Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Wow...Finally! I new blog post! wooooo

So anyway...I think it is time to kick up the joy that is being a slothite and take things to the next level. So I would like to propose a couple of things :

1. An official Sloth Acrony night! That's right, it's time to have another Acrony night(s)! If interested, comment this post with your username(if different from your Kong name) and what night(s) and times (your local time with timezone please!) you might be available to attend. If there is enough interest, we'll schedule a fun Acrony night!

2. Kongai Tournament! You've been playing the challenges, now it is time to put all those cards to good use in the 1st official Sloth Kongai Tournament!! . The tournament will consist of a 3 round, round-robin qualifier, with a bracketed playoff after. Some of the details :

- All games will be 3 card matches
- Each player is guaranteed 4 games minimum
- Round Robin matches can consist of 3-card random, or use your own Deck
- All bracket (playoff) games must use a players' own deck (No random)
- Tournament is open to all resident members of Sloth, or any honorary slothites (past or present).
- To express your interest in competing, please whisper me on my profile (not a whisper in chat) at http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/Tarlanon/ and express your interest, and current Kongai Skill rank. If we get enough players, we'll have the tourney!

The only thing missing is a top prize for the Sloth Kongai tournament champion! In addition to the obvious bragging rights and personal interview/Sloth blog entry proclaiming your excellence, I would like to entertain other ideas of something that can be given to the top tournament players. Please respond to this blog entry with any ideas you have. So, whisper my(Tarlanon's) profile on Kong if you are interested in competing, but respond here with your idea(s) for top prize.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why Sloth Is the Best Deadly Sin

There are seven deadly sins out there: pride, wrath, lust, envy, gluttony, greed, and sloth. For ages, these sins have done battle to see which of them can claim the most lives. Now, with only five sins remaining on Kongregate (lust and envy bit the dust a while back,) the war rages on...

While the war may continue for many eons to come, we all know who the winner will be: our beloved Sloth. But what makes Sloth so great? How could it possibly win when laziness and lack of motivation are two of its key features? The answer: you, our beloved room members. You make Sloth great, and this post is dedicated to you.

The following are some questions you can answer so we can all get to know each other a little better. Feel free to answer only the ones you feel comfortable with, and feel free to expand on them as you see fit. Answer the questions by posting a comment about this post.

1)What is your username on Kongregate? How did you come up with this name (is there a story behind it)?
2)How did you find Kongregate?
3)How did you find Sloth? What made you stay?
4)Are there any other rooms you frequent or are you not a faithless low-life?
5)What badge are you most proud of?
6)What is the most unpleasant badge that you've earned.
7)What are some of your favorite lesser-known games?
8)Who was your first friend on Kongregate? (In Sloth, or out)
9)What is something you love about Kongregate. What is something you hate about it?
10)Do your friends in real life (it does exist!) know about your relationship with Kongregate? Do they now that you love us more than you love them? (Admit it, it's true!)
11)Do you like cats or dogs better? Do you like them equally? (Notice that there is no option to dislike them both, all you heartless people out there. )
12)Is there a picture of yourself that you would be willing to show us? If so, post the link!
13)What are some of your most irrational fears?
14)For all you old farts out there, what is your profession or major in college? And for all you younguns, do you have any future career goals?
15)What is something about you that it is interesting and most of us don't know?

Can't wait to get to know you all better! Thanks for being part of what makes Sloth great!

Tempting the Muse....

Even for autumn, the weather was mild. A warm gentle breeze blew over the Sloth meadow, carrying with it the discreet musky scents common in the autumn months. Golden shafts of sunlight, peeking through the red and gold leaves of the mighty Oak, illuminated the red and black tartan pattern of the large flannel blanket that was laid out underneath the great tree.

From across the bright sunlit meadow, she emerged from the dark forests beyond. With angelic grace, she strode towards the great Oak. Her long dark hair, flowing in the gentle autumn breeze, twisted and swayed upon the currents of air, as if performing a delicate dance. As sunlight radiated it's warmth upon her face she smiled that soft, delicate, knowing smile of hers that warms the hearts of so many. As she got closer to the Oak the sunlight made her soft, depth-less blue-grey eyes sparkle like precious gemstones.

