I am pretty sure Sloth wasn't really around before we cleaned up the streets. Nothing like busting heads to build bonds with other gamers.
    4)I've headed out into the great beyond to see what I may see, but the attitude and pace just isn't the same is it?
    5)Zunderfury's Imp is stil lthe most skill testing badge there is imo, and that sucker took me forever to get.
    6)I never want to be in the same room as Balloon Invasion ever again, God Awful.
    7)Warp Forest, Pieces, Battle Fish (Fish with Lasers!), and Fruity Bat (Check the English, good lord.)
    8)It mighta been FG, or possibly Vis, my fans list tells me its Zil, but I'm pretty sure that was just her being nice and friending me first. They're all good choices though, so maybe its best if things are a bit blurry.
    9)Levels! I like tracking my progress and the chatbox makes it a lot less like sitting by yourself for hours on end. On a serious note, the Slothites really make the site for me, you're great. Nothing I dislike really, times are changing, the site is in flux, I will find time to hate things when it settles down.
    10)My friends do know and some are here, and even though I've taken a little more time lately for the real world, I in no way love them more than you guys.
    11)I've had a good one of both, but I like the size of dogs, better for playing with and for giving hugs to.
    12)No! No there isn't, I am part of no such sites...but in the mean time the Shmexican in this video is me.
    13)I can't do backflips, physically I think I could, but flipping over in the air freaks me out. Other than that, rollercoasters and *wuggles*.
    14) I'm a Creative Writing Major for all the good it will do me, maybe I can become a mechanic or something if I am good and ask Santa for Christmas.
    15)I don't actually find cowboys to be schmexy, sorry Yuri but it had to come out. Now you know my shame.

    I think that about wraps this up. Woot!

  22. 1)My real name is Annie and I used to be a nanny - it just works!
    2)Thinkship told me about it.
    3)Came into sloth and just stayed there - lurking in the background till I was brave enough to join in the chat!
    4)I am not a faithless low life!!!!
    5)Loops of zen - the hardest one - never completed a whole game and got all the badges before!
    6)so many, I am quite lame at computer games, but have become a bit of a badge whore. Rarely get more than a medium though :/
    7)hmm pillage the village was fun.
    9)Love the chat, hate the trolls
    10)Some, however those that do respond with strange looks when i mention it. They do not know what they are missing - hah!
    11)Equally, i have a cat but would love a dog too - although the cat would not!
    13)ummm David Bowie - his eyes reall scare me.
    14)I am a primary school teacher.
    15)not really - sorry!!

  23. 1) I use ceruleanblue as a username in a few places. It is just a shade of blue. I like blue.
    2) I was searching for free games to play, and I kept playing free games on kong until I bothered to get myself an account.
    3) My default room is Sloth, and like a true sloth I am too lazy to leave.
    4) Other rooms? ewww
    5) I dont really have badge pride. My levels go up really slowly and I am OK with that.
    6) the easy badge on papas pizzaria was painful
    7) hmmm it hard to think of right now...i have sprout in my that lesser known?
    8) Maplobats
    9) I love sloth. I hate not having a mute list.
    10) A few friends know.
    11) I love both, though I am more of a dog person.
    12) Ill put a couple up - the first is better quality and the second is more recent.
    13) My irrational fear = Clowns
    14) I am a biochemist but currently I am exploring alternate options for my career and working in publishing.
    15) I am not sure what you know about me...I am an old fart by sloth standards, a scientist by training, a hobby photographer, and a lover of nature...but none of that is really that interesting or riveting. I have worked a lot of weird jobs in my life, including lighter tester and bouncer at a raver bar.

  24. 1) RenHero, shortened forms of my first and last names.
    2) Friend of mine randomly linked me to a game on Kong... I don't remember which.
    3) My cookies failed, and I wouldn't be able to stay logged into Kongregate after a day. So I'd join a random chatroom then find that I wasn't logged in. Eventually found Wrath and Pride, wondered if Lust was in the rooms... it wasn't. Sloth was, though.
    4) It's mostly this one. Used to be in The Hole and The Hive when my cookies were good.
    5) Friends with Functions (hard badge from Light-Bot)
    6) No idea.
    8) DirtyGringo86... I honestly don't remember who that is. The first name on the list that I remember is ItBeNickYo.
    9) All the awesome flash games on one website, plus achievements and awesome people. Hate... the less-awesome people.
    10) Yeah, I actually brought a few of them to Kongregate. They don't know about Sloth though... it's never come up. (Best excuse in the book!)
    11) More or less equally. Though for some reason I find Pomeranians to be hilariously awesome. Like the one picture of a Pomeranian with shades and an empty paper towel tube on its nose? Single best picture on the Internet.
    12) No pics.
    13) Uh... I don't have many irrational fears... needles, dentistry... I'll go out of my way to avoid any kind of pain though.
    14) I have a B.Sc in Computer Science, though that proved to be mostly useless so I'm now studying to become an Instrumentation Technician (basically industrial instrument calibration/maintenance)
    15) Interesting and most people don't know... I don't like pizza. It's an interesting fact due to curiosity. People can't comprehend how I don't like it. Oh well.

