Saturday, October 11, 2008

Favorite Lesser Known Games

Ok, Slothites, I am trying to compile a list of our own "buried treasure." Comment or tell me on Kong what your favorite lesser known games are!


  1. Hais Zil.

    Should this be something of a vote? For instance, each slothite comments on what their favorite buried treasure is, then we all get a little while to play them and vote, then the top 5 get added to the list.

    Seems the democratic way to go. =)

  2. Works for me! I was just gonna ask folks what their favs were and add them. Let's see if we get enough to need a vote first. ;)

  3. I'm not hoping for much in the way in the way of agreeing with my choices but...
    -Teleporter Twins
    -Jelly Blocks
    -Color Infection
    -Oh, The Huge Manatee

    As I said...
    Hope you all like them despite most of them being so puzzly!

  4. Oh, I am sure they are all great Droops! We sloth are, after all, very puzzling creatures. ;)

    If I could just figure out how to stop my addiction to badge acquisitions and just play things for fun....

  5. It's easy Tarl.. you just get all the badges... :p

  6. But there are always more badges, Zil! :P

  7. Oh, The Huge Manatee is full of exploding Penguins and win. Good Choice Droops.

    I also like these...

    The World on Fire
    The Cake Shop
    Fruity Bugs 2

    World on fire is a combo of memory match game and timed round combat game. Not to mention super cute.

    Cake Shop is silly yet strangely addicting

    Fruity bugs 2 has potential but desperatly needs a pause button.

    all 3 are colorful and will fulfill your daily cute requirement.

  8. Mine is
    The Battle

  9. I'd just like to add that Pieces and Warp Forest need a little love. Teleporter Twins is of course awesome.

  10. what would you consider small game?