When she reached the blanket, I knelt and bowed my head before her. Clasping her soft elegant hands in my own, I looked into her bright soulful eyes. "My Lady LazyMuse. You honor me with your presence", I spoke with humbled tones. "Please, won't you join me for a light lunch on this beautiful afternoon?"

Graciously, she accepted. After making ourselves comfortable on the blanket, I proceeded to pour her a glass of dark red wine. After some idle chit-chat, we decided to proceed with this, Sloth's first official interview with none other than the legendary LazyMuse herself!!!

1. When/How did you discover Kongregate?

I joined Kongregate on June 26, 2007. I think I may have linked to Kong via jayisgames, a site I used to go to a lot.

2. At what point did you realize you were 'hooked' on Kong? Was there any particular person (besides myself) or game which kept you coming back for more?

I've always been a big fan of Flash games, (probably because I can play them at work) and while there are some great gaming sites out there, Kongregate had lots of neat features like badges and chat that made it feel more like a community. I think its that aspect of Kong that got me hooked, it certainly wasn't the games, as my first two badges were Castlewars and Rings!

3. When did you/How did you come to find Sloth, and make it your home?

Not long after I joined Kongregate I found Digg Mark 1, which is a great room run by Chitown15. DM1 is just chock full of great people, and there is almost always a least a mod or two in there no matter what time it is. After I became a mod, I thought I should contribute a little more to the Kongregate community and decided to spend some time in rooms that did not have a regular mod. Scanning through the chat room list one day I saw Sloth, and I thought, "Well, that sounds like a good place for a LazyMuse to hang out." Turns out, Sloth was this little gem of a chat room with lots of great people in it, I've been there ever since.

4. Who was the first person who friended you on Kong (or who did you first friend)?

Two of the people I first met on Kongregate were CrazyCruiser and TheTall0ne, they were both so friendly and welcoming.

5. What are your top 3 favorite games on Kong?

Wow, that's a tough one. I really enjoy puzzle games, so lately Wooden Path has been a favorite of mine. I also enjoyed games like Protector, Monster's Den and Pandemic.

6. What inspired your username? Any stories behind it?

In real life I'm an artist, and sometimes struggle with staying motivated and inspired. I like to say that my muse is lazy.

7. What has been your most memorable Kongregate moment(good or bad)?

I remember how sad I was when everyone's impossible badge for Last Stand was taken away because too many people were cheating. Many of us had worked really hard for that achievement only to have it spoiled by cheaters.

8. What is an interesting thing about you not many people know?

That I'm a professor of art, I've lived on 3 continents and I sometimes breed tropical fish.

9. Do you have any interesting stories that describe you as a person, or illustrate what a 'day in the life' of LazyMuse is?

It's really pretty boring actually. I've gone back to school to work on a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science, so I pretty much spend most of my days in front of a computer, and I try to spend my evenings doing my art work. I don't go out much, as I try to save as much money as I can for traveling, my next trip is to Japan!

10. If you could change just ONE thing about Kongregate, what would it be?

Since I've been part of the Kongregate community for over a year and half now, I think it's pretty safe to say that I really enjoy it and there aren't many things I would change. But if I had to make a suggestion it would be that Kongregate should come out with more stuff you could buy like t-shirts, bags and maybe even real badges! ( I think that might be the girl scout in me talking!)

There you have it Sloth! The 10 things you wanted to know about LazyMuse, but were afraid to ask. Hope you enjoyed this little segment. More will follow. Stay happy! Stay Slothy! =)


(For the record, she twisted my arm into feeding her grapes from the picnic basket by hand).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I want content ideas people! :)

Ok Slothies - still waiting for more lesser known games favorites! But if that doesnt grab you what else can we add? I am open to suggestions. List of how many imps we have? A poll about something? Links to other things like..?? Comment your ideas here!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Favorite Lesser Known Games

Ok, Slothites, I am trying to compile a list of our own "buried treasure." Comment or tell me on Kong what your favorite lesser known games are!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


webgeek officially onboard. lets get to customizing :)

Can Sloths actually do it??

Oh Look! Its a Sloth Blog! Eek! How ambitious of us!