    Hi guys.

  25. ZOMG HAI HAI!!

    1. Trixah.. cuz Trix has been my nick name irl forEVER.. and my lil sis used to put "ah" on the end of everyone's name.. so instead of just Trix I thought i'd branch out..

    2.Umm randomly sifting through various game sites.

    3. To be honest.. when I chose Sloth.. it was crap.. there was some little punks being gay or something so I left.. but Faerinaal sent me a msg asking me to come back.. naww how cute!

    4. Nein!

    5. Umm.. I dunno.. I'm not too addicted to badges.

    6. I give up if it's too hard.. or if it's a game i'm not into lol

    7. Santas dirty cubes! lmao.. ahh yuri and I had fun playing that back in the day :) (sounds a bit wrong, but that's not what I mean!)

    8. My first added friend was Faerinaal! But i'd have to go with yurikins

    9. I love the totally awesome people I've found on there.. and it's the best gaming website I have stumbled across. I don't "hate" anything.. it's such a strong word.. but I highly dislike some of younger ones who have horrid forms of verbal diarrhoea. I swear 90% of the time they don't even understand what they are jabbering about.

    10. Umm.. not really.. but then I'm not on that much anymore.. I have gotten a couple of people onto it though :) I wish I got referral points or something!

    11. I'd have to say cats, but then my cat isn't like the generic ones.. they don't bug you all the time for pats.. awesome personalities, etc

    12. Umm sure.. most recent one atm is thus..

    13. Erm.. I really don't like zombies!

    14. College? I didn't go to any college :P um... kinda complicated story.. but I teach dancing =D

    15. Interesting and me don't exactly go in the same sentence! Umm.. I like to make stuff outta duct tape..

  26. 1. bunniesrck31-Self-explanatory. My favorite number is 31.

    2. Searching for Papa's Pizzeria :P.

    3. Was thrust into Sloth on my first day. Stayed because I didn't know how to change rooms. I mean, I stayed because of the friendly regulars and awesome Mods, Zilflap and Tarlanon.

    4. I am most certainly not a faithless low-life. I occasionally visit Zero Axis and Velocity to see friends, but that's all.

    5. I am most proud of my Amberial hard badge.

    6. The most unpleasant badge I have ever gotten was the badge for Dark Cut. I almost threw up after playing that. Blech.

    7. Some of my favorite lesser-known games are Meeblings, Buggle Stars, Hotcorn, and Oh, the Huge Manatee!

    8. ONe of my first friends was either Zilflap, sgtdroopy, or puzzlelover1, I think.

    9. I love the chat and the badges. I think that Kong should have a faster badge-making rate, but I can live with it as is. :)

    10. Nope. None of my friends know about Kong, and non of them know I like gaming.

    11. I love them both, but only when they're small, i.e. kitties, puppies, Yorkies.

    12. Nope, no pictures for you. And none of my bunny either. :P

    13. Witches under the bed. Terrorists attacking my house. Kidnappers in the closet. House burning down. Earthquake trapping me underneath my desk. Shots.

    14. I hope to be a writer or have a career that has something to do with children. My mom wants me to be a doctor. No way.

    15. I was born in Iowa. Adopted the day I was born. Doesn't bug me. Don't make a big deal.

  27. 1)My username on Kongregate is Fishey89. Well my last name is Fish and all my girl friends throughout the years have always called me fishey so it kind of stuck with me. Oh and the number 89 was my Football number in college.

    2,3)Facebook. Was bored one day and looking for flash-games on there to play saw Kongregate saw where there were achievements, loved it and been around since.

    4)Sloth is my one and only love, I'm scared of change and what lies outside the safety of our lovable mods and regs.

    5)I think I may have a few Imp. badges so I would have to say those.

    6)I know it may hurt ya'll to hear this but the pillage the village badge's.

    7)Hmmm... I would have to say i liked the fishing girl game even though it was short.

    8)I can't really remember who my first friend was but it was most likely Zil or Ceru.

    9)Diversity of games and I enjoy the names of the badges and cards. Well what everyone hates how slow it is for new achievements.

    10)Yes and my girlfriend has threatened to break up with me several times over Kongregate. Says I pay more attention to my video games and that stupid chat room then I do her.

    11)More of a dog guy but love all animals.

    12)Just facebook me if you can if not I will add links later.

    13)Kongregate being Shut down. An army of giant mutated spiders that attempt to take over the world.

    14)Grad School in May and major will be Agronomy with a minor in Entomology. My profession will be agronomist AKA a farmer with a doctorate degree working on genetically altered crops and testing new chemicals.

    15)I am colorblind and thus some games I will never be able to win at....

  28. Well i guess everyone wants me to post one so i will :)
    1)which user name? hehehehe. The on i use most i omfgitsAzzAzzA then i use the AzzAzzA account then the rest are perm banned. Well there is a really really really long story behind it. It all started when i was a troll i spammed Sloth chat room then the evil moderator "knightofRa" came and then he banned me. I didnt know what happened so then i made another account called AzzAzzA2 then annoyed KnightofRa then i got banned again then one day i decided to make 20 AzzAzzA accounts ad troll KnightofRa's room Once that ended My first AzzAzzA account was unbanned i then trolled abit more then it got perm banned. Then i decided to turn over a new leaf. Then a thew months later Zilflap brought a Admin in i talk to her (ducklette) about getting my AzzAzzA account unbanned. Weeks weeks of not trolling (and im still going :) ) I told ducklette i'v been good and she Told me i will un ban it but im banning all your other account apart from omfgitsAzzAzzA(thats my high level account) the i agreed and the the next day i had AzzAzzA back yay! thats the end of the story :)
    2)I played warlords:call to arms and it said play at kongregate so i did. xD
    3)Well i made my account just so i could spam and swear and annoy people
    4)Im not a faithless low-life xD
    5)The warlords: hero's impossible badge its my only impossible badge i have got
    6)The hard badge where you got to throw rings on the sticks xD
    7)I don't like lesser-known games oh wait i like the classroom
    8)Jack29 he goes to my school:)
    9)I Don't like it. it sucks nah just kidding i like it because it has something to work towards(badge wise) and i hate it how im not a Mod:(
    10)Yes :) yes they do xD
    11)Dogs for sure!
    13)I don't know you tell me
    14)Nope i don't xD
    15)Im really really good boy in real life (not kidding)

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. I had Tarl delete my first post because I forgot to answer a question... here's the updated version.

    1. What is your username on Kongregate?


    a. How did you come up with this name (is there a story behind it)?

    I earned my username from my coworkers at the cable company many years ago. The job market was bad and the only work I could find was Cable TV Installation.
    The company I worked for was a contractor for Comcast and they were less than honest.
    I hated the job more than any other job I have ever had.
    In revolt to my nemesis position I let my hair grow to and refused to brush it.
    The in-between state of my hair - buzzed to long - as pics in the forum photo topic show - is quite unruly.
    My real name is of Italian origin as am I so I became known as Da Comb upon my entry to the office.
    It stuck and I began using it as my online username as well as my domain name.

    2. How did you find Kongregate?

    I got sick of the games on Armor and started playing on Kong one day.
    I realized that the badges provided a reason to play flash games so I stuck around.

    3. How did you find Sloth? What made you stay?

    I stumbled into Sloth. I’d been on Kong for a few months usually muting the intolerable chat in other rooms.
    One day I forgot to mute. I looked at the room name. “Sloth” I pondered. “hmm… interesting room name”
    Then I noticed something I didn’t believe existed on Kong or in chat, intelligent conversation.
    It was Vis and droop and Zilflap and some others talking about this very blog post.
    I chimed in that I was impressed with the community and that was that. I was a sloth.

    4. Are there any other rooms you frequent or are you not a faithless low-life?

    Heck no. Are you completely mad?!

    5. What badge are you most proud of?

    Hmm… I don’t know… I don’t think I care that much.

    6. What is the most unpleasant badge that you've earned?

    So many were grueling that I’ve blocked them from my memory.

    7. What are some of your favorite lesser-known games?

    I’m just not really into favorites… I have a few favorite things but particular flash games haven’t made on the list yet.

    8. Who was your first friend on Kongregate? (In Sloth, or out)

    I think I friended Zilflap first. Remember, prior to sloth I never interacted in chat so I had no idea about Mods or anything. I thought the name was interesting and that she seemed to have a respected voice in the room so I checked out her profile and fell out laughing. The 30 something references just made my day to read.
    I think I was also under the misunderstanding that adding friends earned you points.
    So I picked Zilflap. Shoot! No points! But I wouldn’t trade the misguided mistake.

    9. What is something you love about Kongregate?

    Sloth of course.

    a. What is something you hate about it?

    Crappy search and sort options.

    10. Do your friends in real life (it does exist!) know about your relationship with Kongregate?


    a. Do they now that you love us more than you love them? (Admit it, it's true!)

    Of course not.

    11. Do you like cats or dogs better? Do you like them equally? (Notice that there is no option to dislike them both, all you heartless people out there.)

    I have two dogs. Malibu and Ollie.
    Malibu is a Beagle/Chihuahua and Ollie is an American Jack Russell/ Something.
    They are my babies. They have loved me through some really bad times these last days.

    12. Is there a picture of yourself that you would be willing to show us? If so, post the link!

    13. What are some of your most irrational fears?

    Being a father

    14. For all you old farts out there, what is your profession or major in college? And for all you younguns, do you have any future career goals?

    I’m currently a furniture maker but prior to that I founded a network infrastructure design firm and operated it for 7 years. I sold out to my partners when I was sick of business administration. I’m not a business administrator.

    15. What is something about you that it is interesting and most of us don't know?

    I love Jesus.
    I rock climb.
    I’m an avid shooter (fire arms).
    I’ve snowboarded in the Swiss Alps.

  31. 1)hmm... i usually go by kikijojo or kikimimi but... neither was available... and dodo just sorta... fit on the end.
    2)My bro told me about KONG
    3)I was a drifter for a while... random rooms and such... and then... *poof* i got put in sloth and fell in love!
    4)i'm a sloth.
    5)err... i don't know...
    6)hmm... i honestly have no clue
    7)i like music catch... and most puzzle games
    8)my brother BL00DW0LF (some number... or something like that)
    9)chat... is so much fun... i sorta hate it when there is nobody to talk to...
    10)i really do love sloth... too much... and i don't really think any of them... know... about my "affair"
    11)i think i like cats better, but i like both
    12)facebook or myspace... hmm. that's my facebook...
    13)feet... don't laugh
    14)err.. i'm clueless... but still young.
    15)err.. i'm female, i recently chose to become a vegetarian (november) err... i like to read... err.. yeah...

  32. 1) annieanniebanany113. Nothin special... actually all my usernames for EVERYTHING is annieanniebanany113. Hey, so im not creative... DONT JUDGE ME!!! *gasp*

    2)I googled some random game i once played, and was led to this glorious place.

    3)It was the room i was made for! first time i signed on, i was dumped in Sloth. I checked out a few other rooms, but decided no other could compare to my home. It's zeal, charisma, and comedy are too powerful to let me leave.

    4) I AM NOT A FAITHLESS LOW LIFE!!! HOW DARE YOU LABEL ME! ok, so ive had a few issues with being low, lifeless, low lifed, and such, but NEVER have i been faithless!

    5)Wow. I didnt even KNOW i could see my badges... i just thought they went a-floating into cyberspace once i earned them...

    6)Again, i have no clue. i am currently viewing said badges as we speak. chat. type? READ? GAH! i dont know what we are doing!!!

    7)Wooden path. not many people these days like a good, challanging mind game. well, guess what? i DO.

    8)The droopster! I remember it quite clearly... I waltzed into the room like i usually do, said hi, droopy said hi to me, and we instanly became friends! (well, not instantly, you know with the time it takes to accept a request, yada yada yada....

    9)What is something you love about Kongregate. What is something you hate about it? I love that we can interact with other people. talk about things... it really helps me imagine that im not a pathetic gamer with no friends... (of course i have friends! who do you think i am? my sister?!)

    10)They do not know about my addiction, and i do agree that my kongregate buddies are MUCH better than my real life ones. (in a few ways)

    11)Dogs. dogs can eat pretty much anything without getting sick. you know what, that is FREAKING AWESOME. and, if they do end up puking, they can just eat some grass. man, i wish i could eat grass somedays...

    12)I am the girl! It should work because i have my profile on public, but if it doesnt, sorry!

    13)Im afraid i will suddenly forget to breathe. then, i will have a spaz-attack and have to breathe manually for a little bit.

    14)I wanna be a cowgirl! oh wait, that was when i was 5... I wanna be a BIG cowgirl!

    15) I am on my high school swim team, i have danced ballet for 5 years, and i only drink coca cola if i have put peanuts in it. (look it up if you dont understand)

  33. N3RD4L1F3/Positron666February 3, 2009 at 2:33 PM

    all right, let's see...
    1. i move quite frequently, so i cling on to my old friends and their traditions. in 5th and 6th grade our class was known as the "nerd class" because we were advanced. rather than getting mad over it, we took it as our title. now i don't live there anymore, but i kept N3RD4L1F3 as my username, because it's true XD
    2. in 4th grade, a friend of mine recommended interactive buddy to me, and when i told him i had no idea what it was, he directed me to soon, however, another one of my friends told me that had a lot of viruses. so i switched to because a lot of games on addictinggames came from then, i found that a lot of games had the kongregate loading screen, so i decided to check up the kongregate website.
    3. i was messing around with the change room feature, found sloth. i was too lazy to switch to other rooms, and since i'm new here, with no friends, i didn't find a need to switch.
    4. again, no friends, so i just stay in sloth.
    5. badge i'm most proud of... hmm... i guess the arena smackdown badge on talesworth: death watch, since it's my only hard badge XD
    6. none of them, i'm an optimist
    7. you have to burn the rope, stormwinds (i don't think it's popular), bars of black and white, sin mark
    8. none yet, so N/A
    9. i like the weekly achievements, badges, and kongai. i think it's a new approach to gaming sites. i don't really like how hard some of the badges are. i don't have all day to try and get a badge! plus i probably couldn't get some of them even if i had all day...
    10. no, they don't know
    11. i don't own a pet, but i like cats better. i have mild caninephobia and dogs always bark at me for some reason.
    12. er... not really... (see below)
    13. fear of swimming-i almost drowned during kindergarden in a pool, fear of identity theft-totally irrational, but i'm paranoid, fear of monsters from other dimensions who transport themselves through dark places, such as the drain-unknown cause.
    14. i have no graduated from high school yet, actually. i want to be a mechanical engineer, chemist, or graphic designer when i grow up, though.
    15. um... i've moved 9 times, through china, japan, and various states in the us? my room's a mess, but i can still find everything? i have the patience to type out an ultralong comment for a blog?
    p.s. i'm positron666 on youtube. the 666 comes from one of my old friend's emails. and positrons are cool.

  34. and someone's going to nail me for double-commenting, but i forgot somethign in the "what made me stay" section on sloth. i was playing the multiplayer zombie slayer game, and i found this one room called "sargent droopy's platoon" or something like that. intrigued, i decided to try it, but got my brains eaten anyways because I. AM. BAD. AT. GAMES. although the platoon struck up a conversation while shooting zombies, and i met sgtdroopy. then i saw his name once while i was casually looking in the chat box, so i stayed. i'm stubborn, and not used to new things, so...
    oh, and qwerty is another name i use. most of my pokemon games have a qwerty registered as the name. it's named after the keyboard since i <3 computers

  35. 1) RABlood. I was bitten by a poisonous spider and almost died, then fought with my doctors when they started mentioning "qie duan" (amputation) ...anyway my students started calling me spiderman, and that would be too lame a name, so RadioActiveBlood was the result
    2)I caught one of my staff playing games at work, Bowmaster. I jotted down the address and started playing at home, lost the address, did a search and got to Kong from Google
    3)I started in Zero Axis, maybe thats why i get so snarky... anyway, was randomly dropped in sloth one day and was shocked to find that there are other Rooms on Kong. Never left.
    4) No... but since Zil outlawed trollbaiting i sometimes follow our slothmods on their modcalls... sad i know.
    5) Pandemic 2
    6) none, if i dont like a game i dont play it. But Amorphus+ was enjoyable but too much of a grind (hence why i never got it)
    7) was Mud n Blood 2, but now its popular.
    8) VampDNE, then Sgt, then Zil
    9) I love that its free, and that i can talk with people in my native language. I hate the 12yearold spammers that have been drifting into sloth these days
    10) Yes, Yes (expect i do love my wife more, sorry sloth)
    11) I like Dogs better, but... my most favorite pet of all the ones i've had in my life ws my cat Captain.
    12) don't know how to post a pic, shout to me how!
    13) a) spiders, but considering my situation and experience i dont think thats too irrational b) that there really is a god and i'm truly going to be held responsible for all my misdeeds one day
    14) Dual major Religious Philosophy and Political Science
    15)I'm a carnivore

  36. 1) Deknor has been my user name since I was about 12 years old, lying to become a member to all sorts of sites. I actually created it when I wrote a story in which Deknor was the main character.
    2) I think it was a google search. But not for just flash games, but instead flash games with achievements. I'm an achievement junkie.
    3) It was my default room. And I never really wanted to go anywhere else.
    4) I've only ever gone to another room to rid myself of disgusting trolls. And I came back within a few minutes.
    5) I've not yet really accomplished a badge worth being proud of.. But I'm getting there.
    6) Possibly More Bloons. Doing all 50 maps. It didn't give it to me the first time through, and it wouldn't give it to me for beating the last lvl again.. so I had to play the whole thing in one run. AGAIN..
    7) Flash Flash Revolution. Not really lesser known, but its not a game anyone I've talked to knows about.. Except Tass.
    8) The Slothians were my first friends on Kong.
    9) I do love the badges.. (Once again, achievement junkie.) But I do hate the annoying trolls that seem to flood in.
    10) My friends know, but they are slowly coming around to being Kong addicts.
    11) My dogs and cats are both gorgeous. And both are equally awesome.
    12) Yes I have a picture, but i'll post it in the thread on Kong. :D
    13) Drowning is a terrible fear, even though I can swim well.
    14) Dual BA in Computer Science and Information Technology. One day I'll be making games that everyone else is trying to get achievements for. (It doesn't matter what device the game is on.. It WILL have achievements.)
    15) I make rap music in my spare time. No one really knows that on Kong. :D

  37. 1)What is your username on Kongregate? How did you come up with this name (is there a story behind it)?
    Afrikaisi. I’ve always had this weird obsession with Egyptian names, and I found the name Afrikaisi somewhere, so thought I’d use it. =D
    2)How did you find Kongregate?
    I was playing Warlords: Call to Arms on another gaming site, and it linked me to Kong. I thought I’d check it out and decided to stay. :D
    3)How did you find Sloth? What made you stay?
    I think Sloth was the first room I popped up in when I started..Either that or the second one. I met Yuri that day and decided to come back. xD
    4)Are there any other rooms you frequent or are you not a faithless low-life?
    I’m too cool to go to other rooms. ;D
    5)What badge are you most proud of?
    I don’t really pay attention to the badges I get..
    6)What is the most unpleasant badge that you've earned.
    >> Look at the answer for question 5!
    7)What are some of your favorite lesser-known games?
    6 Differences has to be my favorite. I love the music and the pictures.
    8)Who was your first friend on Kongregate? (In Sloth, or out)
    9)What is something you love about Kongregate. What is something you hate about it?
    Loves – All of the strange conversations I’ve had in Sloth.
    Hates- Trolls.
    10)Do your friends in real life (it does exist!) know about your relationship with Kongregate? Do they now that you love us more than you love them? (Admit it, it's true!)
    None of my friends in real life know about my Kong obsession. I keep it a secret. ;D

    11)Do you like cats or dogs better? Do you like them equally? (Notice that there is no option to dislike them both, all you heartless people out there. )
    I’m more of a dog person, unless we’re talking about kittens. Fully grown cats don’t like me very much. D;
    12)Is there a picture of yourself that you would be willing to show us? If so, post the link!
    I’ve shown my picture enough times, silly people!
    13)What are some of your most irrational fears?
    Talking in front of large groups of people, being left alone.
    14)For all you old farts out there, what is your profession or major in college? And for all you younguns, do you have any future career goals?
    I want to be a tattoo artist, or something art related! =D
    15)What is something about you that it is interesting and most of us don't know?
    I’m a lefty. ;D

  38. 1) corzin/ zorkster (both really)and quite frankly it was just a random username my dad came up with for me, cuz i had a model corvette Z on my dresser at the time and we were bored.
    2)i found kongregate when i was bored at my grandparents' house playin random games and this one looked cool.
    3)found sloth cuz the room name i entered was rude and mean, dont remember which one it was, and so sloth looked like a cool name, and its actually one of my best friends' screen name so i thought it was his, but ye w/e sloth is nice and all so i thought i'd stay and here i am a year later WOOT
    5)hmm i'd have to say... were i to get it, the 5days of hedgehog one, i have the 10-day one somehow but yea... um but currently own i'd have to say finding all the endings to the unexpected visitor
    6) hmm... unpleasant for me being too easy would probably the sonny one, though i loved playing it (the finishing the game of course =P)
    7)dont really know what games are "lesser known"
    8)would probably be california300000 (cali)
    9) love- the people and rp'ing ^_^ hate... um probably when dorks come in and ruin conversatons...
    10)lol not really
    11)CATS they're nice and calm when needed to be =P
    12)not really and couldnt even if i did...
    13)wanna cook =)
    14) I'M ZEREK!!=D course all of u know that really... I'M LOVED ^_^

  39. 1)What is your username on Kongregate? How did you come up with this name (is there a story behind it)?
    Rashkavar. Beyond the fact that it came to me while browsing Heroes of Might and Magic III hero names for inspiration for my Baldur's Gate 1 PC, I don't know how I came up with it.

    2)How did you find Kongregate?
    Greg showed it to me. Greg is a classmate of mine. I am not speaking of the Greg who makes badges, but the one who is a Mining Engineering student at UBC.

    3)How did you find Sloth? What made you stay?
    Random chatroom dump. At first because it lacked waves of idiocy that so many rooms were plagued with back in the day. Later because Zil_ (then Zilflap), Galexan, and sgtdroopy were so awesome with giving tips on badge games (and that's what I like...pointers, not exhaustive walkthroughs)

    4)Are there any other rooms you frequent or are you not a faithless low-life?
    Other chat rooms? You actually believe the rumors of other Kong chatrooms? Don't be silly; you're smarter than that.

    5)What badge are you most proud of?
    Hmm...there are a lot to choose from...
    Hall of Fame (Amorphous+), Chaos Theory (Dino Run), Fish Thankfulness (Dolphin Olympics 2), Ultimate Monster Slayer (Max Mesiria 2) and Feat Fantastic (ZunderFury) are probably the ones I've beome most attached to, though. All excellent games that were only mildly painful even with the insane requirements for these badges.

    6)What is the most unpleasant badge that you've earned.
    The Monster's Den impossible or the Orbular impossibe. Both are detestable games, imo, and both required overnight grinds to complete (and, in the case of MD, I was too tired to realize droopy (I think it was droopy) was joking when he said MD didn't save, so I just kept going....)

    7)What are some of your favorite lesser-known games?
    Music Catch 2, Hexxagon and Boomshine. All awesome games and I don't see any of them getting old.

    8)Who was your first friend on Kongregate? (In Sloth, or out)
    Zil_, Galexan and sgtdroopy (all at once).

    9)What is something you love about Kongregate? What is something you hate about it?
    Hmm. Love: too much. Sloth, the mods, the sense of community, the badge system, the friendly competetiveness with other slothites, working together on a puzzle game with slothites. Zil (doublecount as she's a mod, too, but it's worth it). Trixah (because she's awesome).
    Hate: Greg's choice in badge games (occasionally), trolls and other manifestations of idiocy.

    10)Do your friends in real life (it does exist!) know about your relationship with Kongregate? Do they know that you love us more than you love them? (Admit it, it's true!)
    Many of my friends know I go on kongregate. The degree of my addiction is unknown to them.

    11)Do you like cats or dogs better? Do you like them equally? (Notice that there is no option to dislike them both, all you heartless people out there. )
    Iguanas. Cats are too proud and dogs are too noisy. Iguanas are calm. Also, who doesn't want to own a miniature dragon? :p

    12)Is there a picture of yourself that you would be willing to show us? If so, post the link!
    There is not. I am white, with brown hair and brown eyes and I am probably taller than you. All you need to know.

    13)What are some of your most irrational fears?
    Suffering while awaiting death. I'd say it's claustrophobia, since it's mainly things like getting trapped underground while at work, but I don't think it's just claustrophobia since it's the idea of being trapped, not the enclosed space, that gets to me.

    14)For all you old farts out there, what is your profession or major in college? And for all you younguns, do you have any future career goals?
    Mining Engineering student, 3rd year. And before you decide to hate me, my goal is to go into environmental consulting in the above industry.

    15)What is something about you that it is interesting and most of us don't know?
    Umm, hmm, not that.
    Ah, here's one:
    I'm working (sorta) on an ADND2 based RPG that is probably more ambitious than Baldur's Gate was. However, I am clueless when it comes to 3d graphics (and while pixel art-ing a million sprites and maps would be fun, it would take way too long and reduce the overall quality of the game, since retro is not my goal (despite ADND2, I just like 2nd Edition more than 3rd or newer. Anyone know how I can make (or better, "borrow") a 3d game engine that could work with this? I really don't want to have to pay, though, since I'll then have to charge for things and thus will need to get licensing for everything (iirc, Wizards of the Coast doesn't mind people using DND as long as there is no money involved).

  40. 1)My username on Kongregate is: bockerlee. I came up with it because my friends call me Bocker which is a nickname derived from my actual name and Lee is my last name!

    2)My ex-boyfriend joined Kongregate a little over a year ago. I decided to join a month or so ago after remembering the fun games I played on his account.

    3)Dacomb rescued me from Chatmasters. I am staying because everyone has been nice, respectful, and quite normal which is a good change from the latter!

    4)The only other room I have been is Chatmasters and I don't think I will return.

    5)"Badges? Badges? We don't need no stinking badges." Ok that was an old movie quote. One of the best. I do not believe I have any badges.

    6)Please see above.

    7)I love Sola Rola. I don't know if it is "lesser-known" however.

    8)My first friend on Kongregate was my ex-boyfriend (now friend), Grumzar.

    9)I love being able to play fun games. I don't really hate anything about it aside from the occasional rude person. But really I don't hate them either.

    10)I have sent some games to my friends that they seem to enjoy.

    11)I love all animals!!

    12)I have a pic up on here. It is me at Christmas 2008!

    13)I'm always afraid that someone is going to break into my apartment. Probably because I have some questionable neighbors!

    14)I have a bachelor's degree in Marketing and am currently an insurance agent. I love it!

    15)I joined the Navy when I graduated from High School but was discharged due to medical reasons after 5 weeks of boot camp. My division graduated Battle E which is the highest boot camp graduation honor. I was proud of them but sad that I could not be there with them!!

  41. 1. iMachine. I thought of iRobot. I'm glad I choosed the iMachine name, as I grew up to be an iPod enthusiast.

    2. I can't remember. It was in 2007.

    3. I found it through a friend I stalked for
    fun. I stayed because of the people there.

    4. I am a faithless low-life. I got Sloth and Paradise.

    5. My hard badges. Got no impossible badges.

    6. You Have To Burn The Rope badge. 5 pt. It made me feel useless.

    7. The Sand Man Defends Sand Land From The Monkey Horde Of Doom.

    8. Norwegian13

    9. Love Kongregate for the chat options and the forums.

    10. 1 person know. He couldn't care less though.

    11. I love dogs. Dogs are awesome.

    12. Nah, I can't be arsed uploading any images to imageshack in moment of writing.

    13. Spiders. They are the anti-christ.

    14. I plan to become a slob when I grow up.

    15. I got 7 nipples!

  42. 1)What is your username on Kongregate? How did you come up with this name (is there a story behind it)?
    My username is DaxterX2, Back when I was 12, I was making an account for gamefaqs (2 months underage) and I decided to use daxter_X. Later a friend got me into Runescape and I put daxter_X 2 which came out as Daxter_X 2.. Later when I discovered kong, I took out the underscore and space.

    2)How did you find Kongregate?
    Through a new friend at school in 8thgrade, we never talked but one day we ddi and instantly became friends. he showed me onemorelevel. A few months later I saw PR2 and that K hat... which thats how I got the idea to make a kong account.

    3)How did you find Sloth? What made you stay?
    To be honest, I started out as a Zero Axis reg, and being one, I'm not used to well-ruled rooms. So I kidna resented the room. But eventually when I perma'd my account I started my new one in sloth. When I came back I thought to myself "Well.. I'm NOT going back to ZA... I'll go to sloth and show them my old account now" Even though at the time, Zil_ and sgtdroopy were the only ones who knew me.

    4)Are there any other rooms you frequent or are you not a faithless low-life?
    Well... I Like Sloth (my what a change) and hardly leave, but if I do, I visit a friend in The Vortex, or go to DM1 for awhile, but I stll like Sloth more :3

    5)What badge are you most proud of?
    Uhm..The impossible badge for Necronomicon, because it was my first impossible.

    6)What is the most unpleasant badge that you've earned.
    Any badge that requires hours of grinding.

    7)What are some of your favorite lesser-known games?
    Hmm.. Magnetic Defence ( I think thats what it's called, it's in my favorites) andIf you count AKS, that too.

    8)Who was your first friend on Kongregate? (In Sloth, or out)
    Well, Out of sloth, easily, my first friend was Sarah (MiMc) But in Sloth, My first friend was Puzzlelover1, before she became a mod, to my alt, and after she became a mod, to this account

    9)What is something you love about Kongregate. What is something you hate about it?
    I love the Chat and badges.
    I hate the trolls, and my good ZA memories T_T'

    10)Do your friends in real life (it does exist!) know about your relationship with Kongregate? Do they know that you love us more than you love them? (Admit it, it's true!)
    Yep, and the few I have, think it's sad.

    11)Do you like cats or dogs better? Do you like them equally? (Notice that there is no option to dislike them both, all you heartless people out there. )
    Well since I cant dislike them both, (v-v) KITTY

    12)Is there a picture of yourself that you would be willing to show us? If so, post the link!

    13)What are some of your most irrational fears?
    My friend that I made hate me, leave me over little things.

    14)For all you old farts out there, what is your profession or major in college? And for all you younguns, do you have any future career goals?
    I dunno, maybe inthe programming direction.

    15)What is something about you that it is interesting and most of us don't know?
    There's only one thing I can think of but it isnt a good thing. Got my best friend on kong demodded. Hence why I dont talk as much.

  43. 1)ArekutheArtist. I became obsessed with trying to get as good as a real, professional anime artist when I started thinking about what I was going to do for a living. Maturing brought that upon me, and now I'm bent on becoming the CEO of an anime company!

    2)My brother, like always, was looking for more online fun, and dragged me to Kong.

    3)I spent a few minutes in a room, my bro had me go to Sloth. I got settled in, got to know Sloth, took a liking to most of them, etc. I loved all of the people there, they were nice, and so inviting. Gaming there is just more fun anyway. ;)

    4)I am faithful to Sloth! I've only ventured off once, or twice, for about 5 minutes.

    5)I got caught for being under age 2 years ago(I'm old enough now.), so I don't remember that glorious first badge. My favorite was the "Escape from White November Badge
    You earned this easy badge and 5 points on
    Mar. 01, 2009 in Sonny" Badge. Mainly because it was my first on my new account. :)

    6)That's a hard one. They aren't very unpleasant once you get the points.

    7)I loved "Vox Populi, Vox Dei(a werewolf thriller)". It had badges too!

    8)My brother.

    9)I love the badge system, and the chat rooms. I hate some of the games Greg chooses to badge. Sometimes he chooses the perfect one. Other times he's just being a moron about it.

    10)Some of my friends know about Kong. I spend a lot of time on Kong(If there's badges to be found!), so I'm usually not hanging out with them. :)

    11)I like them equally. I usually own more cats, though. Dogs are more of a handful!

    12)Yep. It's not me looking normal, though. I also have a drawing/ tribute for Woot-man. :)

    13)Spiders, robbers, and psychopaths.

    14)Goal: Get a Major in Business, and become the CEO of an anime company.

    15)There's a body in river. Meet me there by midnight.

  44. 1)What is your username on Kongregate? How did you come up with this name (is there a story behind it)?
    Verarde. The name comes from a book/novel series that I'm writing. No spoilers!
    2)How did you find Kongregate?
    I found it while searching for a place to play Starfighter:Disputed Galaxy. I've never left!
    3)How did you find Sloth? What made you stay?
    I landed in Sloth. The kindness of the people, and the fact that now, I feel out of place anywhere else.
    4)Are there any other rooms you frequent or are you not a faithless low-life?
    Once in a while, I may hang out in Remnants of Disputed Galaxy. But the place has less then 50 people whenever I'm there, and Sloth is more lively.
    5)What badge are you most proud of?
    My first one. Beats Mowing Lawns Badge Badge On Disputed Galaxy. My official entrance to Kong.
    6)What is the most unpleasant badge that you've earned.
    Haven't really had one like that yet.
    7)What are some of your favorite lesser-known games?
    I play all the popular games. Heh. The ones with badges. If they don't have badges, it's because they are part of a series.
    8)Who was your first friend on Kongregate? (In Sloth, or out)
    It was lickthelollipop. A very good friend of mine, and we've stayed in touch on Kong and off.
    9)What is something you love about Kongregate. What is something you hate about it?
    The fact that Kong, is Kong. I can't find anything to hate.
    10)Do your friends in real life (it does exist!) know about your relationship with Kongregate? Do they now that you love us more than you love them? (Admit it, it's true!)
    They don't know about it
    11)Do you like cats or dogs better? Do you like them equally? (Notice that there is no option to dislike them both, all you heartless people out there. )I like 'em equally.
    12)Is there a picture of yourself that you would be willing to show us? If so, post the link! Follow me!
    13)What are some of your most irrational fears?
    I absolutely hate bees and being unable to breathe.
    14)For all you old farts out there, what is your profession or major in college? And for all you younguns, do you have any future career goals? Forensics has always interested me.
    15)What is something about you that it is interesting and most of us don't know?
    No flaming please. I am a Christian in mind, soul, and spirit.
    Because there is no weapon
    There is no blade
    You wonder why I’m not afraid?
    There is no weapon
    There is no blade
    You’ll never kill Him that lives inside of me.

    Project 86 "The Butcher"
    That link for full song.